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This page lists emails exchanged by Chris and Katie Bay on 1-3 August 2009.

1 August

Oh snap! The impostor has accepted your challenge!


also how is the judging supposed to work? lol


Judging procedures:

-Write your individual thoughts on each song video out the full set of 10, and discuss it with my other two judge, and scale my singing for one song out of 10 (an average vote), between each of my songs and each of his songs. And display that on your YouTube Page somewhere, like you can make a 5-10 second video with just the Final Number Rating held in front of the camera.

And in the end, out of my 5 songs versus his 5, the one with the higher number is the winner. You may discuss this with ScarletSanctum, and I've just confirmed my Dude Judge for my panel; you may check My Song 1/5 for his YouTube handle shortly, and talk the details out with him as well.

I hope you and your family are staying safe and well.

2 August

Okay, I'll write up my responses when all the songs are done posted.


Anyways, I've been spending most of my free time playing Diablo II. Such a lazy summer for me. I might actually procrastinate on those responses to level up my Bear Druid s'more. lol

My little bro is out with his friends doing something stupid, he usually uses me for a free ride lol.

But yeah, today has been a very very lazy day for me. Whatcha been up to?


A few things; I've completed the Coloring of the Dating Education Episode; it is FULLY on Cwcipedia now, PLUS the Answer Key Plus A Choice Essay Question Response from one of the individuals who responded. And a Dedication to Billy Mays, with an extended welcome for the Mays Family to attend a Dogwood Festival in Charlottesville, VA. I hope the Mays see it; it would be a Real Feather in Charlottesville's Cap if the Mays visited it. Even better, if I had a photograph taken of me shaking hands with Mays 3. That would be a real kick in the Trolls' balls there.

Also, it is after Midnight, EST; I had fully uploaded the "Don't Say You Love Me - M2M" video as Song 2 by 1 AM yesterday the 2nd; NOW he has LESS than One Hour to Show his Second Track before he is Disqualified. But I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch; an hour is still being counted.

You do what you feel like to kill time, but maybe you can think of something constructive. You can draw some more. ;)

I'll check in again later.
Love and Peace,
Christian C.

but diablo II is constructive :(


hoo, I think I know why he may be late :D

e-mail: chrischansonichucwc@gmail.com

i was making progress a week ago but then i got distracted

just finished


I apologize; I did not mean to insult your game. Plus, CAN YOU BELIEVE HIS LATEST TRACK, "Fresh Prince of CWCVILLE"; HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE MAKING UP NEW LYRICS; I speceifically said, "VERBATIM", which means Word-For-Word; NO Making Up New Lyrics. Also, thanks for the tip.

Love and Peace,
Christian C.

3 August

The faster you can get the next video up, the sooner I'll unleash a secret plan. He says he was trying to play a trick by uploading at the last minute but I bet he was dealing with his e-mail and stuff.

When can you get the next video up, the faster you can, the faster I'll unleash my plan.


That's good. For the time being, I've messed up his rep by sending out "I am a Troll; IBAChandler/ChrisChanSonichu@aol.com is the Real Christian" messages, and I am easing his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, Kacey, into the True Facts. I've changed his password and security question for his gmail account; apparently, it was NOT linked to his YouTube. Still, I wrecked his rep that he stole from me. He will see his turn in ballpain.

Christian C.

Check your Youtube inbox. :)


the next video; SONG 3; IT is already up; Britney Spears' "Autumn Goodbye".
Chris, do you not understand what you can do? You can issue the song and whatever messages you want him to respond with and he won't be able to! You'll win by default!


Well Done. :) BTW, I've learned that his real name is Jeff. Leave his YouTube Unchanged; do not DELETE any videos; do not alter his personal information he listed in there. All that needs to stay for my local Sheriff and Police to investigate and find him. He not only can be held for Identity Theft, but he has nailed himself on Counterfeiting Legal Documents; the diploma, degree and certificate.

Actually, can you e-mail me the password to his YouTube, please? There is something I need to do, and only Jeff's account can deliver, for Kacey. I want to ease her into the Truth that she had been dating and having sex with an impostor, and that she actually has a Real Chance with the Real Christian Weston Chandler.

I'm still working on something, I am getting more stuff right now.

Tell me what you want sent.

Just demand something from him in a video and to everyone else it'll appear as if he's defeated and can't do it, then you'll win your reputation back.


I don't see any new video and where did you learn his name is Jeff?


I will trust you. I will be uploading a video I want uploaded onto the CChanSonichuCWC account, set to Private Viewing; the friend's name is MidnightKissable. I will delete this e-mail after I send it, so be sure to write the following down on paper, then delete the message right away. I will change it later, but, j32us 6u1d3s m3 straight. Download the MP4 from my account, then upload it onto CChanSonichuCWC's, set it to Private and all that.

Thank you, Kate. I will draw something just for you later today, that is a promise. :)

Christian C.

I learned his name was Jeff from an e-mail from dantopultis@yahoo.com in his gmail; the dude called him Jeff. The video is uploading right now; it's only 46.5 MB, so it shouldn't be long. I have it set to Private. After successful upload, I'll log out, then you e-mail me after you've downloaded the MP4 and logged out yourself, I'll log back in and change it before anyone gets wind of the word.
Alright, gotcha. I also see that other video you made about the father and mother thing. Interesting.

You should release that and the 3rd singing video and then declare victory 24 hours when he uploads nothing as well. That'll kill two birds with one stone lol


Oh, please go ahead and and set both of those videos to Public.

I need to know something...

Did Sam send any message to him?

also i'm done...

Yes she did, she offered Jeff my PSN accounts. I replied, but she asked me to make an MP3 of me singing "It's Raining Men". That's all.
well, good luck in trying to get it back...

i mean, this is a good chance to get back at him, sing it and pass it off as him right? that'll damage his reputation.

anyway, all this hacking stuff has made me tired. it's 3 am over here and this probably isn't good of me to stay up.


I hear you, Kate. Thank you again. :) A thought, next time you long in, in his Profile Info, please change his First Name to "Jeff", and change his Age to 16.

The word of the Day my Pastor Elizabeth has taught me, "Sophomoric", in addition to it litteraly having to mean "Sophmore" as in 10th Grade High School student, it is defined in the dictionary as immature. There's a good lesson for you for now; enjoy it. :)

Christian C.

I think my laziness is catching on. My little bro has slept in UNTIL 3 PM lol

Welcome to lazy house. It's very lazy and stuff.

And now to continue bearing up Druids. BEAR BEAR BEAR


Chris' artwork
I hope you are having a safe, pleasant day. I'm still easing Kacey into the Truth; I feel sorry for her, because she actually went out with Jeff, pretending to be me, MY HOME address and all, and she had sex with him. But she needs to know the truth; she lost it to not only the wrong guy, but a 16-year old. From talking with her on the phone last night, she comes off as an honest, nice woman in College to me.

Please talk to her and help ease her into the truth. She is coming over to my house tomorrow at 6 PM; my father will welcome her, the household (and my bedroom is cleaner) is prepared for her presence. I would hate to have her suffer a FULL SHOCK.

Also, I have finished the drawing for you, and I have shown off the Original LoveHog Couple's Wedding Rings, and their three children: Cerah Rosey, Robbie Sonee and (Shiney Rosey) Christine Rosey. My scanner is out of order, so I had to snapshot it with my PSEye. If you can't read the balloons, Christine reminds herself, "They got married March 17, 2006. :)" Robbie thinks, "One day, I'll be as fast as daddy, even though I trip a lot." And I said, "Thank you, Kate, we are happy to know that the Name-Stealing, Document-Counterfeiting Impostor is put to rest behind Jail Bars. 2009 Hours of Community Services was his Sentence." Drawn in front of the Cwcville Police Department, 11th Preceint, Building on "101 True Blue St. Cwcville, VA."

Enjoy and please feel free to share the drawing with your friends.

Stay Safe,
Love and Peace,
Christian C.

well...the thing is, he probably changed his name.

wait a second, you changed your name too right?



One Time; My Birthname was Christopher, then there was a story with an Englishman in the Regency Bear Band who called me Christian, and I liked the name.

Anyway, Kacey is asking the brown stripe to make an anger video against me; she just told me on the phone. I need the password to his YouTube account, so I can do this directly and quickly, please.

i'm a little busy playing a bear in diablo

just upload the file to somewhere and i'll take care of it once i finish act II


okay, I'll try to upload it onto Cwcipedia, then send you the link to download it then upload it onto his account. It's time to set the records straight, with Kacie and all.
you probably should upload to somewhere else like megaupload or rapidshare instead of a public site.


Okay, hang on, I'll send you a link after it's uploaded. It is over 350MB in size, so it can take a while.
Subject: A favor,

With the Exception of the videos I personally gave you to upload, Please download ALL 14 or 15 of Jeff's Uploaded Videos, compress them into a Zip folder, and upload to Megaupload. T-Minus a Quarter of an hour before Upload is completed.

BTW, I've just listened to Jeff's Bel-Air Song (I was in error in thinking of him ad-libing); That was a good example on WHY you should not judge a book by its cover, but in this case, don't judge a video by its title.

I'll have the link for you soon.
Christian C.


Please let me know when you have fully downloaded the file, then I'll remove it from the server. Thank you. :) BTW, do you like what I drew for you?