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The third collection of Wallflower e-mails covers the final stage of the relationship between the Wallflower and Christian Weston Chandler. These e-mails chronicle events taking place from 10 March 2010 to 20 March 2010.

Unlike the more jovial tone of the last set of e-mails, the letters here go into a downward spiral. In an almost perfect re-creation of the end of the Megan Saga, the Wallflower is shocked and appalled at the original CWCki page put up about her and quickly blames Chris, ending their friendship. Chris, wounded and butt-hurt, quickly blames trolls, his fans, and even Sonichu for what happened and tries to repair his relationship. However, the Wallflower won't hear any of it — she completely reasserts her asexuality (inspiring Chris's "Got-Dang Asexual Woman" line from the later CWCipedia page he wrote about her) and tries to tell Chris that, yes, she was seeing Surfshack Tito.

At the end, the Wallflower gets off one final shot at Chris.


March 10

You need to find someway to delete all of that information about me on your site. And I'm hurt that you didn't ask permission either. I didn't appreciate that. There's only one place that has my real info and that's facebook. And for the last time I am not your sweetheart! I never agreed to be your girlfriend or anyone elses.
Facebook is the only place that knows my real name. and all the other websites I go by <CENSORED>. If someone comes after me, it'll be your fault.
Delete all of that right now. And just for this, we're no longer friends. I'm sorry, but you did this, and it was wrong.
Email me once you've deleted that info, and I'm going to check it. I'm also going to have to change my email thanks to you.

March 10
Listen, the "CWCIPEDIA" is my ONE website; not the "CWCki", that belongs to someone else; I will get in touch with the webmaster who created it and try to get it off of there.

I Only referenced you by your Pen Name Once on the Foretaste level I uploaded; NO OTHER TIME, and I have Never referred us as Sweethearts or anything beyond Just Friends. I swear this with hand on my Bible.

I understand I screwed up royally. I also did my best to prevent this by not even stating an inkling of your real name. Why did I have to become such a god damned internet celebrity? I shared my Sonichu stories and art, and for a few years now, I have been Bullied, Tortured, Hacked, and such cruel emotional torment from like thousands to millions of cruel people who took my words and photos and warped them around to their own damned mockery. Even crap they took from me from deceptive methods; pretending to be old friends and "trusting" people online. I had learned long ago to be very careful about most people online and such.

Because of these trolls, I have lost a few friends. They made a page of my old gal pal, Megan Schroeder, on their Encyclopedia Dramatica "Chris_chan" page, I also made the worst mistake of an adult drawing between me and her which was the apex there. She and her family moved to another state, and I lost touch with her long ago. Such a damned mistake I swore never to repeat ever again.

Not only friends, but because of their influence towards the manager, plus an impulse of anger because he would not let me hook up my Wii to his HD TV, I was banned from the Game & Hobby Place June, 2008, and with that I was forced away from the Pok'emon TCG League which I enjoyed going to every Friday.

And as that webmaster states in some exaggeration (some on that damned ED page as well), they tell of the other women I've met online who I lost because of those trolls and my mistakes, as well as the "women" who were trolls themselves. Sarah Jackson, Sarah Cassandra McKenzie and Ivy O'Niel; they were honest women, but they all died between a car accident, the Janurary, 2009 Australia Brushfires, and suicide. And Kacey fell for and married a "Christian Weston Chandler" of Philladelphia who PRETENDED TO BE ME in identity theft on YouTube with a Paper Medallion and a Brown Striped Shirt.

Damn it, they even listed three of my High School gal pals, based from the slideshow from a copy of the "CWC On TV" DVD a troll who pretended to be my Primary/Elementary School crush in her adult years.

I should have never put Sonichu on the internet...How was I to know that it would bring me grief less than a decade later.

I have been in a number of moments of finding peace and losing it later, because these damn trolls won't leave me be. They're mostly immature dumbasses who have no lives of their own. They don't want me to have a life of my own; they don't want me to find long-term peace and happiness for myself. They don't want me to find and hold True Love for myself. Because they are so self-absorbed in themselves that they only want me to give them more stories and art more often; they are nothing but greedy, impatient, unloved and corrupted fools.

Heartbreaks and Heartaches... it really hurts...

<CENSORED>, Please, Please, Please do not leave me as my companion. You are the sunlight that lifted me up more than I've been lifted from in the past. I would feel like hardly a shell of my better self; I would be left in a deep in the darkness state of loneliness and despair. Even worse...I'd probably hire a prostitute out of desperation...that is a fate I do not want to ever feel.

Please don't leave me, <CENSORED>. As a friend, and from my heart, I Love You.


March 10
Look, I never agreed we were together in a relationship in the first place. I told you I wasn't into having boyfriends. My writing is more important to me right now. I am no one's sweetheart.

And besides, how the hell did they find out all of my usernames that actually linked back to me? I don't remember putting my whole name in those websites. And another thing, ask me if you can put my Penname onto your website. I don't want anyone stealing it. You know how I feel about my gilrl, <CENSORED>.
I don't love you and I hate you for this. Everything was fine until I met you. I don't know why I took up mom's offer to go the social club. I had enough friends here at home and on the internet.

March 13
I pray you are feeling better from the recent chaos; I still have lingering heartaches from the "I hate you" and such from that message.

I know it's not much, but apparently your e-mail account remained safe. I am looking into it further, but I do know it was this Tito dude/troll who found you out, and likely was the one who started that page on the CWCki (it's wikipedia style; anyone can create a page on that damn website). Tito was the one who sent me the e-mail that early morning. I found it after hand-writing and enveloping the letter you may have received Saturday, or will receive in a day or two; that letter was before that matter. And Tito was also the same dude who left you a review leading you to that CWCki page on your <CENSORED> page; he has admitted it in an e-mail he sent me recently. I will be forwarding the two mentioned messages to you shortly.

If you ever come into contact with Tito, or meet him in real life, Do Not Trust Him. I still care for you and your safety and health. Please let me know over the phone or e-mail when you've recovered and we can move forward from this. I do not want to lose our friendship between you and me. (and "Hate" is such a strong word)

Stay Safe. Love and Peace,

March 13
Okay, now I'm getting pissed off. First off, stop sending this, I don't want to be reminded of it, second, I told you I'm not your friend anymore, and thirdly, I have a boyfriend now, so back off and leave me alone.
March 14
From: Tito Surfshack <surfshacktito@yahoo.com>

To: chrischansonichu@aol.com
Sent: Sun, Mar 14, 2010 2:14 am

Ok, man, I'll man up. Yeah, I made it, so what? I was jealous of your beautiful Stephen King lady. But now she hates you and I'm getting with her. Aww yeah. What're you going to do about it little cuz?

And it's not just <CENSORED>. I mean, you drove <CENSORED> away by giving me her name, she's a lost cause, brudda. But what about the other girls? Any girl you'll ever try for thinks you're a loser. You're just some guy who lives with his parents. You used to be the famous creator of sonichu who did all those cool videos and comics, but now you're just some lazy fatass.

Your fans have left you. It's almost too late to get them back. <CENSORED>'s mine. But this is bigger than <CENSORED>, this is every girl you'll ever see.

Think you can turn your public image around? HA, I'd like to see you try.


"When your itching for the waves, The only lotion, is the ocean."

March 14
Don't you GET IT, TITO, the guy you're seeing now, CREATED THAT PAGE on the CWCki, AND he had the balls to let you know in a "Review".

I have been heartaching over this the past days, and I've had sleepless nights over it. For the love of God and Jesus, don't leave me, Please!

Also, I was going to surprise you on St. Patrick's Day, but I feel it appropriate for the sake of protecting you, that I put on my Kilt in your honor against this Hawaiian Troll.


March 14
How the fuck would you know? I haven't said any names. Anyway, its none of your business, and he's not Hawaiian either. Do me a huge favor, and stay away from me. And stop calling my phone. I don't care. Leave me the fuck alone!!!!!!
March 15
You son of a bitch! Leave me and Tito alone! I don't want you to ever to call my cell or house phone again! I want you out of my fucking life and leave me the hell alone! Or I'm going to have to unfortunately drag my parents into this, and you don't want that.


March 16
I fully understand that I probably should not be talking to you now, but you have to understand; you mean a LOT to me. My heart has been hurting since Last Wednesday, and my smiles are rare now. I constantly think of you, and I am very concerned with you going out with this Tito. I HAVE told you that HE IS A TROLL. I forwarded you his confession message. He ONLY WANTS YOU out of JEALOUSY OF ME AND MY LIFE. He does NOT care for you at all; he considers you a "Trophy Girlfriend", and he will never see you as anything other than that. I have been seeing you as a human woman with a charming, sweet personality, untainted by any muscle-headed individuals who only care about themselves. Please, at least, look at him, and ask yourself, "Does Tito REALLY, TRULY care about me as a person, or am I just an Object to him?"

Also, I will be sending you an invitation soon for the party.

Also, please extend my friendly regards to your mom, dad and Maggie and Rachel.

Does Tito really care about you?

Stay Safe, Sweetie.

March 16
As if I care what you think. I'm only telling you that I have a boyfriend to get you off my back. By the way. you owe mom an apology for waking her up at 7:30 in the morning!!! Thinking it was me and not her. That was very rude of you. Don't call my house again. It also upsetted my dad. And, I know how desperate you are (which makes me sick) to get into contact with me. But I ask you not to call my work and ask for me. I've already asked one of the ladies up front not to accept any calls from you asking for me. I'm not getting my job jepordize because of you.

And, you can't tell me who to date either. That's my choice and mine alone. You have no business in my personal life. And you don't mean anything to me. Stay away from me. This better be the last email.
I don't know how clear I have to get through to your head, to once again, leave me alone, PLEASE!!!

March 16
I have never called your house. I have never called you at your job. The only phone number I called you at was your cell phone, and the last time I called your cell was about last Sunday. I swear on my Bible I have never personally called your house or your job. Someone else is calling y'all, pretending to be me.
March 16
Fine (not like I belive you), but just please leave me alone from now on. I don't want to talk to you again. Do you hear me?
March 20
Due to an unexpected trip, the party is being postponed to the following Saturday from stated on the invitation.

Stay Safe,

March 20
LMAO, Sorry, I won't be able to make it. Besides, I wouldn't go, if you were going to be there. And I'm not going to the thing next week. Because I don't want to do deal with you. BTW. that letter, don't do that again, ever. I wasn't even impressed with your little gift. I threw it away. Not only that, I was pissed when you said that we had been going out for a month and a half. First of all, I never agreed anything of the sort, second, I would never date you. You're not my type.

Also, if you want me to 'stay safe', then you would leave me alone, from phone, email, and mail. I don't want to hear from you ever again, do you hear me?
And, who cares if you're a fucking acoustic [sic] virgin? I'd rather have my best friend's boyfriend take me first (because I trust him). then you. Besides, I'm asexual, so there's no hope for you, at least from me. Not only that, not even a cheap whore would want your small dick inside her, neither would I.

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