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This last set of released e-mails between Chris and Jackie were sent between 19 July and 7 September 2011. Chris makes yet more requests to Jackie to meet him, but Jackie has gotten in hot water with her parents. He sends Jackie pictures of both his duck and his manboobs, showing his utter confusion about his own gender identity. He struggles to combat the trolls, both on the CWCki and at the Game Place. Luckily, his new personal army will certainly right all wrongs....

The last two e-mails were leaked separately from the rest. There are missing, unleaked emails between them and the others. The last e-mail was sent just one day after Bob's death. It shows why his passing was such an unexpected shock for Chris.

July 19, 2011 8:47pm

I'm sure your parents will get over it, and I'm sure it won't be too long until you'll call me again. Obviously, you havd an alternate way to access and write e-mails. I've been wondering, though, you were calling me from your Pay-as-you-go cell phone, right? The previous call with your interrupting father, I felt unsure with the theory of you calling me from their house phone.

Count your blessings; you have a paying job. You have a place AWAY from your parents to stay in for now (which I would really appreciate; having somewhere else to get away from my parents, that is). And we still have each other. Have faith, and keep a happy thought. ;)

Next phone conversation, you may dirty-talk as much as you want, and I'll enjoy and be turned on with every word you speak as well as, and especially, how happy you'll be feeling too.

Please keep me updated on your stats and everything. And let me know if you were able to watch my cake fart.

And, I'm not sure if I've told you about my FaceBook page. It is the one with the Only latest photo of me the Trolls got hold of (attached for reference), my full name, and Everything but my profile photo viewable by non-F.B. friends of mine. If you have an F.B. account, please F.R. me. I currently only have one F.B. friend, one of my old M.H.S. gal-pals. She founded the good-deeds promoting organization, SprouLaunch witin the past decade.

Anyway, my thoughts and prayers go out to you, Sweetheart. :-*

Stay Safe and Sweet. I Love You, Jackie-Pie. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Kaka Apple Chrisp.

**Also attached are photos of a you-inspired boner and a close-up of my cleveage.

July 19, 2011 9:18pm

I want to remind you that I can still come to visit and hang with you. Offer's still on the table, collecting dust.

July 20, 2011 5:27pm

It was a hot day today, but my family needed to go out for a new part for their toilet, so I chauffeured them around. We stopped for tea before going to Llowes for the part. Then we walked about Wal-Mart a while before going back home. I also finally rescued an original, fuzzy Domo doll from their crane machine, which I've tried a few times before. It took me about ten tries over the time, including today. I like Domo, because he's a misunderstood, mysterious creature from Japan. There's a page on Wikipedia about him.

Considering how hot today was to be, I gave Rocky a break by cancelling the meeting for this week.

And, I want to let you know, I dreamed a bit about you last night. Nothing much; just me calling for you, you show up, and I tell you about how greatly open my heart is for you, then we hug and make out until I awoke. :) My heart is always open for you, Jackie-Pie.

I'll e-mail you again tomorrow.

Stay Safe and Well, <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Kaka Apple Chrisp.

July 21, 2011 6:47pm

Not much earlier today; went out with my parents for lunch and Goodwill.

But the other day recently, I found on the Cwcki that they've found me on the Tomboy/Tomgirl forum; saw right through the "KookyDashy". Right after that, I posted that they were now being mocked on there. Today, I find 13 replies to the post (under General Topics). One of them has a techno-savvy friend who suggested something New to me; "Denial of Service", clicking on links numerously to cause heavy traffic. I posted a reply staring that the person knows more than I do. And I felt it was time to further introduce myself on the forum, so I blew the screen name disguise, told them a bitnof my plights with the Trolls and that I am not the disgusting person I was mislabeled as and that I want to be treated as a normal person and not have over two freaking million hurtful results when googling my name. On a good note, I think I may have started a small army to better counter attack those damn, dirty trolls. It's a wait-and-see for now.

With that, I had a realization that between the trolls and my paranoia last night on the way to falling asleep, I have lost and missed a number of things over the years. I lost allowance for entry into the G&H Place, followed by losing my volunteer job as Pokemon TCG Gym Leader 2nd-in-command; I could have been promoted to full Gym Leader after Tony quit. I lost my artistic vision and inspiration for the time. I fell deeper into my lack of sele esteem and self confidence. I missed out on socializing and possibly improving my S.E. and S.C. I tried counting my current blessings here and there, and the blessing that really made me feel better is having you in my life. I really wish you were here to offer comfort at the time when I have down times like that. I do the same for you.

The only thing keeping me from coming to you sooner is me not knowing where you are located.

I'll e-mail you again tomorrow, and I will have a new video for you before 8 pm then as well.

Stay Safe and well with Love, <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Kaka Apple Chrisp.

July 22, 2011 3:01pm

I'm uploading a new video right now; it's over 5 minutes long. It's just me talking some more about me and a bit of my dad and mom. They wanted to get out again, so I came along to make the library trip during the outting. Currently, they're volunteeringly waiting for me at the mall while I make the upload. After leaving the library, I'll pick them up, and we'll make another stop or two before heading back home. I will send you today's feature photograph later today in another e-mail.

How are you today? Did you have another safe, good day at the parlor? Has your family forgiven you yet? Where are you? I pray that you're able to get back in touch me real soon. I miss talking with you, and I really want to be right next to you.

The video's uploaded now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24UMoJHNi5E

By Tuesday, I will have all of the songs for you, I promise. <3

Stay Safe, Sweetheart. I Love You. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Kaka Apple Chrisp.

July 27, 2011 8:51pm

I'm still grounded, Chris... :( I basically go to work and then come home and am not allowed to do anything else. I wish I could defy them or try to sneak out or something, but I wouldn't want to dishonor my parents, and all that, I'm sure you understand, unfortunate though it is. It makes me ache so bad to think that it's keeping us apart that much longer... :'( :'( Now I got your email about changing the album Apple-Chrisp, that's no good. Raining Men is the climax of the album! If it helps, don't think of it as "raining men". Think of it as raining TOM-men, and this part is Robby emerging from the shadow of despair to become his true self. After all, after every storm is a rainbow, and you're MY rainbow... :) It's the most important part! If you don't do it, I'll be sad. If I'm sad, I can't go to work. And if I can't go to work, how will I afford to visit you on time? :'''( Give me the inspiration I need to keep earning that righteous paper, baby!!

Anyway, since you mentioned your activity on the tomgirl forum, how is all that going? You say that you have an army started to go fight the trolls? That's awesome! you said it was "wait-and-see", I guess that means you needed a couple days to formulate your war plan? You must have led them to some pretty gnarly victories already, then. Tell me about everything you've done to the trolls since rallying your fellow tomgirls under your banner! It would make me so hot to hear of your exploits... :)


P.S. Do NOT forget the beautiful album cover and the inside flap-art. I really want you to showcase the epic ballad of Robby, Vulva, little Taub and all their friends. The cover and flap-art are like the slow-dance at the prom, without it everything else is just missing the magic!

July 28, 2011 7:41pm

I am soo glad and relieved you were able to reply. :) I am sorry to hear that you're still grounded, though.

On the TomGirl Forum, actually, when I said it was a wait-and-see, I meant for what they'll be able to do and do it. I am unable to do any planning, nor any leading, due to lack of appropriate knowledge or technology. I have informed them of that a few minutes ago.

I will sing the R.M. song, but I'm going to sing it as "Raining Women". I'll draw something nice for your "album cover". I'm still working on the whole thing. Yet due to an over 100 degree day tomorrow, I'll make the Library trip Saturday.

Plus, I've killed a big chunk of my day learning about the scandal of the Owner of the G&H Place; Robert Lightfire is a convicted-and-listed sex offender in Illinois. Source, look for his article listed online from the August 1, 2002 issue of "The Hook".[1] There may be a chance of taking down the Trolls by taking down the Place. An Icing on this Justice Counter would be finding something equatablly scandelous on Michael Snyder.

Mums The Word for now. Currently, this is mostly between me and my parents; you and the tomgirls only have an inkling. Not One Word to Anyone from you.

What about the other messages I sent you; did you like how I share my other thoughts and stories as well? And did you see the cake fart video? And did you enjoy and like the video where I sit and talk to you?

Alternatively, you may hand-write to me via U.S. Mail, especially since the folks have the lappie. I promise to immediately hand-write back to each and every letter. I would really enjoy and appreciate reading your hand-writing. Hand-writing has more of a person in it over typed text. It's an idea, anyway.

I'll e-mail you again tomorrow. Stay Safe with LOLove, Sweetheart. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Kaka Apple Chrisp.

July 28, 2011 9:33pm

Hey one more thing, I was reading the thread and someone said this:

"Yeah, he said he can help you take care of the CWCki and everything else but he has to collaborate with you in private before anything can take place. He also mentioned something called a "Google bomb" where he can manipulate search results in your favor to get rid of the stuff that comes up when you search your name. I sent you his email in a PM, just give him a shout so he knows it's you and he'll take it from there."

This is somebody you need to talk with Chrispy, because they can help you with your mission. He says he can get the info on the trolls and wipe out the google search results, but he needs your help to proceed. Ask for his help and ye shall receive! He can guide you in how you can best contribute without needing to take too much effort. Go to it, Chrispy! Beat the trolls once and for all!!


July 29, 2011 1:42am

And considering how quickly you've replied, you probably either got your lappie back or you're borrowing someone elses. I'm glad for you. :)

Anyway, you are correct on me not bad mouthing anyone without reason or confirmation of fact or fiction.

Firstly, Michael banned me from THe PLACe and the Pokemon League there in April, 2008. His reasons for that are quoted from him by the Trolls on the Cwcki. They include me "being scary to children" and simply he "was looking for a reason to ban" me. From past confrontations, it is Confirmed that he is a closed-minded, dark-hearted bastard. Between that, and Mr. Lightburn's conviction of being a lolita sexual offender, there is likely a connection. I am searching for dirt on Michael. But it is enough that "Cyber-Bullies meet and plot in a toy store owned by a convicted sex offender," or something like that. This is also relevant as the Trolls have tried throw labels of "gay" and "pedophile" onto me and have attempted in framing me of such heinous deeds in the past.

On another topic, "Raining Dykes" is most acceptable, and I will do my best to sing it good along with the other tracks. :)

I will contact the person about the Google Bomb soon. I greatly appreciate your dearest support. :D I like supporting you too. You have done soo much to get closer to me, even though fate separates us for one reason or another. I feel we are connected on a good level, and I look forward to a deeper spiritual and true love connection between us. We will be together soon, Sweetheart.

Jackie-Pie, please continue to Do Your Best! ;D

I Love You, with my heart.

Stay Safe, <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Kaka Apple Chrissy.


I felt discomfort with an alias like "Chrispy". I have felt shock in the past when someone strange called me the following. But because we are at this level of spiritual connection, I personally feel comfort in letting you, Jacklyn Romy, lovingly call me Chrissy from now on. :) You have earned this privilege.

August 5, 2011

It was rough on me today; worse on my parents.

To begin, after taking dad to his doc appointment, followed by fueling up the Mitsubishi, Mom hand he went to Riley's Diner in Ruckersville. I checked in with them via cellie as they made their way to the diner. Mom requested of me to put a gallon of gas in the red canister for the lawn tractor. I took a bag full of used cans with me also to dispose of them in a nearby dumpster behind Food Lion (there is no recycling facility or disposal area for cans around here yet).

I was going to take my car, but it would not start. So I called and informed mom about that, and that I would take the recently checked van instead. She also asked me to drive by Goodwill to swap the van for the Mitsu. I would have taken either the Honda or BMW, but I still lack manual transmission knowledge. The van started. After getting onto the road, I noticed the "check engine" being lit; at the moment I disregarded it. But after dropping off the cans in the dumpster, I started to press on, but after moving forward slightly, it stalled on me. And I could not restart it. I called mom to come to me then.

Beforehand, she had a bought with the bitchy server/owner of Riley's, Riley herself. Mom had a quarter of a chicken sandwich from McD; she brought it in with her. She had also got her tea at Riley's before this bout. Mom pulls out the quarter sandwich; Riley is all, "you can't eat food from another place here". There's no sign stating that anywhere there. So, mom ignored her and ate the q-sand in front of her. Riley asked her to leave. Mom wanted her tea too, and she had a big reusable plastic cup in the Mitsu. So she takes the cup of tea out to the car and fills Her cup with the tea. She then returned the restaurant's cup to the table dad was still sitting at. Riley bitched some more at mom about taking their cheap plastic glass outside. So, to come back for dad later, she leaves for the nearby Goodwill. Here is where I came in with the last call, as well as the following where I requested help stranded by the dumpster.

So mom comes with the Mitsu to the van; the jumper cables were in the back of my car, the escort, at home. So, she stayed at the van while I A) picked up dad at Riley's, B) stop to get lunch for me at the nearby Taco Bell/KFC; M.Deal 1: chick burrito, med drink and chips, C) return dad home and pick up the jumpers and D) return to mom and the van.

The van was still fighting with the mucky, old gasoline; mom and dad got earlier today a bottle of gas cleaner. So after returning to her, she poured in the cleaner, attached the jumpers, and got the van started. After putting away the jumpers, I followed her in the van with me in the Mitsu up to the nearby Sheetz.

After her parking the van by pump 7, I parked the Mitsu in a nearby space. I checked in with her, then went into Sheetz to wash my hands to allow me to eat the chick burrito. I sat in the van after she fueled it halfway, and fueled the canister; she had to poo bad. After she returned, I had finished the burrito; she got in and tried to start the van; no turnover. So I pulled the Mitsu up to the van to try rejumping; no good. Mom called dad; he suggested punchin' the pedal while starting up; no good. I stayed by her side during thebwait and restart trials, keeping her company and talkin'; it helped her feel better. Eventually, she reluctantly called for a tow, which arrived about 10 to 20 min. later, to tow the van to Chuck's, just less than half a mile north of Sheetz. The jumpers and can of gas were placed in the Mitsu. We followed the truck and van, left a pair of van keys with Chuck. He'll have another go at it soon. Then tired, mom and I finally came back home about quarter after 7. Killed my day.

I was planning on getting the songwork completed, but after what happened... I am sorry, but I will have to complete them tomorrow and upload them on Saturday.

Life happens. *sigh* I know very well it's happening to both you and I. I still think of you lovingly and dearly. :)

I'll e-mail you again tomorrow.

Stay Safe and Sweet. LOLove, <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Kaka Apple Chrissy.

September 7, 2011

I could not get to sleep; my heavier cries from my father's passing is really hitting me bad. Suffice to say, I am feeling through multiple emotions. I, like my mother, can not believe he is gone. In a dream I had years ago, the Grim Reaper made an appearance; I asked him directly, I understand my dad does not have long to live, but I have to ask while you're here, when will you be taking my father? He informed me that he would not claim his soul until the year 2015. So I've known since before 2005 that Robert had a good number of years left. Two Thousand Fifthteen... Damn you, Reaper, this is Two Thousand Eleven! I Was Promised that we'd be blessed with father's presence for Four More Years! I Was Promised!!!


Upon assuming his responsibilities of household finances, bill paying, and helping my mother, I started reading his payment-plan binder, figured out his chart organization and got started okay with a better informed mind. I have been emotionally comforting to my mom and keeping her straight as she is still feeling drunk-like weird, lonely and sad. When I have my moment, I am able to share a smile with her.

Currently, she is sleeping in comfort up in my room, with a CD of big band romance tracks my Aunt Harriet offered to Robert for his 84th. At least now I have finally confirmed that you, a shorter-than-me woman, can crash on my couch, and I would take the bed, without having feet hit me. I mean, I am uncertain my bed is wide enough for two.

I'll check in again later.

Love You, Jackie. Chrissy.


  1. The article on Lightburn is available here.
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