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Mailbag 33 was uploaded to the CWCipedia on 5 January 2010. Chris answered the letters the next day.

One of the more notable attributes of this mailbag was the frequent use of the phrase "as individual people." Chris seemed to comprehend that you can't just mistreat people because they're gay, atheist, or anything else he despises, but he was not willing to give up on hating them. Therefore he kept stating that he wouldn't discriminate against them as individual people as some sort of pitiful attempt at damage control.

The answers were all pretty much just the standard Chris idiocy we've all come to expect. Chris shot down our hopes and dreams of seeing more of Bill, poorly defended his demand that Clyde and Jack kill themselves, and claimed that he was far too busy to tell off the creators of Gay 4 Sonichu. He rejected two letters, one from Evan, who still wanted Simonla removed from the comics; and one from a guy who pointed out that the comics were not really suitable for children.


Chris and the census

From: Lucas Johnston <>

hello chris,

I've been interviewing people for a while to survey different belifs in the community (for the U.S Census Bureau) I deal with the misuderstanding of different customs. I've stummbled on the Sonichu stuff a little while ago and i was interested i asking you some typical questions i ask people.

1) What do you think of people of different faiths other than your own (this includes Satanism,Atheism, Agnosticism)

2) How do you feel about the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual community? do they deserve the same rights as anyone else?

3) how do you feel about people of different political parties, political parties spanning from Anarchism to Facism.

4) How do you feel about Drugs? Drugs such as Marijuana, Cocaine, Cigarettes, Alchol, etc.

5) Do you hold any distaste for any worldly culture?

6) Are you uncomfortable about people of Color? do you have any tensions twords them?

7) Are you disturbed or disgusted by different types of music? many people dislike Death Metal:

8) What do you think of our current president? Is he decieving Americans as the Right Wing has expressed?

9) Do you think Countries such as the Soviet Union or North Korea Are actually Communist?

10) How do you think the situation in Afganistan is going? Is there anything you would do differnt?

I hope you respond to the questions thank you very much, Lucas

1) For most other religions, I am of neutral opinion and have no objections to them whatsoever. But for ALL those of Satanism and Atheism; I do not care for those Non-Religions AT ALL. I will not discriminate the people of those Non-Religions as Individual People. 2) As individual people, they all deserve Most Rights, but GAY MARRIAGE Should be made Illegal ALL Countries; Marriage is ONLY for Straight Man/Woman couples. I stand behind that most fully. 3) As a Moderate (of Middle, Neutral Opinion), I have nothing against the other political parties. Mainly, because even though I do have the ability to learn about them, I know not ALL of the details of them. 4) I STAND FULLY AGAINST Cigarettes, Marijuana, Cocaine, Cigars and ALL other Drugs of the sort. The only exceptions are drugs that are Prescribed to the Individual Person, as long as they are not given to anyone they were not originally prescribed to, I have no objections. And Alcohol; in Responsible, Moderate amounts, it can be good for you, yet I do not support Too Much of it, as if left unchecked, unresponsible or unassisted, too much can lead to fights that can lead to a trip to the hospital and automobile accidents. 5) Only those who fully promote smoking or such drugs that I have just elaborated against of. 6) I have no discomfort or tension against people of all colors. The only exception is in my choice of Sweetheart or Mate; No Personal Offense, but she can not be Black. 7) I have agreement on some lyrics of Death Metal tracks, but the Tune, as long as it is not at loud volume, it is still good. 8) I think Obama is doing okay, yet I disagree with his Health Plan; it is premature at the time, because we can not afford it yet. The Right Wing are sour, mean people; I give no concern to them. 9) I do not know much about those countries, so I can not give a full opinion on the topic. Although I do hate Communism; they are of wrong opinions and are considerably mean. 10) I do not have full knowledge of that situation either. --ChrisChanSonichu 05:23, 7 January 2010 (CET)

Trolls > Fans

From: Mattioli Method <>

Do you believe the number of fans you have outnumbers the number of trolls you have?


I can not say for certain, but I like to believe that I have More Good and Honset Fans than Dark, Evil Trolls.

He kissed his mom

From: Carmen Granger <>

So who did you kiss on New Year's Eve?

I rarely kiss and tell. ;)

Chris demanded suicide under "reasonable hatred"

From: bella <>

Hey Chris, four questions for the new year! 2010! Yeah!


1. Do you know that Wrath is one of the seven deadly sins in the Bible? So isn't it a straight ticket to hell if you wish suicide on someone? Please PLEASE tell me your reasoning. I'm not slandering you, I'm just curious.

2. How do you feel about your church accepting homosexuals as God's children? Again, not trying to anger you, just curious.

3. Do lesbians go to Heaven and do gays go to Hell?

4. What is your EARLIEST instance of fearing gay men?

Thanks for reading, Chris.



1) I have confessed of that to God and Jesus, and they have forgiven me on that. I spoke of that under reasonable hatred in the video. Those two HAD to learn that they were NOT doing their kind of people any favors by Darkening the view upon from ME and most of the world. 2) I have no objections to that. 3) All homosexuals are very likely to end up in Hell. 4) I do not fear them; my hatred for them is stronger.

OF COURSE Chris would like the worst Sonic game ever

From: Seth Sethson <>

Chris, you state that "All Sonic Games" are among the best games ever.

You are so horribly wrong. You see, Sonic 2006 is included in that.

And Sonic 2006 is known as one of the worst games ever. Period.

Video games are an art form, and the game failed to entertain. The plot was utterly terrible, confusing, and the romance involved made Star Wars Episode II(George Lucas is generally thought of as a poor romance writer) look like Romeo and Juliet. Oh, and that's not my "Opinion", Sega fired the entire writing staff responsible for that abomination. Look it up.

Many of the graphics were just placeholders from SA1. Graphical inferiority included. Lazyness is not fun to look at.

And the loading screens, my god the loading screens. I once watched a Let's Play of the game. At the end, the players clocked their total amount of time spent staring at the loading screens--two hours. Out of a 20 hour file. They spent 10% of the game watching the other 90% load. Most games spent 1% of the time loading, just to give you a reference point.

The Mach Speed sections suffered from poor control and level design(that means the logical placing of obstacles, not just how the level looks).

Oh, and during said Let's Play, they read all the reviews in all the gaming magazines that reviewed it. Only one gave it anything higher than an "F", and that was later revealed as the critic in question being pressured into giving it a good review against his will.

I Do Not Care for the CRITICS' OPINIONS on ANY Sonic Game. --ChrisChanSonichu 05:23, 7 January 2010 (CET)

No comment strikes again!

From: Elise Oram <>

Hi Chris! My name is Elise. I live in Indiana, which is a state that has a lot of corn. I have been reading Sonichu since March. I hadn't read the Asperchui comic you labelled as a homo parody until today, because of how much you hated it, but I got curious. After reading the whole thing, i felt I should email you to tell you that I think you've got the wrong idea about it. It's only a parody of Sonichu insofar as Sonichu is a parody of Sonic. I found it to be a very touching tribute to you, because Mr. Leary clearly feels that you and your life and accomplishments have inspired him. Asperchu isn't in any way portrayed as a homo. I don't think you even read it from the way you are reacting. I believe you should give it a new chance and "Open Your Heart" as Sonic would say.

Thanks for your time!

Elise O

No comment.

But he has time to play Legos

From: Hamsty the Hamster <>

Shit son, if Gay 4 Sonichu really is fuckin' up your creations, why don't you just STRAIGHT UP TELL THEM? I mean shit, they have a message board. It's right here:

Because I haven't the time for that at the moment.

At least he's grown up SOMEWHAT


My FAVORITE holiday in the world is Halloween. I love dressing up as monsters when I was a kid. What did you dress up as when you went out Trick-or-Treating? I'd really appreciate as full a list as you can provide, including years, any comments you might have on the costumes, and/or even pictures if you have some.

I have not Trick-or-Treated in years. Those details I would have to sort out and get back on.

Chris denies balding

From: Ed Burke <>

Chris, you are balding. It's okay; there are products that can help save your hair. I suggest Rogaine, but you can do some additional research on your own.

If you do not believe me, please show the top of your head clearly in your next youtube video. That way, your hairline will be a matter of record. If I am wrong about your hair I will not only admit it, but also tell all my friends who think you are losing your hair that they are wrong.

I'm trying to help you here buddy. The trolls say you're going bald. If you're not, you can prove it and shut them up. If you are, there are ways to save your here. Take control.

I am not balding; I had a haircut in that video that started that Damn Rumor.

Chris has contempt for his loyal fanbase

From: Bill The Scientist <>




Those characters are ONE-TIME; I have not much care for their popularity.

Rejected Mailbag

Brotherly love

From: Evang7 <>

To the REAL Christopher Christian Ricardo Weston Chandler,

I am TRULY SORRY, my last e-mail ACCIDENTALLY went through to the IMPOSTOR IN BROWN. He is TRICKY and I never meant to mistake him for you. I would LOVE to see him get his Comeuppance in future reappearances in the Sonichu series. SO MANY of my attempts at coming to a solution with you over the Legal Matter of Simonla have accidentally wound up in his Nefarious Hands.

My lawyers have found a Loophole that might be able to Save You; Apparently, while using my Simonchu is ILLEGAL and will get you in JAIL, and Simonla counts as a RIPOFF right now, there's one other way to fix it. You can apparently turn her Into A Man and it will make her a PARODY of my Simonchu instead of just a Ripoff. You could Write a Story about maybe Slaweel Ryam uses Evil Hexes to curse Simonla and give her male genitalia, and show how Wild and Simonla cope with this in The Relationship.

HOWEVER, it's Still Legal if she Turns Back to Normal in the end. As long as she Becomes a Man for a whole Chapter, No Lawsuits will be necessary and Wild won't have to lose his Heartsweet to a Tragic, Permanent Death (which remains the only other solution).

I know this isn't a Pleasant Solution, but I think it's a chance for Both Characters to Grow without the necessity of Death. This will make Everything Legal regarding Simonchu/Simonla if you do this story URGENTLY, if a Story dealing with Simonla either being Killed Off or Turned into a Man isn't at least STARTED by February, my Lawyers say that Simonla's appearance is TOTALLY ILLEGAL and we will have to SUE. I will try and Push This Off to a later date if you Show Cooperation, however.

Thank You for your Assumed Cooperation, and Look Out For the Return of Simonchu Soon,

Evan Christopher George, Simonchu's TRUE Creator

Chris answered this letter a day later, on 8 January 2010.

After having given it some more thought, I have a suggestion, how about if Simonchu and Simonla were Brother and Sister? HE would still make an appearance to share the Brotherly Love to his Sister. That is my offer. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:20, 8 January 2010 (CET)

Chris really is all kinds of fucked up


Thank you for answering my questions, though you didn't answer them, for lack of a better word, well. I'm kind of offended by the "competing". How are we, people with Aspergers Syndrome, like that? Please tell me. as for Black Sonichu or whatever his name is now, he has an individual what? That answer made no sense! Did you mean he's an indivual something? Hedgehog-pokemon? Creature? An indiviual who for some reason HAS to have a "heartsweet" like everyone else? I personally think he'd be better off being alone, but whatever. You must be joking about your rating, all the panty shots, Rosechu being nude and tearing into someone's head, gratutious Hedgehog-pokemon sex, partial nudity and people being killed off with detailed deaths...Yup, this is definitely made for children.

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