Blanca Emails, September 2008

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This is an incomplete copy of emails between Chris and Blanca in September 2008.

Emails from August and October are also archived here.

  • Blue boxes contain emails from Chris to Blanca.
  • Red boxes contain emails from Blanca to Chris.
  • Green boxes contain inter-troll emails.

September 2008

RE: Hey, B-W.​ from Blanca to Chris on Mon 9/01/08 1:41 PM

My job is going alright. I'm a very nervous person and it takes some getting used to. I made a ton of tips last night! You know, labor day weekend and all that! Do they celebrate where you are? We hold fireworks.

Re: Hey, B-W.​ from Chris to Blanca on Mon 9/01/08 3:58 PM

I think there is a general celebration of Labor Day in Charlottesville, but I'm not totally certain. Good for you on your successful weekend at work. What's the name of the restaurant you work at, and how long have you been working there? Do you have to wear a uniform there (if you do, I would like a pic of you in it)?

Also, I've checked, and apparently, I have unlimited nighttime minutes on my cell phone beyond 9:00 PM, so you can try to call me then on my cell at (434)-760-0848. I look forward to when I can chat with you over the phone, or through AIM. :)

BTW, kinda random question, but how were your grades from your years in High School?

Christian C.

Hey, B-W :)​ from Chris to Blanca on Thu 9/04/08 3:00 AM

I haven't heard from you in a while; I hope you are doing well. Please reply to let me know what's been good with you.

Christian C.

RE: Hey, B-W :)​ from Blanca to Chris on Fri 9/05/08 4:03 PM

Oh? You didn't get my last e-mail? I'm sorry. Things are kind of hectic, but I was waiting on your reply haha. I guess I am still doing ok. Not getting much sleep from homework and all that. How about you? Things going ok?

Re: Hey, B-W :)​ from Chris to Blanca on Sat 9/06/08 12:48 AM

It's been a bit stressful on me lately; I have been Protesting against the Encyclopedia Dramatica bullies for their "Fanart" of my Rosechu being portrayed with a dick. Every time I see those heinous things, I feel like I'm gonna puke. I have been protesting with my own drawings on how Rosechu should be drawn in the nude; with a vagina. BTW, Rosechu has been 18 since Comic #5; I've made the official correction statement on as well.

And on the Sonichu game front, JKProductions said they got a "notice" from Nintendo and Sega for JKProductions NOT to make any games of Sonichu or Rosechu. So I'm dropping JKProductions with due respect. And I will wait to talk to Nintendo and SEGA for myself. Not only that, but if you look at JKP's blog page, they've drew their own remakes of my Electric-Hedgehogs as freakin' aardvarks. It pissed me off.

Aside from the stress, the #8 Comic is progressing well; I will add 3 or 4 pages to the "Spring Break" Episode to depict the turning of ages for all the Electric-Hedgehogs drawn up to now. BTW, what age did you have in mind to start Jiggliami at?

I'm sorry for missing your previous e-mail; must been a misdirected piece of data. If you'd like to copy/paste the message from that e-mail to your reply to this one, that would be cool. I'm sorry you've been losing sleep for yourself, but it's possible you'll get used to such a schedule. Are any of your classes in the morning? If so, you may have a problem of staying awake during those classes. I've found Afternoon classes were better for me, because I was able to get more sleep, and I was more able to stay awake during those classes.

If it helps, you think of me being there with you in your classes, encouraging you to keep paying attention; this is important. I pray for your success. :)

Christian C.

RE: Hey, B-W :)​ from Blanca to Chris on Sat 9/06/08 9:20 AM

Yeah, one of my classes is in the morning. Was hard to find all the classes I needed for this semester, hehe. My last e-mail was kind of embarrassing now that I think about it... I kind of want to know what shampoo you use, because your hair is really pretty, er, you know what I mean. I use generic suave... maybe I need to switch to whatever you are using.
Also, its good that you are fighting back. You need to show them that their bodies are what their sex is.

Oh yeah​ from Blanca to Chris on Sat 9/06/08 9:53 AM

Oh and Jiggliami is like 21-22. She's like the older woman in my mind. Bubblegum-popstar describes her so well! But I think behind the scenes, like, when she is alone with men, she's super flirtatious, kind of like a femme fatal, but without the fatal part cause she's a good person.

Re: Hey, B-W :)​ from Chris to Blanca on Sat 9/06/08 8:54 PM

Thank you for specifying Jiggliami's age; I will be sure to make her age obvious during her Spring Break Concert. BTW, I respect your decision should you decline, but would it be alright if I enlisted Jiggliami's help in mine (and Story-Wise, Rosechu's) Protest against those jerks (of whom I've also referred to as "Garbage Sacks") as well, by which I mean depicting a few nude drawings based on tasteful poses as seen in Playboy magazines?

Your question about my personal details that may sound embarrassing are cool for you to ask me; you have earned that right in my eyes. Anyway, I use Head & Shoulders currently; for a while I used Selsun Blue shampoo for some dandruff, but once that was well-conquered, I've switched to Head & Shoulders. I also use AXE "Purifying" Shower Gel for the rest of my body; I like this particular AXE Shower Gel, because it makes me smell like a Pine Forest. For general hand-washing, my family and I use Oil Of Olay bar soap (the ones in the Pink Packaging).

Were there any other fun questions in that e-mail as well, or any other questions other than that/those? You don't have to be afraid to ask me; you have earned your way to my heart. :) Also, don't be afraid of opening yourself up to me in respect; I have an open heart and open mind for you.

Well, considering most of your classes are Art-Related, you will likely be exercising your arm as you paint or draw, falling asleep probably won't be too much of an issue. But I recommend having a soda or a coffee before your classes, just in case.

Christian C.

Give me a call sometime. <3

RE: Hey, B-W :)​ from Blanca to Chris on Sat 9/06/08 9:02 PM

Oh, I don't think I can call you just yet, I haven't switched cellphone plans yet, so no long distance calls for me just yet. I was kind of wondering how you made that medal? Or did someone make it for you? I'm very curious about it, because its kind of cute, would you mind showing me a close-up picture of it? hehehehe

Oh, and you can use Jiggliami for your protests, just keep it taste full. I would draw it myself, but its way too embarrassing. ^^;;

Chris repeats his porn question

Hey, B-W :)​ from Chris to Blanca on Sun 9/07/08 12:54 AM

I'll take a more current pic of the medal soon; I made it myself with Crayola Model Magic Clay, keyrings, necklace, colored it with Acrylic Paints, and reinforced its full strength with a coat of super glue (hung in mid-air to dry). Actually, in addition to the autographed traced copy of the Jiggliami poster I've showed you earlier, I also had planned to make and send with it a recreation of Jiggliami's medal.

Thank you for your support in my peaceful protest; I will send you copies of Jiggliami's centerfold pics as well; I think in the end, you can be pleased with how she will be drawn. :)

BTW, you never did answer my previous question on how you felt about porn in general; I've found the copy of that e-mail and copied the single-paragraphed question to the bottom of this e-mail, in case you missed it.

I'm gonna take a shower, so I'll TTYL,CP;
Christian C.

Also, while I am thinking about it, I wanted to ask you about how you feel about porn in your humble opinion. Honestly, and confidentially between you and me, I see the "official" videos from companies such as Adam&Eve, not solely as a turn-on, but as a good education of what may be done during the act. I also appreciate it more as a virgin, because it allows me to create a better idea for when I actually do it for my first time. And obviously I have seen a fair share in my adult years. I would rather be well-advised about it and the practices of safe-sex than be dumb on anything on the topic. But if you do not feel comfortable with seeing pornographic videos, I will not ask anymore beyond this paragraph. If I've made you feel uncomfortable, I humbly apologize. But I feel it a good idea to check with you about the subject, because I care about your feelings as my gal-pal with a growing friendship.

Hey, B-W.​ from Chris to Blanca on Tue 9/09/08 9:18 PM

I've just uploaded Episode #17 of the #8 Comic onto I want your sound judgmental and honest opinion about it message of protest against the "Garbage". But I should warn you, and I've just updated the introductory page of the comic with this sound note:

"**TAKE HEART, for I, Christian Weston Chandler, am delivering honest and very important messages in your TV-14 Extended Comic, and TV-MA Uncensored comic pages.**


Which is WHY I OFFER Three different Viewable Versions of the 17th Episode, so you can view the version that is approriate [sic] for your AGE RANGE; I AM A RESPONSIBLE HUMAN BEING!

**ALSO, I wish to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that I, Christian Weston Chandler, a Sound-Minded Virgin, DO NOT SEE Women as " Sex Objects"; I HONESTLY SEE Women as my Equal; Human Beings who have Every Rights as Any Person in this World Do. And I CARE About How Women feel. Story-Wise, Rosechu is ONLY doing what she, herself, as an Individual, FEELS is RIGHT, in a GREAT ACT of PROTEST against the REAL-LIFE "4-Cent", which is! And Every Woman HAS EVERY RIGHT As HUMAN EQUALS to SPEAK THEIR VOICE as LOUD as they FEEL for or against what they each set their individual sights upon.**

Ladies, I Care. I Seriously DO."

I just wanted to make certain you understand that.

Hugs for you;
Christian C.

RE: Hey, B-W.​ from Blanca to Chris on Tue 9/09/08 9:30 PM

Don't worry Christian, I know you well enough to know you never mean harm with your drawings and comics. I can't wait to read the comic!

Re: Hey, B-W.​ from Chris to Blanca on Tue 9/09/08 9:38 PM

You are simply Awesome! Thank you. :)

RE: Hey, B-W.​ from Blanca to Chris on Tue 9/09/08 9:47 PM

Also, I just realized I never answered your question... porn doesn't necessarily bother me... but it is very embarrassing... I did take sexy pics that I wanted to show you for reference, just so you could study a real woman's physque [sic], but I am too embarrassed to show now... maybe I will send you one later.

Re: RE: Hey, B-W.​ from Chris to Blanca on Wed 9/10/08 12:48 AM

Wow! You were ready to share your sexy side with me? While I understand how you feel a bit embarassed [sic], I feel positively elated that you feel honestly ready to open up to me that much. :) I'm so happy.

Seriously, you do not have to feel embarassed [sic]; I promise to keep your sexinees [sic] to myself. If I can show you my sexiness in return; just tell me what pose you'd like to see me in, and I will do it just for you.

Christian C.

Chris suspects Blanca's identity

Hey, B-W​ from Chris to Blanca on Wed 9/10/08 11:45 PM

I've just checked out your MySpace profile. In your pics, your hair is blonder than in the two pics I have of you; did you dye? Also, didn't you tell me earlier that you were 25, not 22, and that you live in Kentucky, not Kansas? Please explain.

Christian C.

RE: Hey, B-W​ from Blanca to Chris on Thu 9/11/08 11:38 PM

Wait, what? I don't have a myspace profile. It must be another Blanca.

Hello​ from Chris to Blanca on Fri 9/12/08 1:02 AM

I am not sure if I can trust you now, "Blanca", I've theorized the difference between the and the, but after the deception I've received from possibly you, I felt traumatized. So I've checked the Latest E-mail from 1900bw; it matches the following message from the yahoo address on "Showing me your "Sexy Side.""

I have no suggestions to make; if INDEED the "Blanca" at 1900bw and the "Blanca" at the yahoo address are NOT one in the same person; I would require IN-Person or Honest Video Proof to reinstate my trust.

But at the moment, ONLINE-Wise, I am not sure rather to trust the you at 1900bw or not at the moment. I am sorry.

RE: Hey, B-W​ from Blanca to Chris on Fri 9/12/08 12:59 AM

I just sent you a few messages on youtube... but please... ugh..

Listen, those ed people did this. I don't have a myspace, I use a facebook. That's why it says I live in Kansas and that I am 23 on that myspace.

RE: Hello from Blanca to Chris on Fri 9/12/08 1:07 AM

Well.. just know that I approached you from THIS E-MAIL. I've never had a yahoo name in my life. I mean, this person, their pictures don't even look like mine. I want you to ask them to draw Jiggliami for you and you'll see that I am Blanca and that they are some sort of impersonator. You don't have to trust me or tell me anymore of your life... but just know that I have your cellphone number... has anyone called you on it? I did some research... and if I really was a troll or whatever, I would've handed it out to those monsters. But I didn't and I won't. I just don't want our friendship ruined over a prank. I was offering you pictures of me, yeah, but only because I thought it would help your art out. I did get a haircut and hair dye done today, but I never got it lighter.. I actually dyed it black... because, I don't know.. I've been stressed out and now I come home from school and work to find some bitch has been impersonating me and soiling my name. I'll prove to you I'm real somehow, but don't break off communication with me, please? We can talk about Sonic or Pokemon or something... but don't leave me high and dry... please?

Re: Hello​ from Chris to Blanca on Fri 9/12/08 1:15 AM

My cell phone number, yes. Well, while I have NOT received any prank calls on my Cell Phone, It's not certain. I will not leave you "high and dry"; Call me on my cell phone Tonight; I will make my final decision after that action.

RE: Hello​ from Blanca to Chris on Fri 9/12/08 1:17 AM

I don't have long distance, can I text you? Or is that equally bad? Could you give me a day to get a phonecard?

Re: Hello​ from Chris to Blanca on Fri 9/12/08 1:21 AM

I will give you a maximum of one week; the sooner, the better. Please prove my theory of different people between addresses correct.

RE: Hello​ from Blanca to Chris on Fri 9/12/08 1:22 AM

Ok. You got it. I'll try to give you a call tomorrow, ok? Is there any time that would be best?

Re: Hello​ from Chris to Blanca on Fri 9/12/08 1:25 AM

Any time during the day is fine; do not set your number to private.

RE: Hello​ from Blanca to Chris on Fri 9/12/08 5:47 PM

I just realized, I could call you from a skype account and it would be free. Its free user to user. If you are willing to accept that, then just go to install and make a username... but this time, make it a username no one would suspect you of having. I don't want people trying to trick you into making you think they are me.

Re: Hello​ from Chris to Blanca on Fri 9/12/08 6:07 PM

I've had previous trouble with Skype, so I feel it's better to call me to my cell. But you may still call from your Skype account to my phone; I hear it's like about 10 cents a minute.

Skype​ from Chris to Blanca on Fri 9/12/08 8:07 PM

Alright, I've just installed Skype; I've already had an account from my PSP-2000 (I had trouble with my headset). But I have a mic and headphones on my PC. So, my Skype name is Chris_Chan_Sonichu; I have it open now, so if you get this message before like 10PM tonight; you can try to call me for free.

RE: Skype​ from Blanca to Chris on Sat 9/13/08 12:20 AM

Gosh darn it. I'll try to see if you are on tomorrow before I head to work. I'll try to talk to you later.

Re: Skype​ from Chris to Blanca on Sat 9/13/08 1:50 AM

Can you give me a specific time for when you call me?

Skype-On​ from Chris to Blanca on Sat 9/13/08 4:36 AM

I'll turn my Skype on at about 2PM, today the 13th, and wait for your call hopefully short after.

Slight delay​ from Chris to Blanca on Sat 9/13/08 2:15 PM

I'll be on with my skype starting about 4-5 PM today; call me.

RE: Slight delay​ from Blanca to Chris on Sat 9/13/08 3:22 PM

Alright. I'll be on in case you see me and I'm not calling you just send me a call, I might be getting ready so I'll hear the beep. About 4:30 I need to go out.
My skype is bw1900blanca, just so you know its me.

RE: Slight delay​ from Blanca to Chris on Sat 9/13/08 4:01 PM

I turned off my comments on my youtube channel, maybe you should do the same.. all those people just keep posting stupid stuff... now they accuse me of being Robert... ugh.

RE: Slight delay​ from Blanca to Chris on Sat 9/13/08 4:12 PM

I'm on right now.

Blanca is real

On this day, Chris records a Captain's Log saying that Blanca is real.

My Home address​ from Chris to Blanca on Sat 9/13/08 7:40 PM

Here's my Home Address, Blanca, if you feel more comfortable in sending me paper copies of your sexy pics through snail-mail first class:

Christian W. Chandler
14 Branchland Ct.
Ruckersville, VA 22968-9545

I fully trust you; I am soo happy that I can, and I am even MORE Happier to finally be able to hear your voice. You have a sweet, nice voice. <3

I'll check in about 10 tonight to see if you're available to talk some more; if not then, I'll check in again at 11, then Midnight. Meantime, I have my British Comedies that I can watch.

I am happy to be able to honestly open my heart for you. I'm so happy, I feel like I'm gonna burst. If you were here, I'd hug you out of happiness.

I hope you feel happy too.

Talk To You Later, Cutie Pie;
Christian C. :)

Hey, Blanca​ from Chris to Blanca on Sun 9/14/08 1:15 AM

I'm on my Facebook, checkin' off Friend Requests, and I took the liberty of searching for your Facebook page that you said you had. I'm having trouble finding it; would you e-mail me your Facebook Name, or log onto your account and send me a Friend Request (or maybe you may have, and I might have mistakenly missed it while checkin' off the Requests). Anyway, please reply to let me know.

Also, let me know if you'll be free to talk this afternoon or evening, Sept. 14, on Skype, and if so, what time? Or I can suggest 3 or 9 PM.

Christian C. :)

RE: Hey, Blanca​ from Blanca to Chris on Sun 9/14/08 10:29 AM

I made myself unsearchable. :< And I'm too worried about letting something as private as facebook slip out of my grasp. Anyway, I'm too busy today to get on skype. I can drop you random e-mails in our e- mail tag, but I've got homework and things to do today.

That's cool​ from Chris to Blanca on Sun 9/14/08 1:16 PM

Well, I can't say how worried others may feel, but you are only doing what you feel for yourself is a safe measure. If you feel that it may be too much, you can either feel like "Well, you can't be too careful," or "I might be paranoid". Either way, I wouldn't worry Too Much about privacy hackers; the best you can do is make yourself as invisible as possible to the hackers, have a well-detailed, possibly complicated-sounding, password, and pray.

You go ahead and complete your homework. But let me know which times on each day is best to find you logged-onto Skype, so I can talk to you some more. :)

You are a very interesting, funny and cute gal; always remember that I Trust You, Blanca.

I'll Talk To You Later, Cutie Pie, <3
Christian C. :)

**Keep a happy thought. My happy thought of the Now and forever in memory is talking to you; if I am your happy thought, then I feel good in knowing that I've helped you feel better.

RE: That's cool​ from Blanca to Chris on Mon 9/15/08 10:40 PM

I guess I shouldn't be so worried... I'm just, ugh, IDK. Anyway, I've been gone cause of a huge power outage that happened in the cincy-ky-in area... Just got power back today. :<

How have you been tho?

Sarah Jackson love triangle

Re: That's cool​ from Chris to Blanca on Tue 9/16/08 12:00 AM

Hey, Blanca, it's good to hear from you again. I'm sorry about your power failure. At least you are safe and well. I have been feeling better since talking to you, thank you for asking. I feel soo lucky to have a close friend like you.

Blanca, would you send me that sexy pic of yours in your reply to this e-mail? I'm gonna be honest with you, over the weekend, I met this other woman over the internet, developed a good trust with her. Basically, I'm feeling in-between with you and this woman, and I want to make more certain which one I should save myself for. I have told her about you, and I only want to be as fair as possible. I'd hate to make you fee bad, sad orl [sic] jealous, because I honestly care about you and your feelings a lot, Blanca Weiss.

I understand if this comes as a big surprise to you. But believe me, YOU are the first I've said "I Love You" to openly and honestly. Let me ask you, do you want me, in an honest relationship or sexually, more or equal to bad?

I humbly apologize for letting this come between you and me, but I want to be as fair as possible about this ordeal, since I've known you longer, and I've entrusted you more trust in the time you and I spent together over the internet.

I do not want to leave you sad, or feeling alone, because I would hate to put you in a state of emotions I have felt myself before.

I care.

Christian C.

I don't know if this is right, but...​ from Chris to Blanca on Tue 9/16/08 12:07 AM

I'll let you in on her, her name is Sarah Jackson from Alabama; she lives with her younger Autistic sister Rose, and their mother; their brother died in the army, he left them his old Sega systems. Rose was a major Sonic Player; she found me on the internet, and led Sarah my way; that's basically how she and I met.
If you want, you may talk to her to help sort this mess out with me, her e-mail is, and her YahooIM name is Sarah Jackson. I have developed feelings for both of you, I don't want to lose either of you, and I hope we can sort this out like calm human beings, with no cat fights.
Chrstian C.

Hello​ from Blanca to Sarah Jackson on Tue 9/16/08 12:58 AM

Hey there, I'm Blanca. I don't know, but has Christian mentioned me to you? He mentioned you to me. Well, I was wondering... what are your intentions with him? I don't necessarily trust you, because this is the internet. I don't know if you are with those ed people, but I pray you aren't and that your intentions are honest. If you aren't with ed, then if Christian chooses to pursuit you, I will be ok with it and move on, but if you aren't and you are of that wicked wiki, read on:

I care about Christian a lot and I would not see him hurt by anyone, especially not someone pretending to be a girl to get their kicks from hurting an innocent man who is autistic. I hope you realize what kind of monster you are. Honestly, what do you have to gain from hurting him? Oh? Are you going to get more naked pictures of him? Going to rob him of his dignity? You know what. Go do something more productive, like get a job, read a book. I don't know. Do something. What kind of person purposefully tries to ruin the life of an autistic... its beyond me.

Anyway. Sorry if you aren't with those ed people... but lately I cannot stand them. I wish there was something I could do about them, but the best thing to do is lay low. If you are a real person and you are seriously looking to be with Christian, I suggest you lay low too.


RE: I don't know if this is right, but...​ from Blanca to Chris on Tue 9/16/08 1:14 AM

Christian, have you talked with this person over the phone? Suddenly, I have this feeling she isn't who you think she is. I might be paranoid, and I don't want to undermine you, but I think this person might be the person who made that fake myspace. Think about it. I never had a yahoo account.. and suddenly after all that stupid stuff happens, this girl appears.. and she has a yahoo account.

Doesn't that seem a little funny to you? Ask her to talk to you. If she cannot vocally speak with you, I would say you can keep talking to her, but don't trust her with any personal information or pictures...

I'm not trying to sound like a jealous ex-girlfriend, but I actually do care about you Christian... All these people are trying to hurt you and I am doing my best to keep my eyes pealed and ready to spot shady people. Let's talk tomorrow at 10 PM, ok? We'll discuss this Sarah person. I have computer nerd friends who would be more than happy to help me... If she is real.. and if you.. I guess pick to go after her... IDK. IDK if I could talk to you anymore, cause I would feel betrayed. However, if she is fake, I will do whatever it takes to have her (or him) ruined.

You are pretty important to me Christian, and I am NOT going to let some idiot from ed or youtube or wherever come by and hurt you again.

Re: Hello from Sarah Jackson to Blanca on Tue 9/16/08 1:31 AM

Ive heard of you, girlie. I could ask you the same thing, considering that your account was already once "Hacked" by one of those people!!!
I personally think that YOU are one of those ED people yourself, and I just want you to know that if you get in the way between me and my sweet bear I will claw your eyes from your FACE! ! !
Chris is a sweet and loving man and he has feelings for me. . . you obviously blew it with him or he wouldnt be talking 2 me in the first place. . . so u can just go and jump off a cliff, sister!
You couldnt [sic] possibly love him the way I have come to, so just give this pathetic game UP!
I will tell him about the slandorus [sic] things you have written to me, too, and then we'll see how much more he trusts you!

RE: Hello​ from Blanca to Sarah Jackson on Tue 9/16/08 1:40 AM

My account was not hacked, Sarah. Someone made an alternative e-mail to mine and somehow tricked Christian into thinking it was me. I didn't know Christian was that trusting. I'm sorry if I came off as angry or upset at you. I don't know who you are and, frankly, you come off sounding way young. How old are you? 12?

FW: Hello​ from Blanca to Chris on Tue 9/16/08 1:43 AM

Look at this e-mail Sarah sent me. I will let you see my e-mail before she obviously edits it.. I'm sorry Christian, I don't want to... to cause stupid drama. I don't trust this girl... look at the way she addresses me after I calmly state my position and my general distrust of people on the internet.

Editor's note: Here, Blanca put a copy of her first message to Sarah, and Sarah's reply.

Future dates with Blanca

Blanca, I just wanted to thank you.​ from Chris to Blanca on Tue 9/16/08 5:08 AM

Thank you for showing me that you are truly willing to go the distance for me.

I also wanted to let you know, and hope that you will keep within your heart; keep the final version of that drawing of you and me in your plain sight, I Promise, from the bottom of my happy heart, That WILL Be Our Future. I want you with me as soon as possible. Until then, I will humbly wait for you. Blanca Weiss, my Heart belongs to you now; please treasure it well. :)

Also, I would like to ask for more Fresh Pictures of yourself from multiple angles (making yourself nude in any of the pictures is purely optional, but I would appreciate it for my personal reference). And I would like you and me, in the majority of our future chats, use Skype, with our microphones, headphones and webcams activated, so we can hear and see each other as much as possible while you are in Kentucky.

While I'm thinking about it, did you say you'd might be able to make it for Thanksgiving Break? If not sooner, I would appreciate your presence. And if at that time, you feel ready, my virginity shall be yours. :) I know I said it before in your previous pics, but you STILL have a HAWT Body. Oh, my GAWD! :)

Also, I'd like to share my ideas for our beginning dates during our first time together. If you'd like, I am willing to offer my couch in my bedroom for you to sleep on during your stay, although my room, and a chunk of my house is cluttered. Otherwise, you may look up a hotel room to stay in within Ruckersville or Charlottesville, VA on

You may also want to punch in my home address on to get a map to it. In case I didn't give you my address yet, it's

14 Branchland Ct.
Ruckersville, VA 22968

The First Day: After you get yourself checked in, should you stay at a hotel, or when you are on the way to my house, after getting in or around Charlottesville or Ruckersville, call me on my home phone at (434)-990-0198 to let me know that you are on your way. You can meet my mother and father, chat with them a while and get to know each other. Then you and I, we can go upstairs to my bedroom to just hang out, watch TV, or chat a while. Maybe even some video gameplay with Guitar Hero or something. For dinner that evening, our First Date, I will take you out to McDonalds, Arbys, Burger King, or a small restaurant like that. Then I'd let you go back to your hotel, or bring you back home. NO SEX on the first night, but if you'd like to make out, I'd welcome it.

The Second Day: If you're in a hotel room, I would bring my PS2 or 3, and we can play some more and hang with each other some more. If at home, we can still play and hang. For Lunch, I'd take you to this good all-you-can-eat Pizza/Salad/Soup/Desert Buffet that I know of in Charlottesville, then we can take in a Romantic Movie at the theater, or we can walk the Downtall Mall, and/or a walk in the park. I hope I'm painting a good picture for you. If we take in the movie, you and I can sit in the back, darker area. And if it doesn't bother you, I may "Yawn and stretch" my arm around you to your other shoulder. If you want to take it further, you may pull my hand on your shoulder a little closer to your breast (of course, this is optional), and I'd let you cop a reach into the popcorn bucket, or under that to cop a feel. Stop me if I'm bothering you any. And you and I can make out in the theater. And if you feel like it that night in the privacy of mine or your room, you can take my virginity, or we can wait till the third night, if there is one before you have to go back to Kentucky. Either way, I would wear a condom then, and in the future until our Wedding Night. :)

And basically, I'd try to be better or equal for each future dates beyond that. :) I hope I've put a smile on your face after the wild imaginings from those first two dates. :)

You may offer your humble feedback to all that in your reply.

Also, I would like to ask you, should you be here on a Sunday Morning, would you be willing to come with me to my Methodist Church as a Visitor? If you do, I would take pride in being with you there and showing you off as my Girlfriend. :D But seriously, I would honestly appreciate just having you with me there. We do sing from a red or black book at points during each service, but you don't have to sing if you don't want to.

That will just about do it for now; I look forward to the next time I see your name on my AIM or Skype list appear, showing that I can chat with you some more. :) Mics, headphones and webcams.

I am humbly yours, with Honest Promise of the drawing you kindly drew to be Our Future, from the bottom of my filled heart.

"Looooving yoooou is easy, 'cause you're beauuuutifuuuuuuuul."

Talk to you later, Cutie Pie,
Christian C.

Just wanted to let you know​ from Chris ( to Blanca on Tue 9/16/08 5:16 PM

I have told my close friend in Utah, I've honestly known since my early Sweetheart Search Days; her name is Anna McLerran. No Worries about anything between me and her; we are Only Good Friends, plus Anna's a Lesbian. But Seriously, You can Trust her as a friend. I suggested that she introduce herself to you as one of my older gal-pals, so she will e-mail you soon. She'll e-mail from her AIM address of annamclerran, or her, or She also has Skype if you'd like to friendly chat with her that way as well.

Remember, Blanca, my heart is yours, and I will wait for you. I look forward to our next Skype chat. Also, after you've finished the drawing of you and me, please send me the .jpg scan of the drawing, so I will have it as well to better remember my Promise to you that IT Will Be Yours and Mine Future. :)

Talk To You Later, Cutie Pie,
Christian C.

Re: Hello​ from Sarah Jackson to Blanca on Tue 9/16/08 1:43 AM

Im [sic] 27, dear.
How old are YOU?

Look, you dont trust me, that much is obvious, but I dont trust YOU either.

RE: Hello​ from Blanca to Sarah Jackson on Tue 9/16/08 1:47 AM

I'm not going to answer. The fact that you can't type like a decent person makes me think you are closer to being 12. Seriously. You are one of those ed people. Aren't you? Miss "Sarah Jackson".

Re: Hello​ from Sarah Jackson to Blanca on Tue 9/16/08 1:56 AM

How dare you!
You dont know a thing about me!
Your just scared and angry because you know that Chris loves me more.

RE: Hello from Blanca to Sarah Jackson on ​Tue 9/16/08 3:25 AM

Sorry hun. He just declared his love for me over skype while we were both on webcam. But that's ok. You already have a lot of burden on you, like your sister and your mother. I think you should take care of them. You are a great person to watch over them, you know?

Let me know how Rose is doing, k? Maybe I can help somehow sometimes, idk.

Re: Hello​​ from Sarah Jackson to Blanca on Tue 9/16/08 3:46 PM

While my heart is broken Blanca, Im [sic] a big woman and I can let him go if it means he can be happy with you. U know how u can help?


Dont do it. . . he's too good of a person to have it done on him again. U keep him happy and dont break his heart, you and I can be freinds [sic]. You hurt him, in any way, and you'l have ME to answer to.
Because while u and Chris may love each other, Chris and me are freinds [sic]. And freinds [sic] protect each other.

so keep him happy.

Let me make a minor correction​ from (trolls who got into Chris's email) to Blanca on Wed 9/17/08 12:32 AM

In my previous e-mail, I said that my heart was yours, that might have been taking it too far than how it is now, so my heart is still mine, but I have my feelings for you. I love you like a Loved One.

I still love you​ from (trolls who got into Chris's email) to Blanca on Wed 9/17/08 4:12 AM

Please please please.
I am desperate to get laid.
Please have sex with me, if anything but simple pity, please. I am on my knees! I will gladly present you with a real Sonichu medallion as a sort of payment.
Please consider my request.

At 4:37 AM, the trolls send Chris's nudes to everyone on his contact list, including Blanca.

A Major Update​ from Chris ( to Blanca on Wed 9/17/08 7:51 AM

Those trolls have hacked into my CWCSonichu AOL, MySpace, Facebook, ebay and YouTube accounts; I've taken measures to prevent them from doing any further damage.

So, my NEW AOL address is

Please DO NOT Share my new e-mail addresse [sic] with ANYONE; I'm trusting you with my heart.

I have deleted the account; at least they'll have lost the trail for now. I will NOT be setting up any new MySpace, Facebook or YouTube accounts for a while. And I am totally blocked from logging into them, or my ebay account.

I just can not believe this is happening to me.

Anyway, I'll TTYL; BE SURE to Reply to THIS E-Mail Address, and NOT CWCSonichu, and Upgrade your AOL Buddy List.

Take care, :)
Christian C

(No Subject)​ from Blanca to Chris on Wed 9/17/08 2:23 PM

Hey, Christian. Sorry to hear about that troll. >_< ugh. Make sure you delete the e-mail you sent me in your "sent" folder, or else they will find your new e-mail. I haven't gotten e-mailed by your friend from Utah. Er, or was that an email sent by a troll? This is rather confusing.

Sorry I haven't been on... things are WAY hectic with school because of the black out. I -WILL- be able to talk to you tomorrow at 11 AM if you can make it. Just for 30 minutes, but then I have to run to class. k?

(no subject) from Blanca to Sarah Jackson on ​Wed 9/17/08 2:49 PM

Of course, Sarah. :< Its ok. Christian told me you are a pretty cool cat. I -know- you can find a nice man soon.

Re: (no subject)​ from Chris to Blanca on Wed 9/17/08 11:02 PM

I've managed to DELETE Everything from my old AOL Mail account. I'll talk to you tomorrow at 11AM.

Just so you know,​ from Chris to Blanca on Wed 9/17/08 11:04 PM

Megan Schroeder at AIM poliziegwalt, or, and Anna McLerran at AIM annamclerran, or or ARE HONESTLY LEGIT; THEY ARE TRUE, CLOSE FRIENDS OF MINE.

Blanca, r u still there?​ from Chris to Blanca on Thu 9/18/08 11:35 AM

I'm on my Skype account, waiting to chat with you. You started talking at 10:10 AM; approximately 50 minutes before I got on.

Log on and call me; I'll wait a bit longer;
Christian C.

In case you haven't logged into Skype yet,​ from Chris to Blanca on Thu 9/18/08 11:56 AM

[11:37:53 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says:
I'm still here, B-W.
[11:49:06 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: I've lost a lot of sleep from the whole bunch of Chaos yesterday. I could not go to sleep that late night, after finding out that my stuff was starting to be Hacked.
[11:50:51 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: I stayed up, trying to recover as much as possible, and destroying the CWCSonichu account; I got a 7-hour nap from 3-10 PM yesterday. Then I had to fix up my website for better security.
[11:53:11 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: Anyway, before I came back to my PC on time at just before 11 AM today, I got a short 1 1/2 hour slumber. I need some more sleep. Can you log back into Skype for you and me to chat and see each other about 5:00 this afternoon?
[11:53:50 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: I will be on time myself. Hope to see you then.

I've copied this from my last entries into the Skype chat to-be-delivered to you area; it's true. I'll be back on at 5 or 10PM Today; Please be logged in to your Skype account ON TIME; NOT an hour early. I will be on time at both times myself.

Christian C.

RE: In case you haven't logged into Skype yet,​ from Blanca to Chris on Thu 9/18/08 5:50 PM

I'm sorry Christian, I woke up late and was about to be late for class, my greatest apologies. I'll try to make it this time, ok? 10 sounds good to me, as I will have a window of free time.

Ami B-Chan​ from Chris to Blanca on Sat 9/20/08 5:57 PM

It's me, Christian. I'm sorry that I missed talking to you earlier this afternoon; I had overslept. I'm getting over some of the stress of the recent chaos. It has been a real mess. Anyway, I'll try to make it to talk to you over Skype tomorrow at about 2 or 3 PM. Please reply by sending me a chat message over Skype (even though I am not on there at the time, I do still end up getting your message there. Be sure to address me by your nickname we've decided upon recently.

Christian C.

RE: Ami B-Chan​ from Blanca to Chris on Sun 9/21/08 2:46 PM

Hey trey, im talking to you on skype right now silly

Re: Something came up​ from Chris to Blanca on Mon 9/22/08 12:18 AM

Thank you, Ami B-Chan. You are a Loved One to me too. :)

Something came up​ from Blanca to Chris on Sun 9/21/08 7:57 PM

Hey, something came up. I'm sorry if I don't make it tonight. Just know that I love you. :*

Editor's note: The following message cut off at the right side of the page.

RE: Something came up​ from Blanca to Chris on Tue 9/23/08 1:36 PM

Someone, it could have been a hacker. sent me this on skype last night FROM YOUR account

Blanca Weiss, there's something I need to inform you about. First, I wish to thank you ever so much for your support in my Sweetheart Search, as well
6:46 AM

But, it is with heavy heart, because I truly deeply care for you, as a person, as well as your feelings, I've found someone else who I could really open
6:46 AM

We have learned A LOT About each other, and we have found that she and I, we are Truly Compatible.
6:47 AM

I'm sorry, Blanca.
6:48 AM

I'm sorry that I've had to inform you with heavy heart. But, you have truly proven yourself as a True Friend, and I will never forget what you have
6:48 AM

I feel for you.
6:49 AM

I understand that the pain is soooooooo hard to bear, but you'll get over it eventually.
6:49 AM

And you and I, we can still be Good Friends.
6:52 AM

if you really want to call it off FINE.

Hey, Ami B-Chan​ from Chris to Blanca on Wed 9/24/08 7:05 PM

I haven't heard from you in a while. Are you okay? Please reply and let me know how you are. I would feel just terrible if something bad happened to you. And I'd feel worse if you've hurt yourself because of me putting a hold on the romantic relationship.

Please let me know that you are alive and well. I love you, Blanca, my Loved Friend.

Christian C.

Chris dreams of Blanca

Hey, Ami B-Chan <3​ from Chris to Blanca on Mon 9/29/08 11:31 AM

Blanca, in case you haven't logged into your Skype and got my messages yet, I have Wonderful News, of which I will now copy and paste in this e-mail.

[9:22:55 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: Blanca. :)
[9:23:02 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: I have Wonderful News.
[9:23:38 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: I FINALLY HAD my Dream that I have been waiting for for soo long; the dream revealing the name of my Sweetheart-to-be.
[9:24:24 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: the scenario was simply, after talking to her over the internet, I went to the local Hotel to meet her, and her name came up Often, and was Burned into my Memory and my Heart...
[9:24:39 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: SHE is YOU. :)
[9:25:04 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: YOU, Blanca Weiss, ARE MY SWEETHEART-TO-BE!
[9:25:34 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: my heart was confused for the long time, but NOW IT IS FINALLY CONFIRMED; IT IS YOU.
[9:25:58 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: So, I will go ahead and mail you the Medals and the drawing this morning.
[9:26:25 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: I am soo happy. I hope you feel better emotionally, and delighted as well. :*
[9:26:33 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: I'll talk to you later.
[10:40:36 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: I just sent the medals and the drawing to your aunt and grandmother, and I wrote a letter on the back of the drawing for you, as well as drew up a short hand drawing of my dream of you being revealed to me as my Sweetheart.
[10:42:31 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: After you get here, I would like to meet you in the lobby of the hotel you will be staying in, as it was revealed to me in my dream.
[10:43:26 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: in the letter, I gave a specific instruction for your relatives to HOLD the package for you, and give it to you Right After you arrive to see them. They should get them Wednesday or Thursday of this week.
[10:44:36 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: the Two Medals are in a plastic box, sealed with a single piece of scotch tape, with a loose end, so you can simply pull the strip upward to open the box to get your medal out of the box.
[10:47:52 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: Also, I only sent you the Medal piece from my neck; I am holding onto the necklace part, as it is an obsticle course itself to put on and take off. I gave you your own necklace for your Jiggliami Medal; if you don't like that necklace, you may use one you already have instead. and should you want to secure the medal part to the necklace, I can easily do that for you with twist-ties I've save a bunch of from numerous Autbots and Decepticons.
[10:48:11 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: I am soo happy that my heart is finally set after soo long. Praise God and Jesus.
[10:48:52 AM] chris_chan_sonichu says: I will wait for you to call me today. but I ask that you call me like before 2:30 PM this afternoon, or after 7:00 PM tonight.

:) :) :)
<3 <3 <3

I hope that you ARE feeling better, and that you feel delighted after reading that God and Jesus have finally revealed their Guiding Me To You. Also, I thank you for your Honest, Loving Devotions for me, and I wish to thank your brother, Jerry, for giving me the emotional beat-down yesterday that led to you and me getting back into Trusting terms. I am soo sorry for betraying you while my heart was confused and lost. But now I am finally found and guided by God and Jesus; Praise them, and my Heart is Truely [sic] Set For You.

I hope to hear from you today. The reason I asked for before 2:30 or after 7:00 today, is because I have set up a meeting with my congregation's new Pastoral Counsoler [sic] to talk about an unrelated issue.

I feel happy. I hope you're feeling happy too. :)

Talk To You Later, Cutie Pie, Blanca Ami B-Chan Weiss.
Christian C.

Another thing, Ami B-Chan​ from Chris to Blanca on Mon 9/29/08 2:14 PM

I also put a Delivery Confirmation on the package I sent to your aunt and grandma. You can track the status of the medals online at The Delivery Confirmation Number is 0308 1400 0001 4439 1585.

I hope to talk to you soon.

Peace, and stay safe,
Christian C.

Editor's note: This package mentioned above contained a letter and Chris's medallions.

Chatlogs with Smeagol and Sarah Jackson

The earlier chats. from Chris to Blanca on Tue 9/30/08 2:52 AM

These are the chats from earlier, starting with the one between me and smeagol:

smeagol92055: So tell me, Christian.
sonicman126: yes, sir?
smeagol92055: How's the comic coming?
smeagol92055: Believe it or not,
smeagol92055: I actually like reading it.
smeagol92055: Even though I kid and make jokes.
sonicman126: :)
sonicman126: I am half-way done with Episode 18
smeagol92055: I'm also making a comic.
sonicman126: I should have it finished by mid-October.
smeagol92055: It's an 1800-page graphic novel about my experience in the Marine Corps.
smeagol92055: I call it Contract Days.
smeagol92055: A few pages of it are in my Deviant gallery.
smeagol92055: (BTW, I've gotten better since then, lol)
sonicman126: It's alright. as long as you take full enjoyment in drawing your novel, it won't matter how your drawing style is; as long as you tell the story in the best way you can.
sonicman126: I wish you luck on its publishment [sic].
smeagol92055: Thanks.
smeagol92055: I'm not sure if I'll ever finish it...
smeagol92055: the story is so massive!
smeagol92055: It's an entire four-year period of my life
sonicman126: all you can do is take your time.
smeagol92055: Yeah, I guess.
sonicman126: don't rush.
sonicman126: otherwise, you story may seem slapdash.
sonicman126: and no one wants a shoddy job.
sonicman126: do your best.
smeagol92055: So, if this isn't too forward, how's things with the Panda?
smeagol92055: Thanks
sonicman126: she and I are just friends now.
smeagol92055: really?
smeagol92055: Wow, sorry to hear that.
sonicman126: but God has finally revealed my True Sweetheart-To-Be, so it's okay.
smeagol92055: I thought she seemed like the girl for you.
smeagol92055: Really?
smeagol92055: that's good news.
smeagol92055: How did he reveal her to you
smeagol92055: ?
smeagol92055: If you don't mind my asking.
sonicman126: in a dream last night.
smeagol92055: Sorry I'm not up on my current events, I'm rarely on the Internet these days.
smeagol92055: Oh, how nice.
smeagol92055: Oh, also, sorry if I pissed off your friend; I couldn't get ahold of you, so I found her Livejournal page.
smeagol92055: She seems a bit angry about something.
sonicman126: it's alright.
smeagol92055: Not my business, probably.
smeagol92055: I don't want to pry.
sonicman126: I won't go into details, but it's alright.
smeagol92055: Good.
smeagol92055: So how did you two meet?
smeagol92055: She said you were friends and that you used to be more than friends, but that's all she would say.
sonicman126: we have been chatting on the internet for over two months now; we have met ON the internet, we have talked through Microphones and Webcams.
smeagol92055: Oh, nice.
sonicman126: so she is Real and True.
smeagol92055: So,
smeagol92055: if you don't mind my asking,
sonicman126: and She genuinely cares about me.
smeagol92055: is she single?
smeagol92055: Do you know?
sonicman126: Hells Yes.
smeagol92055: She's cute.
sonicman126: Hells Yes.
smeagol92055: woah, lol
sonicman126: :)
smeagol92055: hells yes to single? Or to cute?
smeagol92055: or both?
sonicman126: BOTH
smeagol92055: nice.
smeagol92055: So...
sonicman126: you will learn her Identity in the End of the #9 Comic.
smeagol92055: I know you've had, er, revealing photos in the past... has it ever been reciprocal?
smeagol92055: Nice.
smeagol92055: Looking forward to it.
sonicman126: what do you mean by reciprocal?
smeagol92055: Like, has anyone ever taken off their pants for you onine [sic]? Or their shirt?
smeagol92055: I guess what I'm asking is, is Sarah cute all over?
sonicman126: before, yes.
sonicman126: but Sarah is not the name of my Sweetheart-To-Be.
smeagol92055: I like a girl who's not too... fluffy, shall we put it.
sonicman126: and Sarah is cute.
smeagol92055: but she looks pretty well-endowed, in any case.
sonicman126: but if you want to go after her, I'd wait a week or so before introducing yourself; give her time to recover.
smeagol92055: Really?
sonicman126: Sarah Jackson is single.
smeagol92055: What happened to her? She get in an accident?
sonicman126: No.
sonicman126: just an emotional upset.
smeagol92055: ah.
sonicman126: I gtg talk to my Sweetheart-To-Be some more; she is waiting for me.
smeagol92055: I'm going to make a wild guess here and say... was this emotional upset related to your dream?
sonicman126: you may say that.
smeagol92055: hmm.
smeagol92055: Well, I'll give her a few days.
sonicman126: she lives in Alabama.
smeagol92055: Don't want to strike too early, ya know?
sonicman126: she is 27
smeagol92055: Not a problem.
smeagol92055: I live in California.
smeagol92055: I travel a lot with my job.
sonicman126: she has an Autistic sister; lives with her and their mother.
smeagol92055: My wife knows about my open relationship.
smeagol92055: She has one too.
sonicman126: YOUR WIFE?
smeagol92055: Yeah.
smeagol92055: We're modern.
smeagol92055: It's no biggy, it keeps us both straight.
smeagol92055: No lies.
sonicman126: You would be TOYING WITH SARAH'S HEART!
smeagol92055: It's rather refreshing.
smeagol92055: Oh, no I wouldn't.
smeagol92055: Woah, pal, no one is toying with anyone's heart.
sonicman126: JUST LEAVE HER ALONE; go do your wife.
smeagol92055: Sounds to me like she could use a good fling to get over her "emotional upset".
smeagol92055: woah.
smeagol92055: Don't judge, pal.
smeagol92055: Don't judge things you don't know about.
smeagol92055: That's not very Christian of you.
sonicman126: I may not know about relationships, but I know a LOT about True Friendships.
sonicman126: and Sex Without Love is a Sin.
smeagol92055: Who said anything about friendships?
smeagol92055: Ha.
smeagol92055: Sin.
smeagol92055: What an antique concept.
sonicman126: Sarah Jackson is my Friend, and I can not and will not let you use her for Loveless Sex.
smeagol92055: Look, obviously you and I disagree, so let's just agree to disagree and leave that subject alone.
smeagol92055: ok?
sonicman126: fine.
sonicman126: just leave Sarah Jackson out of your twist.
smeagol92055: I don't judge you for taking your pants off and putting things up your butt.
smeagol92055: So don't judge me for the things I do.
smeagol92055: Which my wife knows about fully.
smeagol92055: This is the 21st century, friend.
smeagol92055: Everyone is doing it these days.
sonicman126: Also, Sarah is a Virgin; she wants to ONLY lose it to her True Sweetheart.
smeagol92055: Oh, did she tell you she was a virgin?
sonicman126: yes.
smeagol92055: She's 27; sorry to tell ya, pal
smeagol92055: that kind of shit only exists in storybooks.
sonicman126: just leave her alone.
sonicman126: let's agree to that.
smeagol92055: unless she's got some sort of grody secret, like a penis, she's not as virginal as you're making her out to be.
smeagol92055: Tell ya what.
smeagol92055: I won't tell you anything about my encounters with Sarah.
smeagol92055: Is that enough for you to sleep at night?
sonicman126: now you are being just a duck.
smeagol92055: Because what you're doing right now is cock-blocking.
sonicman126: For Good Reason.
smeagol92055: And cock-blockers lose it all in the end, buddy.
sonicman126: to protect her heart.
smeagol92055: Think about all the times guys have done it to you.
smeagol92055: How frustrated it made you.
smeagol92055: So wait...
smeagol92055: she's upset, and you want me to wait a week to contact her?
smeagol92055: Why a week?
smeagol92055: Why that specific timeframe?
smeagol92055: let me think.
smeagol92055: Why would you want to keep me away for a week?
smeagol92055: The only reason would be...
smeagol92055: if you yourself couldn't talk to her for a week either. Am I right?
smeagol92055: You just don't want anyone else befouling your stomping grounds.
smeagol92055: So looks like I've got a week's grace period to talk to her without you interfering.
smeagol92055: I can do a lot in a week, Christian.
smeagol92055: And even if I can't, I can still do the one thing I'm after.
smeagol92055: So don't mess with me or her, and I won't mess with you, all right?
smeagol92055: Then everybody can be friends.
smeagol92055: You'll thank me for this.
smeagol92055: Maybe I'll even persuade her to throw you a bone.
smeagol92055: If you know what I mean.
smeagol92055: Are you there, Chandler?
smeagol92055: No?
smeagol92055: Come on, be an adult about this.
smeagol92055: Don't sulk.
smeagol92055: It'll happen.
smeagol92055: And in a week, she won't even remember you exist.
smeagol92055: And then I'll drop her after I've got what I want.
smeagol92055: You like that shit?
smeagol92055: You like knowing that someone else is gonna fuck your girl, Christian?
smeagol92055: Ooh, I'm gonna give it to her soooo good.
smeagol92055: She's gonna LOVE this dick.

And now, the one between me and Sarah J. that soon followed.

sarah_bear1109: Maybe I was too harsh
sarah_bear1109: Ive [sic] calmed down a bit
sarah_bear1109: I talked with Rose
sarah_bear1109: about the whole thing
sonicman126: that's good.
sonicman126: I'm glad you're alright.
sarah_bear1109: She called you a butthead.
sarah_bear1109: heehee
sarah_bear1109: She said that she would kick your butt but it would keep u from finishing the next issue on time
sonicman126: lol
sarah_bear1109: I know youre [sic] a good freind [sic].
sarah_bear1109: and I know u havent [sic] had a lot of relationships in the past
sarah_bear1109: so I cant really keep hating u for not knowing how to treat people.
sarah_bear1109: But listen, please, honey, I need u to understand, we are FREINDS [sic] and FREINDS [sic] ALONE.
sarah_bear1109: I cant afford to love u anymore.
sarah_bear1109: Or be loved in return.
sonicman126: I fully understand, and I humbly thank you for keeping me on as your friend.
sarah_bear1109: Maybe someday
sarah_bear1109: but not now.
sarah_bear1109: thats [sic] the first right thing youve [sic] said tonight.
sarah_bear1109: Humility is a step in the right direction.
sonicman126: :)
sarah_bear1109: And I accept.
sonicman126: good.
sonicman126: Listen Sarah, there is something I have to warn you about.
sarah_bear1109: What?
sonicman126: that guy, Smeagol; after you left, he contacted me on peaceful terms.
sarah_bear1109: yeah, he seemed nice.
sarah_bear1109: He was funny.
sarah_bear1109: After u took his comic down, I mean.
sonicman126: he complimented my Sonichu work, and gently told me about his 1800 page Graphic Novel he's working on.
sarah_bear1109: Yeah, he told me the same thing.
sarah_bear1109: it sounds cool
sonicman126: eventually, he asked me about you.
sarah_bear1109: He was in the Marines, did u know that?
sonicman126: yes.
sarah_bear1109: That is SO cool
sonicman126: he did mention that.
sarah_bear1109: I love a military man.
sonicman126: there's more, Sarah, so please stop typing.
sarah_bear1109: not to say I think any less of u, of course.
sarah_bear1109: ok
sarah_bear1109: u there?
sonicman126: I told him a small bit about you; you in Alabama living with Rose and your mother.
sarah_bear1109: uh huh.
sonicman126: and that you were single.
sarah_bear1109: RE AL LY
sonicman126: but it gets worse.
sarah_bear1109: worse?
sonicman126: While he seemed like he wanted to Comfort you.
sarah_bear1109: thats [sic] not actually bad...
sonicman126: He actually wanted to USE YOU.
sarah_bear1109: about what?
sarah_bear1109: Wait, comfort me about what?
sonicman126: from your emotional trauma.
sarah_bear1109: . . .?
sarah_bear1109: did u
sarah_bear1109: did u TELL SOMEONE ABOUT OUR FIGHT?!!
sonicman126: let me copy and paste the whole chat for you.
sonicman126: no.
sarah_bear1109: A COMPLETE STRANGER
sarah_bear1109: ?!!
sonicman126: no, I did not go into details.
sarah_bear1109: So how did he know I was upset?
sarah_bear1109: unless someone told him
sarah_bear1109: and the only person that has this new email is YOU
sonicman126: let me copy and paste the chat for you, and you can read it for yourself.
sarah_bear1109: send it to me in an email
sonicman126: okay, please wait.
sarah_bear1109: Christian, please tell me you did not go spreading around our business with a complete stranger.
sarah_bear1109: If u did, dont [sic] lie to me.
sonicman126: I did not.
sonicman126: I sent the chat in an e-mail.
sarah_bear1109: Well see.
sonicman126: you may read it for yourself.
sarah_bear1109: I got it.
sarah_bear1109: Give me a minute
sonicman126: okay.
sarah_bear1109: Oh really.

smeagol92055: Like, has anyone ever taken off their pants for you onine [sic]? Or their shirt?
smeagol92055: I guess what I'm asking is, is Sarah cute all over?
Christian Chandler: before, yes.

sonicman126: I meant in their youtube video.

Christian Chandler: I may not know about relationships, but I know a LOT about True Friendships.
Christian Chandler: and Sex Without Love is a Sin.

sarah_bear1109: Uh huh.
sarah_bear1109: So that seems like a double standard, you masturbating 4 me
sarah_bear1109: and then calling it a sin 2night
sarah_bear1109: u cant have it both ways!!!
sonicman126: READ HIS WORDS.
sonicman126: not mine.
sarah_bear1109: Ohhhhh, no.
sarah_bear1109: You BOTH get your words read.
sarah_bear1109: Because it takes 2 to carry on a conversasion [sic], chris!
sonicman126: okay.
sarah_bear1109: Okay, so he's a stupid guy,
sarah_bear1109: that doesnt [sic] make him a villain
sarah_bear1109: he said himself that his wife and him have an open relationship
sarah_bear1109: Im [sic] not saying Im [sic] letting him near me,
sarah_bear1109: but thats [sic] the way theyve [sic] chose to live theyr [sic] lives,
sarah_bear1109: and who am I to judge?
sarah_bear1109: And who are YOU to judge?
sarah_bear1109: if they can sleep with that knowlege [sic] at night
sarah_bear1109: then thats [sic] theyr [sic] own business.
sarah_bear1109: TALK 2 ME
sonicman126: I am
sonicman126: I was trying to protect you from him doing somthing [sic] so meaningless and unloving with you.
sarah_bear1109: HELLO
sonicman126: but, you're cool with him and his ways? he may force himself onto you.
sarah_bear1109: phhhhh
sonicman126: I was only trying to protect you, as my close gal-pal
sarah_bear1109: Im [sic] a southern girl
sarah_bear1109: let him try
sarah_bear1109: I'll lop his nuts off and brand his ass with a double J
sonicman126: okay.
sarah_bear1109: Im [sic] 237 pounds, Chris.
sonicman126: Wow.
sarah_bear1109: I can take any lilly-livered California boy that tries it.
sonicman126: alright. I just didn't want to see you get hurt again.
sonicman126: I warned you.
sonicman126: that's the best I can do on that for now.
sonicman126: I'll leave how you handle the situation in your hands.
sarah_bear1109: I'll take care of this moron.
sarah_bear1109: I like military guys, but I'll tell him Im [sic] not interested.
sarah_bear1109: He;ll take the hint.
sonicman126: I hope so.
sarah_bear1109: In the future, dont [sic] talk about me to anyone.
sarah_bear1109: even if they ask
sarah_bear1109: if they want 2 know about me
sarah_bear1109: let them come 2 me themselves.
sonicman126: fair enough.
sonicman126: I Promise you, Sarah Jackson, not to talk about you with anyone else.
sarah_bear1109: good.
sarah_bear1109: GOOD.
sarah_bear1109: Thats [sic] how the trouble started LAST TIME
sonicman126: I understand.
sonicman126: just one favor.
sarah_bear1109: whats that
sonicman126: should he use excessive force,
sarah_bear1109: trust me, a shotgun blast to the knees will do the trick just fine, sweetie.
sarah_bear1109: thanks.
sarah_bear1109: 4 caring about me.
sonicman126: :)
sarah_bear1109: Although...
sarah_bear1109: all this talk about him "giving it to me"
sarah_bear1109: have got me a little...
sarah_bear1109: y'know...
sarah_bear1109: ;p
sonicman126: I understand. lol
sarah_bear1109: hmmm.
sarah_bear1109: Let's try that again.
sonicman126: lol
sarah_bear1109: lol
sarah_bear1109: joking
sonicman126: LOL
sonicman126: :D
sarah_bear1109: all this fighting works a girl up, you know?
sonicman126: you do what you have to do.
sarah_bear1109: Gets the juices flowing
sarah_bear1109: gets her in the mood
sarah_bear1109: does it get u in the mood?
sonicman126: Don't tempt me; Let Blanca Tempt me. :)
sarah_bear1109: sorry
sarah_bear1109: its hard, though you know?
sonicman126: lol
sarah_bear1109: youre [sic] hot.
sonicman126: thank you.
sarah_bear1109: and Ive [sic] already seen the goods
sonicman126: lol
sarah_bear1109: maybe some day
sarah_bear1109: after you realize what a perfect girl I am for u
sarah_bear1109: gotta go to bed now.
sarah_bear1109: Talk to u later
sonicman126: okay. take care and stay safe.
sarah_bear1109: Good night
sonicman126: good night.

There you go. Also, I wanted to ask you, some person e-mailed me a week or two ago, with the enclosed pic that he says is a pic of you; please lo

Take care, stay safe, and I look forward to our next chat/talk, Sweetheart.

Christian C.

Sweetheart PSP

Pink PSP Information​ from Chris to Blanca on Tue 9/30/08 8:59 PM

Okay, Blanca, apparently I've told your brother about the PSP, so that's where I remembered telling you (but not really).

In any case, the story was that I was going to originally give it to Megan for her birthday, but then she dumped me like that. So, I've been holding onto it, saving it for my True Sweetheart. It is gently used, ONLY BY ME, and I had it souped up with the latest PSP Update Data available, and saved on the Memory Stick, there are choice PSP Themes, images, PSP Commercial Videos, and recommended internet bookmarks. In addition to the basic stuff and all that I've given it, it is being cozily housed in a Target Store Zipper Pouch; the PSP fits in it like a glove. And here's the fun part, the Pouch UNFOLDS into a Reusable Shopping Bag, and it can be refolded back to its pouch form. :)

As for the games I'll include with the PSP, I've already mentioned the PSP UMD Games, "Ape Escape: On the Loose" and "BUZZ! Master Quiz"; rated "E" and "E-10+" respectively, the 2GB Memory Stick Duo currently has about 1500MB Free Space in it. So, the listed games I can download to the Memory Stick to be played will have their respective File Sizes and ESRB ratings with each item.

Playstation One Classics

E- Crash Bandicoot- 467MB
T- Tekken 2- 485MB
T- Medievil- 331MB
E- Jumping Flash- 269MB
E- Wipeout- 75MB
T- Syphon Filter- 384MB
E- Hot Shots Golf 2- 156MB
T- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night- 356MB
E- Destruction Derby- 66MB
E- 2Xtreme- 60MB
E- Jet Moto- 74MB
E- Rally Cross- 103MB
E- CoolBoarders- 42MB
E- Spyro the Dragon- 342MB
T- Twisted Metal 2- 323MB
E- Wild Arms- 300MB
E- Warhawk- 244MB
E- Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back- 103MB
E- Jet Moto 2- 115MB
E- Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped- 106MB
E- Jet Moto 3- 329MB
M- Syphon Filter 3- 399MB
E- Rayman- 97MB
T- Street Fighter Alpha- 80MB

PSP Games

E- Beats- 238MB
T- Syphon Filter: Combat Ops- 68MB
E- Ape Quest- 236MB
E- Go! Puzzle- 43MB
  - The Cryptics Digital Video Comic- 190MB
E- Flow- 90MB
E- Echochrome- 46MB

I can also hook you up with a good number of Demos, aviailabe [sic] through the Playstation Network, as well as The PSP Demo Center - If at first you don't succeed, read the instructions. For more information on the Playstation Classics and PSP Games I have listed, you may look them up on the PC PLAYSTATION®Store. And if you would like to Purchase any of the games, movies or TV shows I have not purchased yet on my PSN Account, please let me know, and we can work out the details of how and when you can reimburse me for the price of the downloadable software. Movie and TV sh ow files can only be purchased ONCE at a time; if the file was deleted from the Memory Stick Duo or my PS3; that's it, the movie or show file would have to be RE-PURCHASED.

The same is applied for Rentals. The way the Rental Files work is that AFTER it is downloaded, it is playable for 2 weeks before Playing the Movie/Show file the First Time. After the First Playback; then it is good for 24 Hours from that very second. The movie/show file will remain playable until the Expiration Time, when after that moment, the file will NO LONGER be playable. So, the file is READY to be Deleted then, but you would have to delete it yourself.

Also, should you create your own PSN account, then buy or download a free demo from YOUR account to the PSP, then you would no longer be able to play the Game or PSN Video files that were Originally downloaded from My account, because the PSP or PS3 HAS TO be syncronized [sic] with the individual holder's account.

For more information on use of the PSP, you may visit for that information, under the PSP tab.

After you and I meet, and before you have to return to Kentucky, I will go over the functions of the PSP with you personally, and how you may customize it for your individual preferences. :)

I will make sure to make the investment on one or two Skype Capable PSP Headset(s), so we can talk to=2 0each other away from our laptops or PCs as well, for FREE. :)

I look forward to our next chat over Skype, as well as our first in-person meeting.

I Love You, Blanca, my Ami B-Chan girl. :)

Take care and stay safe,
Christian C. :)


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