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Facebook is a social media platform with over 2 billion registered users, one of whom is Chris, who used the site for around 13 years.

Chris probably created his first Facebook account in January 2008. It was reportedly hacked on 17 September of that year. On 31 May 2009, it was hacked again, revealing notes and messages to boyfriend-free girls in the area in hopes of them becoming his sweetheart. He failed horribly of course, and the Miscreants showed us how hard. While often overlooked, his correspondence with these e-women reveals that even on the Internet, he manages to convey that he is a fat autistic.

Events in 2010 turned Chris firmly against the website. He blamed it in part for his breakup with the Wallflower, and in November had some harsh words and gestures for it while announcing his departure from the Internet. Sometime in mid 2011, his Facebook account was removed from the site. On 5 July 2011, a new Facebook was discovered with a new picture of Chris, but two days later, his profile was deactivated.

On 2 January 2012, Chris re-opened his Facebook account. Between 2012 and 2018, it was his main social media platform, using it to leave occasional open notes for trolls; talking to his gal-pals, most frequently Anna, Kim and William; and whoring his eBay merchandise. He also has an album dedicated to screenshots of the Kiwi Farms, proving that he still feels the need to obsessively check what other people are saying about him on a regular basis.

Nowadays, Chris uses Facebook much less frequently, having since jumped over to Twitter.

Chris's first Facebook account profile

This is presumably what his profile looked like at the time it was hacked in May 2009. While some text is missing, it appears to be similar to his MySpace account at that time. Trolls also discovered a series of messages and statuses associated with this account.

Basic Information

Facebook profile pic.jpeg

Networks - Charlottesville, VA

Sex - Male

Birthday - February 24, 1982

Hometown - Ruckersville, VA

Relationship Status - Single

Interested in - Women

Looking for - Friendship, Dating, A Relationship, Random play

Political Views - Moderate

Religious Views - Christian

Personal Information


I enjoy drawing, listening to music, playing video games and Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh card games. I also like anime, creating with Lego pieces, My Little Pony, Transformers, and I love my parents. And sometimes, I work on my Sonichu Site, http:sonichuchandler.tripod.com/cwcson.htm. As for my video game systems, I have a Commodore 64 computer, NES, Game Boy, GB Color, GBA, GBA SP, SNES, Genesis/Sega CD/32-X, Game Gear, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, PS2, PSP, Nintendo Gamecube, and a Nintendo DS.

I go to the Comic Game & Hobby Place, next to the Staples, across from the Omni Hotel (for Pokemon League) on Fridays 5:00 - 7:00 PM.

And I am hangin' around at the University of Virginia's [text omitted]

Favorite Quotations

Not a quote, but an astrological fact. I was born under the Sign of PISCES, the sign of the PROVIDER.

I am fully capable of providing the necessities, and then some, for the Lucky Woman who loves me for me, and becomes my True Sweetheart.

<3 :)

About Me

I am young at heart, because I enjoy the seemingly child-like things I do like playing with Sonic the Hedgehog, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Legos, My Little Pony, and drawing cartoonishly. I am also creator of my Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon, Sonichu. I have been drawing and writing comic books, and I've drawn/written quite a few issues so far. I have graduated from Manchester High School on the Honor Roll, and I have graduated from PVCC with two Computer Aided Drafting & Design Degrees, May 2006. I am shy, but I would really enjoy the company of a pretty girl who likes some of the things I do, with a few opposite traits (excluding smokers and drunks). I also like to have fun when I can, and I don't like to be alone. I would prefer Person-to-person encounters/chats instead of over the internet, but please feel free to send me a message or comments.

Not to brag, but I took two separate HTML classes, and then learned more around the net. I highly reccomend learning HTML. Although HTML word processors and Generators spells out the details of a page in a nutshell, it really helps to know the language so you can jazz it up more your way later (in the Notepad or in the Profile/Group Editor). Learning to Know is Past Cool!

I SO Need a Cute Girl to make into a Sweetheart-Soulmate from the ground-up, because I DO NOT WANT TO BE ALONE AND SAD in the Long-Run.

Also, did you know that male/female couples live longer than a single person; I heard it on the John Tesh Radio Show.

And I HAVE A DREAM... I dream that I will become a Good Father for my future, daughter, who I will lovingly name *Crystal*, alongside my Future Sweetheart/Soulmate (my future wife/her mother). :)

I would feel better when a woman who is interested in me is [text omitted]. I have not had the best of luck with my search for a Sweetheart-Soulmate in my past. There was a lot of lying and backstabbing done to me, and I'm looking for someone who is honest, caring and will love me for who I am.

Contact Information




AIM: CWCSonichu





Education and Work


Piedmont Virginia Community College '06

Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD)

University of Virgina

Sweetheart Search

High School:

Manchester High School '00


Member of: One Body of Christ Experiment (all Christians on Facebook), Adult Swim We Love/Hate, I Love Lucy...the daughter of the devil, Before I liked girls, I liked the Pink Power Ranger!, Amy Jo Johnson Fan Club, Sonic The Hedgehog, Fans of Monica Rial

Chris's current Facebook account profile

Chris's suffering at the hands of the trolls has, over the past several years, taught him to be more cautious about sharing personal information. In particular, he no longer sees much point in using Facebook as an attraction sign, and he is more circumspect about selling himself to strangers. Hence, his current profile (as of Oct, 2017) is pared down compared to the original.

Details About Christian

I am an all-around, good natured, high-functioning autistic, Female Lesbian Soul, and Transwoman, artist, gamer and creative type.

I am the Original Creator of Sonichu, Rosechu, and the city of Cwcville, VA.

(IGNORE ALL GOOGLE RESULTS) [This line was eventually deleted.]

I like making those close to me emotionally happy. :)

Name Pronunciation

Added during the Tomgirl saga.

kris-TEEN CHAND-ler

Other Names

Other: Christian Weston Chandler

Name with title: Christian Weston Chandler

Nickname: Ricardo

Name with title: Christian Weston Chandler

Nickname: Tini

Other: Christine Weston Chandler

Birth Name: Christopher Weston Chandler



It's been complicated since September 7, 2017

In a relationship since March 2, 2018

Family Members

Joe Carey (cousin)

Beverly Carey (cousin)

Contact and Basic Info

Profile as of April 2015

Birthday: February 24, 1982

Gender: Male Lesbian Transwoman Bisexual Transwoman[sic]

Pronoun: She [NOTE: added during process of identifying as transgender]

Interested In: Women Men and women[1]

Languages: English · Spanish

Religious Views: Baptized Methodist

In April 2015, Chris added: "Some serious; delightful to know and talk about."

Political Views: Moderate Center

On 20 April 2015, Chris changed his gender to "Lesbian TransWoman: Female, Lesbian Soul in Male Body," and also clarified that the preferred pronoun was "She." On 22 August 2015, Chris again revised the gender entry to read: "Lipstick Lesbian Transwoman: Wild, Exotic, Femme Female Soul in male bod."

Life Events

1982 - Born on February 24, 1982

1996 - Started School at Manchester High School

2000 - Graduated from Manchester High School

2000 - Started School at Piedmont Virginia Community College

On 3 September 2013, Chris added:

I was banned from an English Class, because I overreacted and misunderstood an assignment, and the Male Professor had a beef against Autistic People. Mary Lee Walsh, "Dean of Student Services", overreacted and interfered with my early Sweetheart Search days. She made it obvious that True Love was Illegal in the state of Virginia, or at least Charlottesville, VA. She banned me from PVCC to seek psychiatry and anger management before resuming to get my CADD Degree. Years later, after I apologized for making her out to be a witch, Mary Lee Walsh Permanently banned me from Piedmont Virginia Community College What a crazy bitch.

This paragraph was later removed.

2006 - Graduated from Piedmont Virginia Community College

2014 - In a Relationship

Current city and hometown

Ruckersville, VA

Chris provides no information about his favorite movies, TV shows, music, or games. Over time he has reviewed a few institutions as the mood strikes him. He is a member of four public groups: FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!, the Manchester High Sports Page, "Events at Impulse Gay Social Club," and "Children's Autism Hope Project."

Friends, followers, and reactions

Chris has "follow" enabled, meaning that anyone can follow his account without sending him a friend request. However, only his friends can send him comments. The majority of reactions he receives are "Haha" and "Angry", which are used similarly to a "thumbs down" on YouTube.

Photos Commented on by Chris

Photos commented on by Chris not uploaded by himself. Found through Facebook's graph search feature.

Photos commented on by Chris

Facebook Shares and Likes

Share Link Date
Crackle https://www.facebook.com/crackle 24 July 2013
Wanna win a 4K TV or a PS4? http://bit.ly/futuregear 24 July 2013
LEGO® Friends Heartlake High -- 15 second spot http://lego.thismoment.com/v4/api/facebook/get_facebook_share_page.json?fbwall_video_sharing=0&content_id=35914&tab_id=62&page_id=16 5 August 2013
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (BluRay/DVD/Digital) [Blue-ray] http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CPTUNBK/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_ILTasb000GPMC 7 August 2013
Mother-Son Couple Arrested For Incest Attempt to Change How We Look at Romance http://www.warpedspeed.com/incest-in-new-mexico-and-the-myth-of-love-equality/?utm_content=inf_17_1166_2&tse_id=INF_315063905f1611e6b7dc69ca5c618d1d 10 August 2016

Toro's Friend Network

Chris's profile pic during his brief 2011 Facebook presence.
Text Date
Chris Toro's Friend Network is linked with Facebook. 4 June 2013
Has made 1 friend. Chris, it's nice to meet you. Nya. 5 June 2013
Chris bought a new Garden, "The Abandoned Station is Mystery Land", for me. Thanks. Nya. 5 June 2013
Has made 10 friends. Nya. Chris Thanks. Nyaa. 6 June 2013
Chris bought a new Garden, "Toro's Friend Network Park", for me. Thanks. Nya. 6 June 2013
Chris bought a new Garden, "The Beach with a Stranded Ship", for me. Thanks. Nya. 6 June 2013
Has made 20 friends. Nya. I knew Chris could do it. Nyaa. 7 June 2013
Has made 30 friends. Nya. I love Chris. Nyaa. 11 June 2013
Bonjour~I'm Pierre~Woof. Congratulations on clearing floor 20 of this dungeon. Woof! 11 June 2013
Chris bought a new Garden, "Mysterious Temple", for me. Thanks. Nya. 11 June 2013
Has made 40 friends. Nya. Chris is awesome. Nyaa. 12 June 2013
Oh! I'm Ricky~Quark! Congratulations on clearing floor 30 of this dungeon. Ribbit! 12 June 2013
Sorry to interrupt. I'm R. Suzuki. Congratulations on clearing floor 40 of this dungeon. 12 June 2013
Has made 50 friends. Nya. Chris is so popular. Nyaa. 12 June 2013


On 8 May, 2012, activity on Chris's Facebook page read that he recently installed the Facebook app for the iPhone, which suggests that he purchased an iPhone or iPod touch. The resolution of some of his more recent photos also fuels this suggestion.[2]

The "CyanIndigo" screenshot in Chris's post-arraignment message sports a status bar with the "nTelos" name on top. Given that nTelos is a regional cell phone carrier in the Charlottesville, VA area, this all but confirms that Chris has indeed wasted even more taxpayer money on expensive luxuries he does not need. Sure enough, on Sunday 19th May, 2013, he confirmed that he not only had a 4th Gen iPod Touch, but a 5th Gen iPhone as well. While one would assume that he bought the 5th Gen as a replacement (never mind that he could have just replaced the screen as far less of a cost), he confirms that he broke the 4th Gen one shortly before an article published on the day before (which was, conincidentally or not, about broken screens). According to him, one is for entertainment, and the other is for taking calls, "business" and going on the Internet. This, combined with the fact that he designed a duct-tape case to hold both devices, points to Chris needlessly owning the two of them for the sake of having the latest technology.


Main article: 2013 Imgur Leak

On 26 May 2013, Chris threw a temper tantrum on Facebook, and he quickly revealed the reason why: somebody on his Friends List had screencapped all of his Facebook status updates (including the ones that were hidden) and uploaded them on Imgur. The screenshots not only revealed a lot of what Chris was going through between 2011 and 2013 (as well as a deluge of posts complaining about how lonely he was) but also revealed a very dark side about Chris as well - several photos revealed that he wanted several people dead, and one post in particular demanded that somebody kill Mimms' girlfriend.

The biggest irony of it all is that the one who exposed all of this previously unknown (and very unsavory) information was Chris himself.

The End?

On 2 July 2015, Chris's Facebook account was set to private. While the reasons for the disruption are unknown, it can likely be chalked up to Chris bending the rules of the website as per usual. His infractions have included sexually explicit artwork, screenshots of sexting, death threats to Sega employees, and linking to a Wikipedia article about tribadism with a sexual image as a thumbnail. Later on the next day, Chris's account was put back online. Chris was briefly suspended again in 2016, for making multiple death threats against Donald Trump.

Current status

Since leaving jail Chris has made one Facebook post, a link to Setting the Record straight - there never was any sex involving me in 2021.


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