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One of the posters which Chris freaked out over.
Crap! They may have hired a Skywriter.
One of Chris's hilarious responses to the campaign.

It was May 2012, and with Chris’s impending court hearings from 28 October 2011 coming up soon, a few users of the CWCki Forums joked among themselves about starting a poster and flyer campaign to help get Chris convicted on 2 June 2012. Little did they know they were being watched by Chris himself, as he often browsed the forum obsessively. Chris genuinely thought that this campaign was real, leading to a series of frantic Twitter and Facebook posts as he believed that he had just discovered a major troll plot.

Not only are his responses to the campaign a good example of how naïve Chris is, it's also interesting to point out that how just a few posts in a forum could cause Chris to view the trolls as people with costumes, armed with weapons. When he expects his friends (or in his point of view, imaginary personal army) to help him to handle the situation, what does he do? Just stay indoors and play his PS3. Moreover, when Anna McLerran tried to save Chris from his paranoid delusions, Chris just ignored her and continued to whine about the obviously fake campaign, showing how poorly Chris treats his friends.

The Beginning

If ANYONE can be where they are talking about to stop them and/or destroy their posters, please do. Making their plot public will likely hinder their enthusiasm and give up the plot, but JUST IN CASE.
Chris's initial response to the campaign.
I just read their responses; I am getting mixes signals. The earliest response post quoting my screen caps stated that it was a ruse, but after that, they are talking about still going ahead with the plot for real. Please keep your eyes open if y'all are in the mall or Rio Hill.
Another initial response by Our Pet Lolcow.

On 15 May 2012, after seeing the posts on the forum, in Classic Chris form, all Chris could think do was go on to Facebook and Twitter and scream at his friends to go do something about it, expecting them to handle the situation.[1]

Anna, one of Chris's friends, replied:

Christian, have you considered contacting NBC-29 about all this? They can run a news story on you and expose the truth so that any lies that are attempted to be spread are shot down immediately.

As Chris is getting more paranoid since he was trolled, he actually thought that some of the trolls are employed there. He even contacted his lawyer Rob Bell, about this.

The media will not be any help, especially since some of the Trolls ARE employed therein and/or have greater influence that will ONLY make matters worse. I have informed Rob about this, and I am certain his influence will be greater recognized where applicable, and he can offer more ideas for a solution.

As Bell was hired by Barbara only to represent them on the 28 October 2011 case, no such influence was given.

His Facebook friend, Seamus Campbell, then posted that he wanted to help Chris.

Christian. I know the truth and I am going to go up there and try to enlighten them to who you really are. Let me,know where and when. I will head there now
If you read the screen caps, you'd learn where they say they're gonna be. Changing the minds of a huge group of hate-filled, stubborn people is as difficult as life itself.
Well I am hoping maybe I can help out a few. You have a court date or something? Need acharacter witness?
I promise to let you know if a character witness would help closer to the date. Thank you.

Unsurprisingly, Seamus didn't help to handle the campaign, which leads to more Twitter and Facebook posts by Chris. But that was just the beginning......

The Background

Two days later, Chris posted some posts:

According to the Forums, the Trolls are planning to do their flyer distribution on June 2, 2012. One group will be working at Fashion Square; the other will be stapling/taping on telephone poles, windows, bulliten boards, etc. Shaemus, if you can get a group of your friends to handle the first group, everyone else can disperse as they go. Any additional ideas and friends to quell this mal-content deed would be appreciated.

The next day, Chris then uploaded another screencap from the forum and posted:[2]

SERIOUSLY, ANYONE who happens to be at FASHION SQUARE, any McDonalds, either Krogers, Wal-Mart, etc, DESTROY ANY OF THEIR POSTERS/FLYERS, PLEASE!!!


After two days of his friends not responding at all to these posts, Chris then whined on Facebook about it. You know, because Chris is serious business in Charlottesville that anyone who sees these posters will immediately ban him.

I Truly, Really, Greatly, from Past Experiences included, HATE Graduation Day! |:([3]
Why is anyone NOT responding or Caring of the Hate Poster Campaign? This is VERY SERIOUS, People![4]

Kim Wilson, troll-posing-as-friend, posted:

I'm sure others care(I sure do!), we just don't know what we can do to help. The only thing the rest of us can do is contact authorities if we catch somebody putting the posters up.
So, everybody, do That, Please!

Of course, no one in the right mind would go outside just to take the effort of finding anyone trying to put anti-CWC posters, catching them and contacting the authorities. It's worth noted that Chris expects his friends to help him but Chris will do nothing except to stay indoors and playing his video games.

Their Goal with this is to get me banned from EVERYWHERE in Charlottesville! And I can NOT move back to Midlothian!

Chris then posted another reply to this post as a response:

I got news for you, Midlothian beats Charlottesville on things to do and sights, hands down! Even Staunton pales in comparison to C-Ville.
How would YOU feel if you were not Legally allowed ANYWHERE in your hometown, or the town you currently reside in?

Leading up to "T" Day, Chris noticed that a troll in the forums claimed to be staying at a local hotel:[5]

31 May 2012

One of them is staying at the Hilton Garden Inn right now. I am alerting my attorney.

Anna responded:

no they're not. they looked up a hotel in charlottesville & said the name. they are not actually there. if they actually were, they would keep their location a secret, especially knowing you can read what they say.

The Photoshops

Six days later, which is on 26 May 2012, Chris began to panic even more when obviously photoshopped anti-CWC posters began to appear on the CWCki Forums. As Chris was naïve, he was utterly convinced they were real. Chris posted screencaps of the supposed posters and wanted people to go the location to confirm they were real though Chris had already decided the entire thing was on Facebook.[6][7]

Among the posts, I have found photographs of locations from around C-Ville, including this most recent one, in their string on the Plot on June 2, which I pray to prevent or counter.

Can anyone confirm if this photo is true or false, for real, please?


As well as these following recent photos; I do not know where they are specifically, but please confirm these for me as well.
Posters 1.png
Posters 2.png
28 May 2012

Here is another location photo: they state this one is real.

Posters 3.png

Even his friend Anna could not convince him the whole thing was a joke. Any time she said they were fake, Chris said something to the effect of “prove it”. The irony is that Chris was posting pictures of the supposed posters he wanted nobody to see on his own Facebook proving once and for all that nobody trolls Chris more than Chris himself.

Unsurprisingly, and again, Chris decided that the GAMe PLACe must be behind the plot. He demanded his friends to go there and find out any info they can from Michael Snyder and his “cronies” and search for any CWC posters they may have.[7] Because it makes total sense that Michael Snyder would decorate his store with pictures of someone he wants nothing to do with. He was adamant that they would not mention him AT ALL. Perhaps in a rare moment of common sense, Chris realized that sending people to harass someone who has a pending court case against him was not a good idea.

Also, I have read that they meet, or hang out at least, at C-Ville's Club 216 bar; anyone who can infiltrate and confirm with more details from those Trolls would be appreciated too.

“T” Day

On 2 June 2012, the day the trolls joked they would begin their campaign, Chris posted that he was hiding in his house and was keeping an eye on the local news because anything to do with Chris is big news. He once again demanded everyone go out and tear down any anti-CWC posters and “arrest” those responsible. He warned people to be on the lookout for pickle suited trolls, trolls with ugly clown masks, or KKK members. Chris also seems to think the trolls carry weapons for some reason. He also believed the trolls would actually pay money to hire a sky writer.

Chris also feared that a troll was going to come to his house, after they had joked about it on the forums. At this point, it seems that the people on the forums were just watching Chris's Facebook posts and saying stuff so that Chris would react on Facebook.

Chris’s long series of posts that day shifted from him wanting people to take down the trolls to whining about how nobody cares about him even if he was dead. Anna once again tried to explain to Chris it was fake but Chris refused to listen unless she had “intel” to offer him.[8]


Two days later Chris posted a bizarre public note on Facebook titled “to the trolls.” He begrudgingly admitted he had been fooled again. Chris stated he at some point during the whole fiasco he had called the Police. In a pathetic attempt to sound superior and tech savvy to the CWCki Forums, he claimed he was reading the posts through a certain user's account. In other words, he searched someone’s post history. Chris lashed out at the forums for not following through on their threats and called them “lying, cheating bastards” and he was growing tired of their “shit lies.” This definitively shows that while Chris may not be as visible as he once was he is still as gullible and paranoid as ever and that it is possible to troll Chris without even intending to troll him.

The post in question:[9]

I have continued reading your posts and alerting the authorities of your actions. NOBODY came to my house at all, you lying, cheating bastards. Frankly, I grow tired of continuing to read your shit lies, including the biggest hoax of yours, the Poster Campaign. Nobody put up any damn posters or handed out frigging flyers at all. I have been reading your posts personally through "trombonista's" account; there was NO MOLE.

Sincerely, Christian Weston Chandler June 4, 2012


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