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Chris's avatar in Duolingo

Duolingo is a website and phone application for learning languages. Chris joined the platform in October 2023.

Surprisingly, Chris has remained a dedicated user of Duolingo for months on end. On 4 December, Chris posted on Twitter that he had acquired the rank of Galactic Legend.[1] On 29 January 2024, he hit a 100-day learning streak.[2] Chris has finally broken the record on around 18 April 2024 after days of inactivity, bringing his record streak to over 150. As of May 2024, Chris has since occasionally uses the platform even though his streak was over.

Even more surprisingly, Chris has used the platform almost exclusively to study Finnish, which is regarded as a very difficult language for native English speakers to learn and which is spoken by fewer than 6 million people, the vast majority of whom live in Finland. Moreover, Chris has no known Finnish friends or acquaintances, and he has never expressed an interest in Finland or its culture. One popular theory is that his mysterious gal pal Flutter, who was first seen in public with Chris around the time he joined Duolingo, is Finnish or speaks the language.


Stats from November 2023 show that Chris had studied:

By May 2024, only the Finnish stat had changed, increasing to 69,325 XP.


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