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On 1 May 2009, for reasons that only GodJesus knows, Christian Weston Chandler registered on Wikipedia as ChrisChanSonichu. He did this almost solely to create a user page that is to record one of the most in-depth autobiographical accounts of his life.[1]

A user page is not a proper article, and therefore not subject to the same strict guidelines as an article, but as biographical and personal an article as Chris's was a flagrant violation of Wikipedia policy. The Wikipedia community tends to frown on the use of the user pages as web space;[2] the user pages should usually be reserved for purposes somehow related to the Wikipedia project, and user pages for users who don't contribute anything to the articles frequently get deleted. Chris, of course, made it abundantly clear that he's not interested in actually editing the project.

Chris's user page was deleted by a Wikipedia administrator, who believed it to be the work of a troll. Sadly, the details shows that this was the real deal.

The only other thing Chris did was add his name to the article on high-functioning autism, under the list of "famous individuals that may have had many different variations of autism along with HFA."[3][4] The kicker is that he put himself right next to Michelangelo. Again.

To date, the "Christian Weston Chandler" article on Wikipedia has been created by trolls four times and deleted each time: 15 February, 26 March, 28 April and 3 May 2009.[5] It has consequently been "salted" or protected so that it cannot be re-created under that title. Chris's account was also blocked indefinitely for violating many rules. The page on Ruckersville, Virginia is also locked to non-autoconfirmed users to prevent people from adding mentions of Chris.

To this day, discussions still regularly appear on Wikipedia debating over whether Chris is notable enough to be included on Wikipedia, with users ranging from weens to fans, to even normal Wikipedians. So far, no such page has been created on English-language Wikipedia. Furthermore, pages discussing things that Chris would logically be relevant to, such as their article for Kiwi Farms (itself the successor to CWCki Forums, which is named after this very Wiki and Chris by extension) and List of people claimed to be Jesus (as Chris has done), go out of their way to not mention Chris by name. As of October 2020, Chris remains upset over the lack of Wikipedia coverage on him and Sonichu.[6]

May 2009 drama

In a video on 3 May, Chris makes a case for his worthiness and rallies his True and Honest fans to restore his biography. He also posted the following on his Wikipedia discussion page:

Dear Sir/Madam,

LOOK, I do not have the appropriate calm state of mind to make time to READ those numerous upon numerous small-print details, much less memorize them. I have had a LOT of SLANDEROUS TWISTS OF MY OWN WORDS done unto me in the past SOO MUCH, it is HARDEST for me to get a job in a place that does background checks, only to find that cursed E.D. Page those EVIL TROLLS created against me at the TOP of the list.

I started my OWN Wikipedia page to hopefully counter that and better the people's General Understand of the Noble Gentleman I truly am. I SPENT HOURS, recalling MEMORY after MEMORY to type up the HONEST-TO-GOD TRUTH.

I DO NOT CARE about the erroneous listings or false information listed on other pages; I ONLY WISH TO TELL THE TRUTH AND SPREAD IT ON THE INTERNET.

Plus, I have Vanessa Anne Hudgens as an honest, very close Gal-Pal, and you know very well how powerful she is as a STAR.

I have created a video on YouTube respectfully asking to leave my Wikipedia ALONE with MY HONEST TRUTH from MY OWN High-Functioning Autistic Head; my LOYAL FANBASE will be sending you letters.


--Christian Weston Chandler (talk) 01:25, 4 May 2009 (UTC)

In short, Chris didn't give a shit about contributing to Wikipedia, only aiming to use it as a means to present what he thinks he is without needing to vandalize his Encyclopedia Dramatica page.

Mainspace articles involving Chris

Note that it calls us an "infamous" wiki.

On 13 August 2010, a new article on Mr. Chandler was created under the name Christian W. Chandler. The article consisted of the following:

Christian Weston Chandler (born Christopher Weston Chandler on 24 February 1982) is an illustrator from Charlottesville, Virginia. He is known mainly as the creator of Sonichu, a fan fiction comic based off the Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokémon franchise. He was also featured in the May 2004 issue of Nintendo Power for his documentary, the April 2005 issue of Nintendo Power, and the community college newspaper for Piedmont Virginia Community College.

Christian Weston Chandler's birth name was, in fact, Christopher. It took a chance encounter with Leonard Bearstein in Regency Square Mall for his current name to be bestowed upon him. Aged 11 at the time, Chris and his father were in the mall for holiday shopping when Chris came across Leonard and engaged him in conversation. The man behind the microphone, mishearing the name "Christopher", addressed the young boy as Christian, a name that struck a chord within the young Chandler's heart. All it took was one legal name change for Christian to assume the identity he carries with him to this day. He acknowledges jokingly that it was as if God spoke through the bear to give him the name he always wanted.

The article used Chris's two Nintendo Power appearances, as well as the writeup in the PVCC Forum and the It took a talking bear to give the name a young boy loves article as references. Only a day later, this article was also nominated for deletion; it got deleted less than an hour-and-a-half later after the author requested it to be deleted.[7] Further inspection showed that the article creator was a sockpuppet of a user who had previously been banned from Wikipedia.

On 21 April 2016, an article was created under the title Sonichu (Comic) and soon nominated for deletion; the article without the (Comic) qualifier was already protected from creation. It read, as of 22 April 2016:

Sonichu is the comic created by Christian Weston Chandler, which combines the Pokémon, Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. THe comics contain several references to Chris's real life and he has also created numerous custom Pokemon cards featuring Sonichu and other characters from the series. Sonichu is a recolor of Sonic the Hedgehog in Pikachu yellow, and he travels with a human companion named Chris, who is based on the real-life author. You can see many of these cards as well as a more detailed biography of the character at this link:

Other Wikipedia edits of note

Megan disapproves.
Cole approves.

In January and February 2010, Megan Schroeder (or a person pretending to be her) removed references to Chris from the Wikipedia articles on Manchester High School and Cole Smithey.[8] Her edit summaries both ended with "that was either put there by vandals or by Christian under the assumption he is important enough to be mentioned (he is mentally handicapped)." Less than a day later, her edit summaries were struck out.

The articles' histories indicate that both mentions of Chris were added by anonymous users who most likely are not Chris, as the genuine article would have been far more verbose and rambling. One editor cited this very wiki as a reference, running afoul of Wikipedia's policy on reliable sources. As our own Wwwwolf put it, "Sorry, but Chris can't be mentioned here either unless there are reliable sources for this. That means actual publications. Also see Biographies of Living Persons on why sourcing stuff in biographies is such a big deal. This is not CWCki or ED; please remember Wikipedia's rules." Skimming through the talk page and edit history of any article even remotely connected with Chris reveals large amounts of petty vandalism from weens.[note 1] This has led Wikipedia to set their Wikipedia:Edit filter to prevent users from making edits with Chris-related phrases.[note 2]

On 22 February 2010, the article on Cole Smithey was placed up for deletion.[9] The first two votes in the discussion both called for the deletion of the article, and both made explicit mention of Chris; the second one read, "Strong delete unless somebody wishes to write a sourced, neutral article about him. Otherwise, this serves as cannon fodder for the ChrisChan Sonichu fanatics over at Encyclopedia Dramatica." The article was deleted on 1 March.

It should also be noted that an account with the name Cole Smithey edited the Wikipedia article on Cole, and spammed film articles with links to his reviews. Whether or not this is the real Cole (who is known to be rather egotistical) remains to be seen.

Current situation

"Christian Weston Chandler", Christine Chandler" and related titles are currently "salted" (protected from creation) so pages cannot be created under that title.[10] Pages for places and institutions associated with Chris, such as Ruckersville, Virginia and Manchester High School, are also locked to non-autoconfirmed users, to prevent people from adding mentions of Chris. Lengthy discussions on the talk pages for these articles debating whether Chris is worthy of inclusion have been scrubbed from the site.

The article for Kiwi Farms is an unusual case, since Chris is undeniably relevant to the history of the site. However, the article ties itself in knots trying to avoid mentioning Chris by name and gender-specific pronouns, despite mentioning the CWCki:

Kiwi Farms was founded in 2013 by Joshua Conner Moon (known as "Null" on the website), a former 8chan administrator. It was originally launched as a forum website to troll and harass a webcomic artist who was first noticed in 2007 on the Something Awful forums. Eventually, an Encyclopedia Dramatica page was created about the artist. A dedicated wiki, titled "CWCki" based on the artist's initials, was created by people who felt that the Encyclopedia Dramatica entry was not detailed or accurate enough. Kiwi Farms was originally called "CWCki Forums" before "Kiwi Farms" was coined in 2014.

Attempts to name Chris on the article have repeatedly been swiftly reverted and entirely deleted from the history page,[11] and the article has also received Extended Protection, which is usually only reserved for the most widely known figures or topics in history, in order to "promote compliance with the policy of biographies of living persons."

Wikipedia administrators and editors enforce non-naming due to a number of problems such as conflicts with Biographies of living persons guidelines[12] (particularly the "Avoid victimization" section.[13] Still, discussions continue to regularly appear on Wikipedia debating over whether Chris is notable enough to be included or mentioned on Wikipedia, with users ranging from weens, to fans, to even normal Wikipedians.

In October 2020, Chris tried looking up his name on Wikipedia to see if there was a page on him and was pissed off over the omission of both himself and Sonichu, calling it "royal levels of suck" that there was nothing on Wikipedia about himself. Anaxis pointed out that there was an article on the Polish Wikipedia, but Chris retorted, "Oh, sure, Poland, but not on American Wikipedia", calling the latter the country he and Sonichu were born in.[6]

On 1 October 2021, Geno Samuel appeared on the 68th episode of the Trash Taste podcast. The episode's title, "The Dark World of Chris Chan (ft. Geno Samuel)," was listed on the podcast's Wikipedia page, finally earning Chris a mention on the website.[14]

On 26 May 2024, Chris received two official write-in votes for the Presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party, briefly earning him another mention on Wikipedia, this time by full name. However, the next day, his mention was removed.[15]

Foreign-language Wikipedias

Though the English Wikipedia seems to stubborn in its intent to avoid talking about Chris at all, international versions of the Wikipedia project have had better luck about documenting Chris.


On 26 January 2017, an article about Chris was added to the Spanish Wikipedia. It is quoted below:

Christian Weston Chandler (Charlottesville, Virginia, 24 de febrero de 1982) es un vlogger de YouTube y creador del webcómic Sonichu. En 2007 Christian se convirtió en objetivo de troleo por parte de Encyclopædia Dramatica y 4chan debido a pobre calidad de su trabajo, su comportamiento inusual y sus reacciones extremas a la hostilidad.​ Christian fue arrestado en el 2014 después intentar remover la carátula del juego Sonic Boom en GameStop y atacar a un empleado antes de salir forzosamente.


Christian Weston Chandler (Charlottesville, Virginia, 24 February, 1982) is a YouTube vlogger and creator of the webcomic Sonichu. In 2007 Christian became a target of trolling by Encyclopedia Dramatica and 4chan due to the poor quality of his work, his unusual behavior, and his extreme reactions to hostility. Christian was arrested in 2014 after trying to remove the cases from the game Sonic Boom at GameStop and attacking an employee before leaving forcibly.

It used the Know Your Meme page about Chris, as well as a site reporting on his 26 December 2014 arrest, as sources. The page was deleted on 3 December 2017, however an archive copy is linked here.[16]


On 15 August 2020, a user of CWCki, Methalowiec, successfully created a page for Chris on the Polish Wikipedia, which is a different website entirely from its English counterpart. Despite the English Wikipedia having banned the page from being created, the Polish page was accepted by an administrator. Notably, the page refers to Chris by male pronouns; this was probably accepted due to Poland's right leaning political environment.

The page was removed[17] on 21st of January 2021. The reasons provided include the fact that the article failed to describe what exactly Chris is noteworthy for.[18]


On 19 October 2020, a user of CWCki, AutoDiller (Soglasun on Wikipedia), created a page for Chris on Russian Wikipedia that was mainly translated from the Polish version:[19]

Кристин Уэстон Чендлер (англ. Christine Weston Chandler, в прошлом — Кристиан Уэстон Чендлер (англ. Christian Weston Chandler), род. 24 февраля 1982; также известен как Крис-Чан (англ. Chris-chan)) — видеоблогер и создатель веб-комикса «Соничу». Считается некоторыми одной из самых задокументированных личностей в истории.


Родился 24 февраля 1982 года в Шарлотсвилле (штат Вирджиния, США), в семье Роберта (скончался в 2011 году) и Барбары Чендлеров. В возрасте около пяти лет ему поставили диагноз «аутизм». В 1992 году его первоначальное имя, Кристофер, было изменено на Кристиан.

Большую часть жизни Крис провёл в городе Ракерсвилл, где и проживает, и в Шарлотсвилле. За пределами Виргинии, где эти города расположены, Крис, по состоянию на 2015 год, был лишь два раза: во-первых, когда навещал своего двоюродного брата Кола в Калифорнии, а во-вторых, когда отправился в Кливленд (штат Огайо) в поисках своей очередной девушки, с которой переписывался (на деле оказавшейся очередным троллем). После безуспешной поездки в Огайо родители запретили Крису выезжать за пределы родного штата.

Первый выпуск своего веб-комикса «Соничу» был опубликован 24 марта 2005 года. Одноимённый персонаж является гибридом ежа Соника и Пикачу.

Он стал известен в Интернете в конце 2007 года, после того как привлёк внимание пользователей сайтов 4chan и Encyclopedia Dramatica. Первоначальное очарование было вызвано его фирменным самодельным медальоном Соничу (впоследстыии украденным и сожжённым), его детскими рисунками, изображающими его неоригинального перекрашенного Соника, и бродяжничеством в общественных местах[источник не указан 186 дней]. Из-за этого Кристиан стал жертвой онлайн-преследований и троллинга.

В 2011 году британский мультипликатор Гарри Партридж заметил:

В этом же году он начал идентифицировать себя как транс-лесбиянка по имени Кристин Уэстон Чендлер. Она была арестована в 2014 году после попытки кражи коробки с игрой Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric прямо в местном магазине сети GameStop и нападения на сотрудника магазина перед тем, как покинуть его[9].

30 июля 2021 года были опубликованы аудиозаписи, на которых Кристин утверждала, что изнасиловала свою слабоумную, страдающую деменцией мать. Эти двое были разделены местным отделением полиции в один и тот же день[10]. 1 августа по обвинению в инцесте она была арестована[11][12].

Документальные фильмы


Christian Weston Chandler comic "Sonichu". Considered by some to be one of the most documented personalities in history.


Born February 24, 1982 in Charlottesville (Virginia, USA), in the family of Robert (deceased in 2011) and Barbara Chandler. At the age of about five, he was diagnosed with autism. In 1992, his original name, Christopher, was changed to Christian.

Chris spent most of his life in the city of Ruckersville, where he lives, and in Charlottesville. Outside of Virginia, where these cities are located, Chris, as of 2015, was only twice: firstly, when he visited his cousin Kol in California, and secondly, when he went to Cleveland, Ohio, in search of his next girlfriend, with whom he corresponded (in fact, turned out to be another troll). After an unsuccessful trip to Ohio, Chris' parents forbade him to travel outside his native state.

The first issue of his webcomic Sonichu was published on March 24, 2005. The eponymous character is a hybrid of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu.

He became famous on the Internet in late 2007, after attracting the attention of users of the sites 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica. The initial fascination stemmed from his signature homemade Sonichu medallion (later stolen and burned), his childhood drawings of his non-original repainted Sonic, and loitering in public places [source unspecified 186 days]. Because of this, Christian became a victim of online harassment and trolling.

In 2011, British cartoonist Harry Partridge remarked: “ That same year, Chris began to identify as a trans lesbian named Christine Weston Chandler. He was arrested in 2014 after attempting to steal a box of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric from a local GameStop store and assaulting a store employee before leaving “.

On July 30, 2021, audio recordings were released in which Christian claimed to have raped his feeble-minded, demented mother. The two were separated by the local police station on the same day[10]. On August 1, she was arrested on charges of incest[11][12].


On 9 July 2022, an article on Chris was created on the Dutch Wikipedia under the title "Chris Chan". Unlike the previous attempts, this article appears to be a genuine attempt by a Wikipedia user in providing a more professional and unbiased coverage on Chris, going as far as to referring him by his preferred pronouns. Despite that, the article was deleted on the 2 October 2022, citing the sensational nature of the sources used, primarily from those covering Chris's incest arrest. An archive copy is linked here.


On 23 February 2024, an article on Chris was created on the Portuguese Wikipedia titled "Chris Chan".


  1. Articles infected with Chris related vandalism include Sean Marshall, Ruckersville, Charlottesville and Jimmy Hill, among others.
  2. For more info see the filter log of filter 257 - Sonichu and other repeat vandalism. The phrases "Christian Weston Chandler" and "Sonichu" are disallowed by this filter.


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