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In Keep CWC's Wikipedia Up (officially Keep CWCs Wikipedia Up), Chris urges the Sonichu and Rosechu fanbase to keep up his Wikipedia userpage after it was deleted by Wikipedia administrators.


Keep CWC's Wikipedia Up
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Stardate 3 May 2009
Subject Matter WebsiteWebsite Wikipedia
Performance Style RageRage Rage
Shirt Red BlueRed Blue Red & Blue
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I mean let's keep my Wikipedia page up and going strong because I have contributed a lot to society, a lot more than anybody can think...


Captain's Log, Stardate: May 3rd, 2009.

I have recently started and, uh, completed the whole bunch of, uh, truth and honesty about myself, in my very own Wikipedia page, as you may wa- as you may have heard, I put the link on, uh,, you know? But then, recently I hear from my, uh, sweetheart who, uh, looked it up, thatta-that, uh, apparently the text was released by the admin saying that [demeaning voice] "I was not important enough". Well I'm gonna go back on there and, uh, undo what they did, get all the, uh, honest truth about myself put back up. And I would appreciate the, uh, support of my true honest fans, uh, eh, you know, they go to the Wikipedia pages and they see the, uh, unimportant stuff there, uh, if y'all- if that person has a account you know, just undo what they did, I would appreciate that very much.

And uh, also, I have the suppo- also, I have contributed a lot more than they think, I mean, I have my own wide fanbase from my Sonichu & Rosechu, I now have contributed a lot more to my local society than you can ever imagine, I mean... I earned- I mean, I made the good grades between the high school and th- and the college and whatnot. I have done a LOT of volun— of good, honest volunteer work at the Pokémon trading card league-game card gay- trading card game league, before I got kicked out last June, in 2008 by that uh- by that uh, jerk, Michael Snyder. And yet- and he's still being kind of a jerk because you know, I apologized in YouTube and yet he's- yet he did not ca- he did not call me or let me know that I'm allowed back in there, but then again at this point... [Heavy stuttering] during th- at this dish- at this indecish- that's neither here or there.

But anyway, let's keep my YouTube- I mean let's keep my Wikipedia page up and going strong because I have contributed a lot to society, a lot more than anybody can think...

[Loses trail of his thoughts] Isdh... yeah.

And also you know Vanessa Hudgens? She started her ow- she s- she did her own Wikipedia page as well, she told me so herself, so ther- so therefore I have the right to do the same thing for myself as well.

[Insanely high-pitched whiny voice] AND ALSO! listen to my ancesterds- ancestry. I have an anc- my- my ancestoron-uh-on likewise, is Anne Boleyn, so I'm descended all the way back to Mary Boleyn. Think about that, Wikipedia! Think about that!. Even as- ev- including the, uh, first Earl of Portland.

So, don't you dare take- so don't take me down again! I am well worthy!

Y'all have a good day now. Peace.

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