14 November 2009

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In "14 November 2009" (officially "11142009"), Chris announces that he has fulfilled his promise to upload a Sonichu comic to CWCipedia, denies that he has any ads on Craigslist, demands to be put in contact with the people who run Craigslist, and claims he has someone on the inside who knows Clyde Cash's personal information.

His remarks concerning Craigslist may have been inspired by an ad posted to the Charlottesville Craigslist site, claiming that a huge collection of video games, electronics, and other items was being liquidated at 14 Branchland Court. The ad did not include an e-mail address or phone number, but advised would-be buyers to simply drive up and make a deal. Whether anyone actually came by Chris's house to try and relieve him of his possessions isn't clear. The ad was quickly flagged and deleted from the site.

The video skips regularly, likely due to Chris's camera being repeatedly abused.

Once again, Chris's pair of fake tits makes a conspicuous appearance, this time in the lower left corner of the shot.

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14 November 2009
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Stardate 14 November 2009
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Saga ClydeClyde Clyde Cash
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I'm coming after you, man. I'm getting your information. I have... a person on the inside.


[Chris stands a medium distance from the camera, wearing his medallion and displaying the Amnyfest Ring]

Captain's Log, Stardate: November 14th, 2009.

Alright, well just a couple things—just a couple quickie things to update about. I will hold true to my promise, and dr—and, uh, upload it—upload a page at least—more if I feel like it in a day—on a daily basis on CWCipedia, starting today. The, uhh, pit—the current page for today will have been uploaded by time this video is up and onto the CWCi—onto the CWCipedia.

And, uhh, let's see... secondly, there—I—I currently and have not had, any ads on Craiglist, se—for selling anything, or honoring anything, at the time. So... anybody who sees such ads that, uhh, pertain to, uhh, my home address, my home phone number, my or my mother and my father's names, please flag it as... spam... or... something-like-that, 'cuz it's fake-at-the-time. Unless I say s—unless I say it's specifisly—specifically say it's legit, on the CWCipedia or here on this YouTube account, do not believe it. And, also, my father—I would like the, uhh, phone number for, uhh, to get in contact with the people behind Craigslist, so that we can straighten-out that mess and prevent... frauds.

And, also, final—on the final note, Clyde Cash, I'm getting your information! I'm coming after you, man. I'm getting your information. I have... a person on the inside. So you bes—so, you best fal—you just fall back. Get off the Internet. Stay off the Internet. Son [of] a bitch!

[he flips the bird at the camera]

And, uhh, just a reminder [curls his fingers into the Claw of Fail]: I hold name copyrightlegitimate!—just as I have said in my recent video. And p—and the paperwork's on the CWCipedia, with the envelope, from the Virginia Library of Congress.

So, anyhow, I'll leave that with everyone—err, that with y'all, and y'all have a safe and pleasant day. Thank you.

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