CWC Update 26 January 2009

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"CWC Update 26 January 2009" (officially "CWCUpdate01262009").

After weeks of talking about collaborating with Shigeru Miyamoto, Chris disappeared from the internet for several days around the time that he was scheduled to meet with Miyamoto in Redmond, Washington. Speculation grew that Chris was actually attempting to make this cross-country journey, until he finally posted this video, claiming to have just returned. Somehow, you can just tell he hasn't even left his house since his last video.


CWC Update 26 January 2009
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Stardate 26 January 2009
Saga MiyamotoMiyamoto Miyamoto
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Captain's Log, Stardate January 21st, 2009
CWC Update 30 January 2009
I just got back! I sent m’self to Redmond.


January 26th, 2009.

I just got back! I sent m’self to Redmond.

It was a good trip! Flew all the way there and… all the way back. Boy, my arms are tired! That's an old joke. Pfft! Mmm.... [Chris is lost for a moment in appreciation of his own shitty delivery of a tired, old joke.]

Anyway… the pro—anyway, the, uh, S—S—video—Sonichu: The Video Game project: it's all… off the ground… and it's all progressing. I am not at—at liberty to discuss it any further beyond that, as I have made the agreement… with Mr. Miyamoto upon such.

But… it does mean… [clears throat] that I will be more busy… between drawing comics… and, uh, talking business with Mr. Miyamoto.

So, with that, I'll be—uh… un—I'll be unable to, uh, come into a chat room as often, but… I trust my loyal Sonichu fans… to ignore any false rumors that are against me or Sonichu.

Remember: you hear it from the man's mouth himself. I'm straight. Most every—most—e—all every hero… in the comic… is straight. Got one that's a… [shudders and hums some word instead of saying it]… would be the evil twin.

My evil twin. Phbt!

But… he gets damned to Hell, anyway!

Anyway… that's it for now, and, uh… I'll be able to—uh… t—and, uh, hopefully, I will try to answer as many e-mails as possible… at my earliest convenience, within my… busy hours.

Thank you very much for your patience! Have a good d—

Captain's Log, Stardate January 21st, 2009 Chris's videos CWC Update 30 January 2009