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"Kill De Jack" (officially "12252009 - KillDeJack.mp4") is a video uploaded on 25 December 2009 where Chris calls for the murder of Jack Thaddeus on the feast of the Prince of Peace (which Chris admits is "not very Christmassey") and complains about the gay banner ads on CWCipedia and the recent Times Square billboard where he's supposedly seen in a gay bar.


Down with Jack Thaddeus and his God Damn Homo Ads he has cast wrongfully on the Cwcipedia.; Plauge Him Back for his misdeeds!


Kill De Jack
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Stardate 25 December 2009
Performance Style RageRage Rage
Saga ClydeClyde Clyde Cash
Shirt Yellow & Red StripeYellow & Red Stripe The Traffic Light
Shout out to Fans in Hospital
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I have to cover a whole section of my computer with a piece of paper... so I don't have to look at those goddamn things!


Captain's Log, Stardate: Christmas Day, 2009.

I'm not going to beat around the bush even though the title of the video is not very Christmassey, I have to use the camera that gives me skips in the audio because my camera's battery is being—is being so...

[Chris raises his claw and sighs.]

Anyway... I'm very angry at that Jack Thaddeus! He thinks he can get away with dragging the CWCipedia down into a hellhole with the... ads he put up there. [sigh] It makes me sick. EEERRRRRGGHHHH! [pause, sigh] Anyways, he thinks he's all high and mighty with that dang voice of his. [switches to a bizarre high-pitched voice, which is hard to understand] "Hey! Look at me! I'm friggin' Jack Thaddeus! I got an alliance with Clyde Cash and I do crazy animation, but [Chris begins to mumble] he doesn't care about it because he doesn't do nothin' kablah-de-blah-de-blah-de-blah-de-blahhhh!" Pfft. Anyway, [sigh] I'm so sick of him! Eerrrgh! I'm suck sick of those ads, and I'm not the only person who's sick of those goddamn ads.

Every last one of those... homosexual ads... Argh! I'm so mad! Argh! You know, [raises claw] Jack Thaddeus is nothing but a snivelling coward! Goddamn coward. And he h—he does not have even one Euro to his name, only American dollars... like about two hundred. And you know, that doesn't even cover 2000 euros, which, unfortunately, the euro is stronger than the American dollar at the time. Sad really. Anyway, collection agencies are gonna be on his ass, I tell you what. Anyway, I want those goddamn homosexual ads down! Enrgh! And also, another note: I'm a little frustrated about that billboard too! That's a lie! Set up by that stupid Clyde Cash! He uses another Photoshop picture of his... and posts it on the billboard... [Chris pauses, looks panicked] and everyone on the Internet knows I'm straight! And do not listen to anything that's on his YouTube account... whatsoever.

Anyway, I'm very— Anyway, I'm more angry at that Jack Thaddeus and those ads! Those ads are going DOWN!! They are going down, and I'm going to ban those homosexual ads! I only like pleasant—I only like pleasant ads because I have to cope with those... I have to c—do what I can to cope with those frickin' ads nowadays. I have to cover a whole section of my computer with a piece of paper... so I don't have to look at those goddamn things! And you have a life! And I'm work—and I'm working so much nowadays! I miss the days when it was just simply the Audiobooks from Vivian Gee. And by the way, she's working very hard to upgrade them to be of better quality not to mess up DVD burners and all that.

But anyway... errrgh... Jack Thaddeus, you're going down! I'm not even going to talk to you anymore, so [middle finger] you, Jack.

To everybody else [flashes peace sign], hope you have a Merry Christmas and wish you all a pleasant day. Peace out.

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