Katie Bay E-mails 6

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The last of the Katie Bay e-mails, from 14 August 2009 to 13 June 2010. Chris just stopped replying.


14 August 2009

Subject: KATE!

You KNOW YOURSELF after the EXTENSIVE ONLINE HISTORY that I AM THE REAL DEAL, so WHY DID YOU FINAL VOTE FOR THAT BROWN IMPOSTOR? I am on an emotional edge right now, and I apologize for raising my voice like that. I implore you, Kate, PLEASE change your Vote. I had just dedicated TWO White Stripe Songs for you during a recent KCWC Lite Everything Lunch Hour.

And I will not put down your brother's ideals either, but make him take a Second Look between ME and HIM, and make sure he thinks HEAVILY about it.


Stay Safe, Christopher Christian W. Chandler.

I can't change my vote it's against the rules lol


Anyways, are you gonna order a Sonichu Audiobook DVD?

Apparently Vivian Gee is going to be making these soon!



NO I WILL NOT, did you not watch my Disclaimer Video; if Vivian makes and sells her DVDs without my Authorization, she will be in Violation of the Counterfeit Laws. STOP THAT GIRL!

15 August 2009

Because of the recent encouragement from my Pastor and everyone else recently, I am taking the steps to make it ALL official and get Paper Published (again, PLEASE DO NOT TELL ANYONE about ANYTHING IN THIS MESSAGE). I've requested the forms from the L.O.C., I have resumes to send out to Comic Companies and N.O.A. Please pray for the True Success that I am long due for after almost ten years.
you have a resume now? Perhaps you should put it online so you can get more exposure. You might find independent companies or something right?


Subject: Kate, let me ask you

And I wish you to answer me honestly. After I have been honest with you about Samantha, and after I have entrusted you greatly with simple yet heavily responsible tasks, and after having been a good friend to you, ARE YOU TRYING TO TROLL ME with these ACTS of notifying me of things that may or may not pick on my nerves?

Because I do NOT appreciate it at all.


Please answer both Questions with FULL HONESTY AND TRUTH.

Stay Safe, Christopher Christian W.C.

I'm trying to help you, I questioned you about the copyright and I know full well that they are going to copyright it before you do.

So unless you want to hear nothing more, then fine. So be it.

My final warning is this: He's out to slander you.


Sure, you can ignore me. But can you tell that to everyone in the world, the people who comment on your YouTube, the people who encounter you on the street, the people you love? You can live in ignorance like you have, or you can see the truth. That's all I'm going to say.

I've been trying to help, but if you refuse to take action, then you've got everything you're asking for.


I'm sorry, Kate. I should have realized that you were helping me out. I AM taking action, I do not live in ignorance, and they have no Power over the copyright, as long as I have EVERYTHING Copyrighted March 17, 2000 with the symbol that I have been keeping since almost Ten Years Ago, I am in good standings. DO NOT TELL ANYONE, but I am in the process of regestering the Copyright with the Library. So please help me by NOT telling anyone about that, keep them from doing their dirty games, and please keep me up to date.

Stay Safe, Christopher Christian W.C.

I mean, from what I understand, it should be an instant thing if you do it online so like...why haven't you done it sooner? lol


I have not been able to do it sooner, because, and to quote from Piedmont Virginia Community College's "The Forum" from April 26, 2004, titled, "Meet Sonichu - Student featured in "Nintendo Power"", "For now Sonichu remains a hobby. In the future, Chandler would like to see Sonichu an dhis friends as real Pok'emon, even having their own Nintendo Gamecube video game title." Then I am quoted saying, "I am not really sure what to do in order to do all that, but for now, Sonichu and I, Christian C., are in Nintendo Power Magazine."

The N.P. issue was the Metal Gear Solid - The Twin Snakes issue, Volume 179, May, 2004 Issue, on the bottom of Page 89 in "The Crossing Quartarly" with the Headline, "Sonichu's Cwcville Documentrary". Please feel free to look the article up; I will upload the article pages and type the body on Cwcipedia later tonight.

Also, did you hear? Christian went missing. I've just heard about it from Kacey, then I read from another e-mail from someone else an accusation of ME kidnapping him. I promise you and everyone else, that I have NOT kidnapped him. I DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHERE HE LIVES; his REAL address.

It's likely my fault, because I targeted and launched a POWERFUL Curse-Ye-Ha-Me-Ha at him. OMG, did that attack ACTUALLY WORK?

Anyway, I am just feeling terrible about the situation.

I'll check in again later.

Stay Safe, Christopher Christian Weston Chandler.

uh, do you think you have magical powers? lol


NOT Magic, and I'm not sure which word to appropriately use.

I've launched the curse upon Mary Lee Walsh in March, 2004 after she interrupted my Sweetheart Search attempts on October 7, 2003 and so; I KNOW it worked, because her Rep went Downhill. She edited a book, was quoted in newspapers, and was a good person before I cursed her with Bad Luck and Extreme Misfortune. She still works at PVCC, but IDK about what else happened to her.

I apolgized to her recently, then she served me a Trespassing Notice; I refused the Certified Letter Delivery shorty after.[1]

Can you uncurse people? can you teach me this magic lol


16 August 2009

Putting my resume online is the plan for today.

I have learned from my experiences that a CURSE or a BLESSING shot is mainly comprised of the respective Enraged or Caring you are currently feeling. I DO NOT ENCOURAGE YOU DO THIS, but I will tell you for your information. When cursing, I feel enraged or really angry; I channel that energy between my hands, gathering them in and throwing them towards either the target I'm angry at, or the ground or skyward; a choice of words are optional, but they do seem to add more oomph to the attack.

When removing the curse, or Blessing, I feel the caring emotions that comes more natural within me; I gather that energy into a ball, then release it onto a single target, or all around me within a certin radius.

Blessings are more encouraged than Cursing; I have learned that personally. Cursing is a double-edge sword; you curse someone else, and in turn, you later feel saddened that you've hurt that person, and in relation, but only for a short time, feel cursed yourself.

Think about that.

Stay Safe, Christopher Christian W.C.

17 August 2009

So, when do you think you are going to finish Episode 20? I mean, we just got the title...when will the action happen...well mroe lol


18 August 2009

I will upload the pages after I have colored them in; at least appreciate that I am actually trying to get Paper Published In Real Life on the side. FYI, I am on, and have drawn, Page 51.

Also, be on the lookout; I'm moving my YouTube.

Stay Safe, Christopher Christian W.C.

I'm looking at your park poster, there's a typo. Typos don't look good lol

also, i understand why one of the Sonees is Pink and why one is Yellow but why is one Purple? was rosechu cheating on sonichu with magichan?


19 August 2009

THERE ARE TWO ROSEYS and ONLY One Sonee. Christine Rosey is Purple, because she is a Shiney Rosey. Pink for Cerah and Yellow for Robbie ARE NATURAL. NO CHEATING WHATSOEVER.

Why do people take such an innocent thing and make it obscene?


I'm sorry, Kate. BTW, you didn't respond to the two White Stripes songs I had dedicated to you in a recent video, the August 13 Update I think it was.

Stay Safe, Christian W. Chandler.

I have noticed you have like over 30 characters total

it's very confusing

Take it one character at a time, and take your time; you will not be confused. Also, spread the word; I'll make a video announcing it later, but I'm uploading my Comic Pages onto my deviantArt, http://cwcipedia.deviantart.com/; at least they'll be more secure on there. Also, check out the redrawn Sub-Episode 2, Page 3 page.

21 August 2009

So I went on a picnic today.

It sucked, I brought some chips and cookies but everyone else also brought that. Needless to say, we all went out for burgers later lol


22 September 2009

Sorry for not being in touch for a while. I hope you and your brother are doing well. I'm doing okay; I'm on the verge of getting a job, so that's been good with me. :)

Stay safe, Christian.

23 September 2009

Oh! That's really interesting!

What kinda job are you getting?


24 September 2009

It's a job at my local Target on the Sales Floor.
Oh, so what do you do at that job?


30 September 2009

Well, right now in my life, I'm taking some gen. Ed for school because I've been putting it off for too long lol

Let me tell you something, Indians aren't very interesting :(


23 November 2009

Hey, it's been a while Chris.

School's been VERY tough on me. My brother is playing the piano right now. He's terrible lol

So, what's been up with you?


31 January 2010

It's been a REALLY REALLY REALLY long time!

So, what's up with you?

I've been really peachy. My little brother is learning how to drive and I'm trying to teach him. It's a pain in the ass lol

Anyway, in the time span I've talked to you, I've lost two boyfriends lol

They were assholes and treated me like shit. Unlike my other friend, I know how to get out of shitty relationships. You been in any?

13 June 2010

I've heard some pretty bad things happened to you with this girl called [REDACTED] . Just wanted to let you know, that things will get better.


Chris didn't reply and correspondence ended.