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Mailbag 49 was uploaded on the CWCipedia on 28 January 2010 and answered on the 30th. Chris's answers seemed particularly short and rude, with the only response longer than a single line being an rant about Rosechu being transgendered.

This Mailbag was also notorious for containing Chris's sentiment that gays should be allowed to join the U.S. military on the basis that it increased their chances of dying horribly. When people called him out on this, he made several bumbling attempts to remove the offending statement. Hilariously, he apparently forgot which mailbag it was in, so his initial statement remained untouched, while other letters that made mention of it were censored.

Chris entertained a question about this mailbag on the Sonichu Forum, asking if some troll had hacked Chris's page and filled in these hostile and surly answers for him. Chris responded that the hateful responses were all his.


Apparently that's reason enough

From: Joseph Barale <>

Why would you want to do a vaccine on homosexuality and asexuality? What have they done to you?
And what do you have against Alec anyways? Please tell.

They both tick me off.

Chris loves his country

From: Bart Sampson <>

Hey Chris!

I'm just curious, I know you're a patriotic American, how do you feel about President Obama's plan to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy in the military? As an openly homosexual person do you think you're going to join the forces and fight for your country? Also, are you going to have Sonichu join the military in your comics at any point once the repeal is in effect?

A TRUE and LOYAL fan, -Bart

I Am Straight. I would never join the military. Let Obama Repeal the policy, then the homos can go die in explosions.

Chris has made several untrue claims that he has altered his response to this letter. The answer displayed here is still the only answer on this page in the CWCipedia.'

It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.

From: Bukovinszky András <>

Dear Chris!

I've never really liked you, but I feel I should thank you for something.
I've been planning to leave my parent's house and go to college lately, but I didn't had the courage to do it. I always thought how it would be easier to stay here for a little more. Then I remembered you and how you lived with your parents for 27 years. It came to me shockingly that if I don't move out, then I'll slowly become just like you. I can't let that happen.

So thank you Chris for giving me confidence in this matter!

Whatever works for you.

Then go answer her letter for real, asshole!

From: Kali Smith <>

I don't like that you've edited my previous email... you're such a hypocrite when it comes to free speech and honest truth. :(

I apologize; I am working on improving on that.

So basically nothing

From: Kenshiro Kasumi <>

Dear Christian W. Chandler

What, in your mind, makes Sonichu so great? What makes it so appealing? Why should it appeal to everyone? Why should everyone be in to Sonichu?
Looking forward to your answer. Keep fighting the good fight.

Kenshiro Kasumi, signing out

It just is.

Revisionist history

From: Kali Smith <>

It's become very clear that you're a constant liar and that makes me very sad, as I was honestly, one of your hugest fans...

It's obviously clear that the Raichu you drew was a male Raichu, based off the illustration and the year this issue came out, before there were gender classes in the pokemon games.

Instead of admitting that the original Raichu was a girl version based off the previous games before there were gender classes, you're now twisting the time continuum of the Pokemon series with the copyright publication of issue #0.

If you want to keep me as a fan, I expect you to practice your own words of being "honest content"... lest you be a hypocrite.

IT was drawn BEFORE Gender-Characteristic Differences were made obvious. And within the Two Panels, that "Point" in the first was PART OF THE WATER; The other had an extra piece of Pen Mark OUTSIDE the panel box. THESE were APPARENT BEFORE the Rainbow hit; UPON STRIKE, Her Tail became more Pointed IN THE TRANFORMATION TO Rosechu.

Educational porn

From: Lauren C <>

Hello, Christian, I hope you're doing well.

I was wondering... how do you think pornography is in any way educational? It's like trying to learn kung-fu from an action movie or learn about forensic science from CSI. Every second of pornography is precisely planned and scripted, and any awkwardness is glossed over, if not eliminated entirely via video editing. It's not a realistic approach to sex in any way, and therefore can't really be learned from.

Have a wonderful day! -LC

There ARE Educational Porn Videos provided by such places as the Sinclair Institute; Google the videos.

Rejected Mailbag

Butt garments


How many diapers do you personally go through a week on average? Or do you wear cloth diapers instead of disposables?

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