Mailbag 59

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Mailbag 59 was uploaded to the CWCipedia by the Sysop on 23 March 2010.

This Mailbag remained unanswered before the death of the CWCipedia in May 2010.

Not getting answered ever

From: Paul Hogan


Chris, You're pretty good at martial arts. How would you defend yourself against a homicidal maniac armed with a knife?

From: Kate!


Subject: BEST ISSUE EVER! Ohmigod, Chris! I just wanted to write to your mailbag to let you know that issue 10 was the best issue of your comic ever! I thought it was kinda odd that you'd use a season structure - like a TV show - for a comic book, but I gotta admit you just BLEW MY DOUBTS AWAY! The first season climax was AMAZING! It had everything - you coming back, the final battle against Mary Lee Walsh and 4-cent, the epic plot twist with Simonla. I can't wait for issue 12 to kick off the new season! I'm sorry to hear the trolls have been bugging you lately - they must be jealous of your success! Just remember - if the trolling gets worse, that means you're winning!

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