Vivian Gee E-mails, 2009

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This page lists emails exchanged between Chris and Vivian Gee in 2009. The saga concludes in Vivian Gee E-mails, 2010.


8 February

Okay, so I've been thinking a bit and I've got it!

It's called the Christian Chandler show! It only requires a video camera and you can easily do that! With the show, you can like, get popularity and YouTube will notice you! People become super rich and famous after they've get a deal with YouTube!

Not only that, you could get noticed by a bunch of companies and they can sponsor you for money! I can't believe I didn't come up with this sooner!

Basically, every day, you do a video that can involve a bunch of segments like these:

Chris Reviews! (Your thoughts on the latest games, movies and anime!)
Chris Thinks! (Your thoughts on the latest news!)
Sonichu Says! (Latest news about Sonichu!)
Fashion 101! (Advice on the latest styles of clothes!)
Love Doctor Chris! (Advice on love!)
Chris Answers! (Answer questions from fans!)
Chris's Life! (Show stuff around your house!)
Chris Recommends! (Stuff that you recommend/don't recommend your viewers!)

Please do this! You need to gain exposure and money! You should also get a new e-mail where fans of the Christian Chandler show can write in for segments like Love Doctor Chris and give you things to Chris Review!

Love, Vivian

Thank you, Vivian, I will greatly consider that idea. Although having a Daily Show may be a stretch for me; weekly perhaps.

Peace, Christian C.

10 February

I was just in the Mumble Chatroom with my fans, and Julie. Clyde later entered, moved everyone out of the chatroom, and talked mean to me. And I have completed my promised to him of cleaning my room, which the video proving that is Live on YouTube.

I feel very uncomfortable when I hear his forcing, dominating voice tone. I would deeply appreciate it if you would talk to Clyde and see if you can coerce him to lay off my case, please.

Love and Peace, Christian C.

I was listening to the entire thing. I can't stop him, I can only tame him.

But I have to agree with pretty much everything he said. I'm not going to stop him until you clean up your act.

It's for the best.

- Vivian

I am working on my life and bettering it, I promise you, Vivian. If I have to prove it to you, I can and will within your directions of how I can prove it to you. In any case, Please have Clyde leave Julie alone; she does NOT need the abuse. I have given it a Great Start with cleaning up my room; the video is LIVE.


From what I've learned from Clyde, this is what you have to do.

Get a job. Pay off your debts.

- Vivian

29 May

I've just checked my PSN account, and when "Clyde" hacked into it recently, he made two purchases without my consent; the Variety Map Pack from COD4: Modern Warfare and the Steel & Titanium Pack from Killzone 2, out of the 20 dollar PSN Card I had redeemed shortly before. Anyway, it took me down by $15.98. And with due respect, and appreciaiting you as a fan of my Sonichu and Rosechu stories, and that you're "Taking the reigns" [sic] for Clyde, I respectfully ask to be reimbursed the 15.98. I would appreciate a check made out for that amount, or an unscratched $20 PSN Card sent to my home address (14 Branchland Ct. Ruckersville, VA 22968) quickly, please. I have the police and a lawer [sic] on my side in real life. Thank you for your understanding and prompt response.

Love and Peace, Christian C.

I'd love to give you the money, but I can't because it's not in our budget. Samantha really loves Grade A cat food you know and she won't let me give you anything.

So I guess you'll have to get the police and your lawyer (not lawer) on us. Sorry.


4 August

To clarify, Vivian, I am Thanking ALL Trolls for their documentation of whatever truths I have shared with them in the past, GRANTED They've twisted the words around and made me look bad, stupid and worse, but the ORIGINAL WORDS and drawings that I have stated and created from my hand have been Documented, especially on the Encyclopedia Dramatica Page. And those documented words and images from YEARS of information Seperate [sic] ME from any Impostor, Especially the Brown-Striped Jeff.

And I am thanking ALL Trolls for even trying to break my spirits, to have me emotionally pick my back up eventually, which was WEEKS AGO NOW, just to Make ME grow up emotionally better and More Well-Off, Better business Game-Plans, and all that jazz.

I have had my revelation for the PURPOSE of Trolls and Internet Bullies from GOD the other day, and with a FULL-CONFIDENT HEART, WELL-CONFIRMED THOUGHTS AND PONDERS, and ENERGETIC GUSTO, I thanked you all. :)

God has put you all on this earth, and appointed you all each to pick on my nerves to challenge my reactions; Now that I fully Understand all that beyond "I'm just doing it for the fun of it", "I'm Just Bored", "I Just Like Trolling" and such, I can finally move on with you all in my background and continue with my Drawing and Coloring of my Stories and Books, and Stand Up For MY FULL POWER on the City of Cwcville and beyond, and espeically in becoming an emotionally Stronger Man among all that.

Thank you, Vivian. Thank you Clyde. Thank You ALL.

(again, my humblest condolences for Clyde).

Keep a Happy Thought, and Stay Safe,
Love and Peace,
Christian W. Chandler.

You still haven't learned anything have you?

15 August

I've just heard; NOT COOL! If you make and sell your DVDs without my Authorization, YOU will be in Violation of the Counterfeit Laws, and I will not go easy. This is your First and Last Warning.

Christian C.

Alright, try me.

19 August

Well, do you want it?

You cursed me yet again, bro. And cursing dead people ain't gonna do much lol.

And so basically, you want me to get kidnapped or whatever the fuck happened to the other guy? Nice try, but I ain't retarded like him, I'm smart.

Also, the FBI don't exist in France, baby.

Love, Vivian

France, Huh? I challenge you to prove that you live in France; SHOW ME YOUR Driver's License, COMPLETE WITH THE WHOLE ADDRESS; you may leave your customer number censored. Scan it, black-out the customer number in photoshop, then e-mail it to me. I'll know if you're faking by looking at the drivers license. NO Photograph of you holding the license; IT HAS TO BE A FRESH SCAN.

Still, though, the curse brings mainly Bad Luck and Extreme Misfortune; Watch Your Back.

Christian W. Chandler.

first off, i don't drive, i ride a bicycle

second off, you're probably trying to find out where i live

third off, i don't drive, i ride a bicycle

also i guess you don't want any profits

love, vivian

Ha, like a Criminal like you would ever share profits from her wrong-doing.

Okay, smart-ass, then you would not mind sharing your Passport, or even sending me a hand-written letter via snail-mail FROM YOUR OWN Home Address (NO PO BOXES).

You Die Today, BITCH! — 1 September

as i can reply to this, i currently don't have a heart attack

jesus christ, wishing death isn't very nice bitch



I don't care — 1 September

You are on my Blocked List; I give you NO mercy; you have broken your own Last Straw.

Go To Hell!

No Chris, you broke MY last straw.

You don't realize you did this to yourself.


Vivian, let's talk business — 14 November

Now that I finally have peace of mind, I apologize for the past unformalitites and emotional outbursts in past communications. I have decided, I will fully approve your continued Audiobook Videos and Sales, but in return, I ask for 25% of all the money (changed to U.S.A. currency) you have, and will have, made from all that you have put together and sold, as well as two copies of each CD/DVD of the Audiobooks, and two of each other additional merchandise aside from the Audiobooks.

I extend an olive branch of peace, and I await your well-thought response. Have a good, Safe day, Miss Vivian.

Christian W. Chandler.

Yeah, peace of mind.

Peace of mind to fucking want me dead at least...what?...3 to 4 times now?

You've cursed me like 17 times and now you expect me to give you money? I fucking offered you months ago and you just wanted me dead.

Go fuck yourself.

- Love Vivian

I deeply apologize for the number of curses as well; that was very unsportsmanlike of me, plus I was under misunderstandings and stress. Sometimes, it takes me a while to realize some truths and what I need, and this was just one of them.

Also, I have another proposition for you, after much consideration, and sound advice from my personal assistant, I would like to hire you to be my manager of business relations. Obviously, you have done something right with your wheeling and dealing to make the money from the Audiobooks. Merchandise should be made official; I would like a list of all those who have created "Merchandise"; webpages, contact info and names, so I can get in touch with the ones who did well in their creations (not just shipshod parodic crap), or locate some toy companies' info for my reference. Phone conversations with the true people of Nintendo and Sega, and maybe Sony, would be beneficial, with assured assistance from my manager.

It Is Time to set the merchandise wheels and legitimate business talks in motion.
I have removed all curses from the past, and sent you forgiveness blessings. I have had the epiphamy about business relations and matured mentally from that; please help me.

Sincerely, Christian W. Chandler.

Anyone making merchandise is doing it on a very-small scale, like me, they don't have the budget to expand nor will they do so. You're better off on trying to contact already established companies.

425.882.2040 Nintendo's number as listed on

Sega doesn't have a number immediately listed.

800-345-7669 Sony's number as listed on

You need to have a video pitch ready since I assume you don't have the money to travel to all these locations. I suggest a high-quality 18 minute pitch of Sonichu. Don't use that shitty camera that you've been using that keeps skipping, no one will take you seriously with that.

Here is a run-down of what I believe would make a solid pitch:
1 minute of introducing yourself, Christian Weston Chandler.
2 minutes of introducing Sonichu, its origin.
2 minutes of explaining Sonichu's appeal.
4 minutes of explaining what you will do to make Sonichu succeed.
- Be project adviser
- Work hard
4 minutes of what you expect to achieve in the next year.
- How big a demographic (Worldwide?)
- What types of merchandise
- How many issues of Sonichu
4 minutes of why Sonichu will succeed.
- Why people like it
- How many fans
1 minute conclusion.

Here are some tips from Anthony Sullivan and Billy Mays:
- Project, you need to sound enthusiastic.
- Hand gestures
- Stand up
- Don't appear nervous
- No unnecessary pauses

Here's the deal. Adventure Time was a short pitch that was on Nickelodeon. Within a few weeks, it had over 2 million viewers. Cartoon Network saw this and they decided to produce Adventure Time and now it's becoming a full fledged cartoon with merchandise and everything. You need to appeal to companies. While you can contact companies about your product, it's better for THEM to come to YOU because then you know they are interested.

- Vivian

I am not lazy — 18 November

I have printed your last e-mail for my information, and I am making touch with the companies. Thank you for your advice.

Christian W. Chandler.

And what have they said?

You've done jack shit, haven't you? — 19 November


Christ almighty, you're probably still playing LittleBigPlanet PSP aren't you? Lazy piece of shit.

No, I have been giving a lot of thought and work into the pages and the video. I am not lazy.
Describe your thinking process. Spell it out for me. I already gave you a basic script you should work off of. You don't need to think much harder than that.

Besides, how hard is it to phone up a couple of companies? Jesus christ, you are fuckin' lazy. You can say it all you want but until you show me progress, you're a fucking lazy jackass.

Holy fucking shit it's been 2 fucking days. — 22 November

You're still doing shit on your fucking site, but that's the bare fucking minimum. Are you just avoiding me to avoid doing any work? God damn it, you fucking lazy piece of shit.
Just you wait; I will be uploading the 18 minute video in two part onto YouTube tomorrow; I've almost finished my script for it.
Have you contacted any companies?

I better see it tomorrow.

Okay — 24 November

I will work on that. Also, I apologize for not replying sooner or more often; I am in contact with Nintendo, Sega and Sony. Right now, I need to figure out the Accountant-type information to better my presentation. I would appreciate your input on toy, video and local (to me) independant [sic] printing/publishing companies, so I can look them up, get cost estimates and such, so I can better present profit for companies like Nintendo, Sega and Sony.

Thank you. Stay Safe, Christian.

I'm not familiar with local Virginia companies so I can't help you with that. Go do some research yourself on that.

You're better off doing self-promotion, going to conventions and selling home-made Sonichu stuff that way. Tons of people from all around the world at conventions. You'll get worldwide exposure and maybe you'll get some small company to help support you. Until you start doing that, you're going to get ZERO OFFERS from anyone.

This is why you need to start promoting harder. That video will be a start, showing comapnies of the local popularity of Sonichu, then you're gonna have to work harder...but you gotta take it one step at a time.

I expect it done on Friday.

25 November

But please give me until Next Friday; this is Thanksgiving week after all; I feel I would have better luck on getting interviews for that video the week after the holiday.

I will send you daily progress reports on what happened the day before. Yesterday, I have drawn two pages and uploaded them onto the Cwcipedia.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Stay Safe, Christian.

Alright then, well in the meantime you should be working on more Sonichu pages and answering more fanmail for now.

All you can do now is maintain your fans.

Here's something else you can do. You should plan each page in advance like write a synopsis in advance.

You said in one time that were "drawing a blank". You should spend some time on Friday (happy thanksgiving) planning the rest of the pages. A two-three sentence summary for each page remaining would be good.

Page 87: Rosechu wakes up, Eggman blows up his Transformer to kill everyone in the path. Page 88: Eggman announces his betrayal of Giovanni and Sonichu tries to stop him. Bionic helps.

etc. You should try something like that. You should try planning.

Thank you for your suggestion. But I have just drawn up to page 90; I'll be uploading them shortly. That decepticlone was already sliced by Darkbind, and on page 90, those three villians leave for now. You may read for yourself later tonight.

Stay safe, Christian.

Okay, 4 pages. Nice. You really should be doing that on a daily basis though.

Anyway, I was talking about planning ahead. Do you know what's going to happen on page 91? 92? 93? etc. Planning ahead will save you a lot of time. From the gist of what I'm getting, you're planning it out one page at a time. I mean, you seem to have a general idea of where you want to go, but not a detailed plan.

Also, you should come up with an idea to promote Sonichu (besides that public reaction video)

Something...edgy. I dunno. I honestly have no idea where to go with this one.

For example: do not do "all I want for xmas is a PSP". Sony dropped the ball hard on that one, costing them more sales by perpetuating an image of idiocy.

You need to do something exciting, eye-catching and intriguing.

That idea, though, will take more time to come up with.

I have the ideas for the rest of this book, so I am good, thank you. I also have my ideas for book 10, 11 and 12, but I am open for suggestions as well. I have drawn another page and uploaded it just now; I will be answering some of the letters in the mailbag tonight, and dedicating tomorrow to finish all the rest of the replies for now. As for the edgy idea, I will think heavily on that as well (still open

for suggestions).

Something else on my mind, I am certain you have heard the complaints of the audiobook CDs previously sold; if I may ask, how are you dealing with that? I do apologize for leading the messages your way, but I felt you had to know, so you could take appropriate actions.

Stay Safe, Christian.

That's why I get for using blank CDs as coasters. I just offered a refund or another copy, no big deal. See, it's these kind of problems you need to learn to deal with.

Anyway, I was thinking of parkour, ya know, like from Mirror's Edge. Just wear a Sonichu shirt and go out and parkour it up or something.]] But that's just one idea I'm tossing about.

Also, what made you draw 4 pages? You should be doing that everyday.


That's good of you to offer the refund or newer copy; I admire that honesty. A parkour sounds neat; I will think about that further. I'm about to finish up the current batches of fanmail in the mailbag. As I already have stated in a recent C-Log, I have authorized the merchandise that was previously dubbed unofficial, with the exception of bootleg Books and DVDs. I will be making the video sharing that same message tonight after I update the Cwcipedia.

Let me apologize again for the past insults I have made before, it was definitely wrong of me to make such presumptuous outbursts, especially to people who were only offering their input for originally helpful reasons. I am happy that you and I are working together now on peaceful terms. And I hope we can remain friends from now on.

I also apologize deeply to Clyde for the demise of his brother, and all the insults I have given to him in the past, and I forgive him of his past misdeeds. I'll forward this to him later. I hope we all can put all the mishaps behind us and move forward on good terms.

I'll e-mail you again tomorrow. Stay Safe, Christian.

1 December

I apologize for not e-mailing the past couple of days, but I have some updates for you. I uploaded a couple of pages lately, plus another one today. I went to the local mall yesterday with my digital camera; I found some people who knew of Sonichu. Upon asking for their interview, most of them said they didn't want their face online right now, that they were busy, or such. I am working diligently on searching for interviews; I've asked a couple of close friends to help me find some volunteers. I search a bit more today during an outing; still little luck. But I'll head out again tomorrow and have another go at it at another location. I will send you another update tomorrow. Thank you for your paitence and kindness.

Stay Safe, and Peace,

Well, here's the thing, all you need for the video is genuine reactions to Sonichu. Just show them a Sonichu comic or something have them speak their mind. You don't need to do a full-on interview, although you could if you want.

Also, what about the parkour idea. You should do it.

And you should be answering more mail, and why haven't you been doing more than one page a day? You could do it for Thanksgiving, so explain that.

2 December

It rained over here today, but I am still going to run with the camera on Thursday; hopefully the weather will cooperate better. Plus, I have gotten a few interviews from people, so I should have the video up later this week. I drew another page today, and I am going to answer some more fanmail.

Have a safe day, Christian.

Hm, how long will it take for you to edit the video together? I can edit the video if you want.

Anyway, I have an idea that will consistently produce content and show that you actively care about your fans. You should pick like maybe 2-3 mail each week to answer in a video. Put some heart into those videos and that'll show you care.

If I come up with any more ideas, I'll let you know.

4 December

You said you needed another week for the public reactions video and it's been another week. You said you already had the footage, so I expect it up tonight. You also missed a day for a page and you didn't answer mail.

You can't slack off like this. I swear to god if you're playing video games I'm going to beat your head in.

I said that I had people lined up for interview; I did not say I had the footage yet. But I will have the footage shortly. I appreciate your paitience, and I did the run.

Stay Safe,

You're taking your sweet time.

Let me see your daily schedule. Let me see where you're spending your time. I honestly doubt your life can be that busy so you can't do this stuff on command.

8 December

The snow last weekend delayed the scheduled interviews, but at least I did make the parkour-run, and I have just finished Book #9, with Page 1 or so of the 10th Book to be drawn today. Also, I have your advice well in heart. And with that, I would like your advice on getting sponsors for the Sonichu Franchise, as well as the Cwcipedia. Considering you live in France, you may know of some clean, good product companies to ask to sponsor the Cwcipedia.

The holiday season is setting things back, but I am doing my research for local printing and merchandise-making places and comparing rates, plus I am going to appoint you to be my accountant as of this coming January (after the holiday season is through).

With that, I will go ahead and trust in Confidentiality with you the rough amounts of my full tugboat, the amount that I give to my father out of that per month, and a few other details. And I will send you a scanned paper statement at the beginning of January. With this, I am trusting you to keep the information to yourself and not share it with ANYONE outside of you and me.

Anyway, roughly, the current tugboat amount is 800 a month, I pay my father 565 out of it to cover rent, part of the house bills, and payments on my Credit Card debt he took upon himself to take charge of. And next month only, I have the final payments to make on a few things I ordered from Publisher's Clearing House, then there's my Netflix monthly of 10, and a monthly of 50 towards a loan I have. And of course there are a few minor variables that come in and out that I can't recall right now.

After I scan and send you the statement, I will scan and send you the receipts of my payments to report.

I will talk to you again later.
Stay Safe,

Okay, some more ideas for videos that don't require you to be outside (whenever the weather is good- go out and do the public reactions/interviews, DO NOT DELAY, DO NOT LET THE WEATHER FUCK YOU UP)

Answer select fanmails on video
Roleplay as Sonichu and spread a good message each week (for the kids)
Anything to keep you in the public eye, this is necessary. We live in the age of YouTube, if you have a lot of videos, or really long videos, you will be noticed moreso than others who produce less.

You can not get sponsors, Tiger Woods (bad example I know but before the scandal) wasn't getting sponsors until he was hugely popular. No other golfer can claim to be as big a sponsor as he does. There are hundreds of artists, you need to work 100 times harder to get noticed. At this stage, you can't get any sponsors. And it would be best to look for sponsors in the US.

I will accept the responsibility of being your accountant in January but your statement about "few minor variables that come in and out that I can't recall right now." is very disconcerting to me. You need to keep track of everything otherwise you could be bleeding money you don't even know about. Also, what is Publisher's Clearing House and what do you buy from it?

You need to be keeping up on the pages and mailbags. You should be doing more than one page and more mailbags at this point. You have to work harder and harder, not just remain stagnant. Someone who is explosive, not a rock.

Okay, sounds good. Today, I've drawn up two single drawings, versions of myself and Sonichu + Rosechu for "Family Guy", this is in response to a tip I've received; I'll forward the e-mail to you after I finish typing this one. Anyway, I've recorded and uploaded a new video addressing that, and showing the two drawings, noting that a new respective page is to be made tonight on the Cwcipedia with the two scanned drawings, a story for the episode featuring me, and my opinions on some of the things on "Family Guy" and such. I have also drawn page 2 for the 10th book, and that is uploaded. I will fill in the info on the Family Guy page after I answer another set of mailbag letters tonight.

I will answer some of the paper fanmail I have in a video tomorrow; I keep them, and their envelopes, within my Big Sonichu Book (although I should say that Plural now, because the orginal one was SOOO Full, I had to get a second big binder from a Goodwill; so all the stuff that are side-issue-like pages of Sonichu that originally were located behind the homemade trading card pages are now in the 2nd Volume of the Sonichu Book). But I digress.

I understand what you talk about for the sponsor issue. But the sooner those homo ads on the Cwcipedia that Jack had put up go down, or are replaced with more sutibale ads, such as Coca Cola ads, the better and more comfortable I will feel.

The variables will be made clear as I report the monitary use to you. I feel a bit surprised that you have not heard of Publisher's Clearing House; I guess it's just a United States thing. Well, to start, it is described on the Wikipedia, and basically, and I quote the Wikipedia, "PCH is a multi-channel direct marketing company that offers discounted magazine subscriptions and household merchandise to consumers with the chance to enter to win one of many ongoing sweepstakes."

In a nutshell, from PCH, I have purchased in the past a few Sexual-Education Videos, from places like the Sinclair and Alexander Institutes (feel free to Google them), subscription to Playboy Magazine, and a few other things like a Light-Up Paper Cutter, Battery Checker, Fish Oil Tablets to name a few. I have stopped it there a month ago, and I have only one last montly payment to make next month. PCH also offers family movie videos, flowers, jewelry, CDs, informercial-advertised items and more.

Anyway, I should go to answer the mailbags.

Stay Safe,

17 December

why you been doing no mailbags and comics

You gotta keep up.

--- Okay, if you have any spare time, I know some females who would love to see some more stuff like what you just posted.

Like I unno, dancing shirtless to I'm too Sexy for my shirt. Ya know, cuz that's a cool song.

Ya know.

Okay, I'm hoping for the Sonichu vid on Sunday then.

Like I said a couple of days ago, I had to go with my family to visit my aunt and uncle yesterday, which was a nice and pleasant trip, and I would not have time for the pages . I made the note on the Cwcipedia beforehand of that as well. I fell asleep shortly after my arrival back home, and since this morning, I had to work cleaning the cat poo box and around it out of the kitchen. Plus, my father needed me for business where I was personally required to be there. I didn't get back home today until about 4:00. I went straight to my PC to type in the Personal ED Page revisions and explanations with the verbatim ED Page text; that took me over 5 hours.

And I will be looking for the interviews around my church Sunday.

Also, I want to make sure I understand, in reference to your note of knowing some ladies who like what I had just posted, are you talking about my manly new video I uploaded a couple of days ago? Because that would be sweet to have them around for a while. :)

Anyway, Take Care and Stay Safe, Christian.

22 December

Just another update. I have received a LOT of snow the past weekend, and I have been unable to leave the house the past few days. It was LITERALLY (My) Knee-Deep; the mail nor the paper had run since the past Saturday. But as you were able to tell on the Cwcipedia, I did not stop on the drawing. Although after a 2-second blackout, I was without my PC for over 24 hours. But after I got it back, I made the new update on there, then uploaded my 3 days worth of pages the next day. I will be uploading today's pair shortly and answering more fanmail.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get a car out of my yard tomorrow; I've dug out a path for the car, now I have to get the big amount of snow off of it before I can move it; it turned nighttime by the time I had finished digging the car path. You'll like how Sonichu would deal with that amount of snow on tomorrow's pair of pages. And I will have the video of the day in Sonichu's life recorded soon; I had to think a lot about it, and I almost have the script for it finished.

I'll e-mail again later.
Stay Safe, and Merry Christmas.

as I said, if you need help ask for it.

also, since i'm guessing snow has been hitting hard, I'm thinking of other videos you could simply do indoors instead of going outside.

unless you like to start snowfights i guess.

Uh...maybe you could play the harmonica? everyone loves music unless you're deaf lol

also, january is coming up and so you'll need to send me those financial papers

also, how much do you currently have saved up?

Thank you, should anything come up where I am unable to go online for a

while, or anything I can think of that you can help me with, I will (try to) let you know.

My family and I managed to get one car out of the snowy yard yesterday; I did a LOT of shoveling. We went to the grocery store (Food Lion) for supplies, got some coffee and lunch at Burger King, and ran a couple of other errands as well. Upon getting back home, the car got stuck in our snow for a while; I had to help push the car, spread some kitty litter, and dig around the car, until we've finally managed to move the car's behind out of the road and into the snow driveway. While there is chance of us being able to go out again, we're not planning on risking it. Especially with the Freezing Rain coming in at about Midnight tonight. I felt really tired after all that work; we got back inside the house at about 7:30 PM. I ended up crashing during the 9:00 PM hour, waking this morning at 5:30.

I intend on recording the video for "A day in the life of Sonichu" today, as well as draw 2 or 4 pages today for the Christmas Special. I had another idea for the "Day in the life" video, I thought of making a motion-comic in a LittleBiGPlanet Level, then of course uploading THAT level and recording the footage onto a DVD-RW to be ripped from and uploaded onto YouTube. It's a fun idea anyway. I may just end up using the Lego Figures anyway for the video, and make the level as a side-project along with that.

I'll play a song on the harmonica in a video soon. And I will send you the financial information soon as well, with the starting balance after my next piece of income comes in, which considering the 3rd of the month (January, 2010) falls on a Sunday, and there is the holiday of New Year's Day the Friday before, I should get it in as early as next Tursday. After it comes in, I will print the page of the current status and starting January amount, mark out the bank numbers, scan it in and e-mail it to you. And I will let you know of the planned spendings and such then.

I'll TTYL,
Merry Christmas and Stay Safe,

24 December

As you may have noticed, Jack Thaddius has been donating to the Cwcipedia and abusing his rights to place ads in the adspace with the God-Damn homosexual ads. At first, it was light, the pic of Peter Griffin with the message of Seth McFarline approving of it, then he touched a nerve with the Aspergers = Autism ad (AT LEAST IT HAD A WOMAN IN THAT IMAGE). Then he adds 4 more offensive homo ads, and tonight he monopolizes the space with TWO EXPLICIT ADS THAT WOULD ONLY BE SHOWN IN AN adam&eve catalog! GOD DAMN!!! I try to cope with the nuisance with F5, and even covering that portion of the screen with removable taped paper. But it's ads like that S.O.B. has on there right now that make me want to cry in shame that my stuff is being dragged down the drain with those WORSE THAN SHITTY, GOD DAMN, HELLHOLE AD IMAGES!!!!!


I miss the days when the ONLY ad on there was the ad for your Audiobooks, but even that is long-gone. Please, Vivian, regain control of the Ad Space and remove those ads; AS LONG AS IT IS NOT A HOMOSEXUAL AD, or has an Image that is Offensive to a majority of the worldwide population, I do not care of what is advertised there. You even have my permission to place an ad for a website that is making Sonichu Merchandise; I even made the statement that such merchandise, excluding bootleg DVDs and Comic Books, are Official and Approved By Me.

I wish for Peace Of Mind and Comfort when I update and view the Cwcipedia. Please help me, Vivian. Do this for me, and I will give you my full trust and faith.

In any case, I'm tired from shoveling more snow earlier today, and mostly getting the snow off the other cars. On the brighter side, I managed to make a few heavy avalanches (biggest clumps of snow sliding off any side of the vehicle). But at least I got the Sonichu Day video created and uploaded, and I did two more pages and got them uploaded. I'll do another pair of pages tomorrow, maybe four. It being Jesus' Birthday, Christmas Day, I'll be at home with nowhere to go anyway.

Merry Christmas, Vivan.
Love and Peace, and Stay Safe,
Christian C.