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One of Chris's abominations. Shocking, no? He really has skills with collage.
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Chris's PlayStation Portable, in true and honest CWC fashion, is covered with cut-out pictures of Sonichu, Rosechu, Chris himself, and the colors yellow and blue (to match the S-Chu Ball). It was revealed in Chris's Big Night Out (12 June 2009), when the cameraman cleverly revealed it from beneath the re-usable Target bag it was hidden under.

The "decals," if they can even be referred to as such, are not applied directly to the PSP, but rather to an outer protective case, quite possibly to allow for easy switching of collages. This relic is unique, because it is the first of Chris's projects to feature accurate representations of his appearance, rather than his slim n' trim, svelte alter-ego from the comics. Behind Chris there is another decal, part of an overhead view of CWCville. The Sonichu decal is somewhat out of the ordinary, being the original Sonichu from 2000, rather than his updated anime-styled appearance from the post-Sonichu #5 comics.

With the acquisition of the PlayStation Vita, it is very likely that the PSP will now sit in Chris's room for all eternity, gathering dust like the rest of his junk, provided it survived the fire.


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