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Chris holding a container of his semen.

Chris's Specimen Sample is the long awaited sequel to Chris's fanta video, it was leaked on 27 February 2016 to the Kiwi Farms by Marvin.[1] In this video, we see Chris walk upstairs to his kitchen, which is notably cleaner than usual, and pull out his "specimen" in a Tupperware box from a freezer. What Chris doesn't realize is that by throwing samples of navy into a standard freezer, the low temperatures create ice crystals which ruin any cells in the samples, thus making them useless, leaving him with a box of worthless cum. This video also marks Pollo's second appearance on camera.


2016 02 26 Leaked Video - The Sperm Bank Preserves
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 26 February 2016
Subject Matter SexSex Sex
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga Lady ManagersLady Managers Lady Managers
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked
Update: 2/25/16
Jeff is Beyond Denounced.

I'm the one who's uh g-- offerin' to lendin' the spern out-- lettin' the sperm out.


Chris is sitting on his bed.

Chris : Hello Samantha and Ellie, this is- I'm Christine Chandler.

Pollo comes to investigate, and wanders in front of the camera.

Chris : (in babyish voice) This is my cat, Pollo. Hi, buddy. Hmmm, you're a sweet kitty.

Chris : Anyway so, yeah- this is me and uh, I'm the one who's uh g-- offerin' to lettin' the spern out-- lettin' the sperm out. I put out a sam-- I put out a fresh sample earlier today, I put it in the fridge upstairs which I'll gladly go upstairs and show you in a moment.

Chris : But yes, I am a lesbian transwoman and I have-- I been famous for my characters and books and whatnot for over a decade.

Chris : This is-- everything I said is true and the only thing I regret would be the uh... things I've recorded in the past I was blackmailed into doing, or against my original will that would never do personally or regularly.

Chris : Alright, so let's go upstairs and I'll show y'all.

[Chris gets off his ass and walks up the stairs, camera pointed at his manboobs most of the way.]

[Chris opens the freezer and pulls out a Tupperware container with a white, frozen mass sitting at the bottom coming about a fourth of the way up the container.]

Chris : Yeah- here's- uh, the sample I put out today. I labeled it carefully. You can tell it's not as frozen yet compared to the-

[Chris places the Tupperware back into the freezer and grabs an noticeably older container with a grayish substance straddling the side of it. It is labelled as 18 May 2015]

Chris : older samples. Yeah, that was like less than a year ago.

(Chris faces the camera with a smug expression on his face)

Chris : But, anyway, that's all very good and everything so hopefully y'all will still consider me for your donor.

Chris : Thank you and have a good day.

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