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Chris's Specimen Sample, titled "horrible" by the uploader, is a video that was leaked on February 27, 2016 to the Kiwi Farms by the Man in the Pickle Suit. In this video, we see Chris walk up stairs to his kitchen, which is notably more clean than usual, and pull out his "specimen" in a Tupperware box from a freezer. What Chris doesn't realize is that by throwing samples of navy into a standard freezer, the ice crystals created ruin any cells in the samples, thus making them useless. This video also marks Pollo's second appearance on camera.


Stardate 26 February 2016
Subject Matter SexSex Sex
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked
Update: 2/25/16
Jeff is Beyond Denounced.


Chris is sitting on his bed.

Chris : Hello Samantha and Ellie, this is- I'm Christine Chandler.

Pollo comes to investigate, and wanders in front of the camera.

Chris : (in babyish voice) This is my cat, Pollo. Hi, buddy. Hmmm, you're a sweet kitty.

Chris : Anyway so, yeah- this is me and uh, I'm the one who's uh g-- offerin' to lettin' the spern out-- lettin' the sperm out. I put out a sam-- I put out a fresh sample earlier today, I put it in the fridge upstairs which I'll gladly go upstairs and show you in a moment.

Chris : But yes, I am a lesbian transwoman and I have-- I been famous for my characters and books and whatnot for over a decade.

Chris : This is-- everything I said is true and the only thing I regret would be the uh... things I've recorded in the past I was blackmailed into doing, or against my original will that would never do personally or regularly.

Chris : Alright, so let's go upstairs and I'll show y'all.

[Chris gets off his ass and walks up the stairs, camera pointed at his manboobs most of the way.]

[Chris opens the freezer and pulls out a Tupperware container with a white, frozen mass sitting at the bottom.]

Chris : Yeah- here's- uh, the sample I put out today. I labeled it carefully. You can tell it's not as frozen yet compared to the older samples.

Chris : Yeah, that was like less than a year ago.

(Chris faces camera, smug expression on his face)

Chris : But, anyway, that's all very good and everything so hopefully y'all will still consider me for your donor.

Chris : Thank you and have a good day.

Update: 2/25/16 Chris's videos Jeff is Beyond Denounced.

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