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This page is an archive of Marvin's key posts about Chris on the online forum Kiwi Farms. Posts are sorted by date.

Anna's Message to Catie

18 December 2014[1]

Ok, so, the background:

Back when Catie was ramping up, Anna was desperately trying to shut down Catie. However, Chris had already met Catie IRL at that point (if my memory is accurate). Catie was already tangible to Chris, so Anna was fighting a losing battle.

Anna's last ditch attempt to dislodge Catie was that she would appeal to Catie's humanity:

Marvin quoted a message:

You really need to leave Christian alone. It's so painfully obvious to anyone on the outside that you have a fake profile specifically designed to troll him. Just about every paragraph holds a clue against you. The fake license was a pathetic effort, but one you knew would work well enough on someone naive. Too bad you used the wrong font, didn't match the background color, made your fake signature longer than the signature box would allow, and forgot to put the second signature over the picture.

I don't care what you're hoping to get out of this--whether you want to troll him to do something funny, or simply get him to trust you to ultimately help him. You are doing far more damage than you think. You're messing with an autistic man who simply won't see the truth because he wants the lie so badly. And that's sick. You're not just messing with him, though--you're messing with his mom, and you're messing with me.

Whatever your opinion of his mom is, it doesn't give you the right to break her heart either. She doesn't deserve to be given false hope that maybe her son HAS found a soul mate and WILL be taken care of after she's gone. Because that's her greatest fear, and you're playing on it like a predator.

So just stop. I know you're probably pretending to be upset with him right now so that you'll get him desperate enough to do whatever you tell him. It's obscene. Let it go, walk away. Delete the fake accounts, and never do anything like this again.

Marvin commented:

(I just want to point out: Anna doesn't know Barb. Like, at all. She's pulling the "his poor mother :'(" guilt trip out of her ass.)

Marvin on how the Miscreants trolled Chris

6 July 2015[2]

In response to a user's comment, "I still predict that he is eventually going to get into trouble somehow at Impulse, though. Chris is who he is, people do not change on a dime and he has been the same person for 30+ years, he is just currently showing a bit more control over what he lets out and isn't taking the bait for trolls as much anymore. But the fact that he doesn't understand social boundaries and can sperg out over criticism will never change. Chris is and always will be a walking powder keg awaiting an inevitable lit match."

Chris never "took the bait" from trolls. All of the past trolling was artificially constructed by a group of people with lots of control over Chris. It's fake. Chris doesn't really sperg out over criticism on his own like you'd think based on what the cwcki portrays.

There isn't anything for Chris to do to get in trouble for at Impulse. He can't get in trouble because there's nothing for him to get in trouble about. He doesn't need to change at all to fit in at Impulse, aside from appearing nominally trans. His real personality just naturally has a lot more control than you'd think.

A user then commented, "Was it, really...? That sounds more like a conspiration than "let's troll Chris for the lulz". Marvin then replies with the following:

I'm not sure the distinction you're making. For example, Liquid and Kacey working together to troll Chris is a conspiracy. Just by definition.

The point I'm trying to make is that we knew Chris' psychology very well, so we knew what to say to him to get him riled up. But those situations were very artificial. The trolling makes people think Chris just randomly gets mad and starts yelling at people if you call Sonichu gay. Or call Sonic gay.

The youtube videos leave out all the calls and messages from e-girlfriends that built up Chris' reaction. For every trolling saga, there was a bunch of stuff happening in the background.

Without trolls, Chris is pretty different. I mean, not in his personality, of course. He's pretty much the same person regardless. But his reactions on youtube were highly inflated by troll girlfriends whispering shit to him behind the scenes. "Oh Chris, you're not just going to take that, are you? Chris, I need a man who can stand up for himself, not just a little wuss..." It takes quite a bit to whip Chris up into a frenzy. And it's hard to keep it going.

Leaking of Chris Using Menstrual Pads

12 September 2015[3]

[Marvin posted two images of Chris holding a box of Always pads.]

Marvin on the intimacy between Chris and Barb

15 October 2015[4]

Barb's aging. Thin, kind of frail. Might not be very responsive.

In retrospect, I don't think Chris recognized anyone. There was the guy he exchanged words with, but going over my notes, it might've been just him being paranoid of someone.

There was an old lady behind Chris talking to him a few times. I don't think it was Rocky.

Chris' outfit, from what I could see, was very funny. @Rammspieler might have a picture.

Barb and Chris are way too physically intimate. It's one thing to describe their creepy relationship, it's quite another to watch it IRL. They hold hands and Chris is always putting his arm around her and rubbing her shoulders sensually. That's shit I'd do to someone I'd want to bang. Not a family member. It's weird.

There was some guy with white hair and a white suit talking to Not-Rocky. Then the PD came over and talked to Chris and Barb, with white-hair-guy and Not-Rocky in the row behind them. This is where I heard snippets referencing "six months" and something something something. I think I heard Chris stress sigh a few times and I think the PD got a little annoyed dealing with Chris. Not much, but I kinda sensed something like that. Maybe I imagined it.

After a bit, the PD went up to the judge and they called Chris up. Chris starts getting impatient with Barb. He said something like "are your ears clogged up??" and then "wanna follow me so you can hear what's going on?" Then she got up and trundled up there to accompany Chris.

This says a few things to me:

Perhaps Barb's hearing is wearing down. This fits in with her being frail and old. Chris is being kind of bossy to Barb. Chris expects Barb to be his bookkeeper so far as his punishments go. This is confirming what we heard about at the Snyder trial. Now, I couldn't hear anything they were saying up front. At this point, I didn't want to get hassled by Not-Rocky or whoever else was there, so I bailed and went to find Rammspieler.

Barb and Chris

14 January 2016[5]

In response to a user's comment, "I can't imagine them even really speaking to each other. I kinda get the impression that Barb cares for herself except for the occasions when she needs some unspeakable medication rubbed on a terrible thing on a horrendous body part she can't reach then she hollers Chris over from his half of the nest. Chris grumbles his way over and barely conceals his disgust and then goes on the internet to sperg about what a philanthropist he is.":

Well, I don't think they talk very much. However, no, Chris is Barb's hand servant. She screams for him and he comes running. She has him change the newspaper the dogs shit on, she has him run errands to bring her stuff, and she used to have him haul her goodwill crap to the car, and then from the car into the house.

If you'll recall, a few months to a year before the fire, Chris stopped being permitted to sleep separately from Barb, in his bedroom. He had to sleep closer to Barb, because she needed to be able to yell for him to go to sheetz and buy her crap, and he wasn't able to hear her up in his bedroom. He kind of tried to resist at first, but then she got super pissed and threw a tantrum. She wrecked his room and like flipped everything over because he was trying to sleep on his own.

Edit: Oh, though, I think Barb's yelling has gotten much less frequent nowadays. It seems like she's pretty feeble nowadays. Chris is just as scared of Barb as he used to be though. I don't think he realizes how much power he has over Barb nowadays.

In response to the other user's comment, "Those moments of affection we occasionally see in videos are either staged or a ploy to pacify Barb after whatever colossal fuckup she's helped him out of that week.":

They're really physically affectionate in a strange way. Chris is pretty touchy feely with women because of habits he learned by spending time with Barb.
Barb was always too close with Chris. Maybe that's OK with a younger child. But she didn't stop when it started to get creepy. Chris owning blowup dolls should've hinted to Barb to stop cuddling with her adult son.

Bob did try to say something about it, but Barb flipped out. Kind of like when he tried to clean up the hoard and she flipped shit on him. It seems like it was easier for Bob to just go with the flow.

Leaking of Chris's Specimen Sample

27 February 2016[6]

So yeah, some dude shared this with me privately.

I'm like the Edward Snowden of gross Chris videos.

Anyway, watch this if you hate yourself.

[Marvin uploaded a video]

Chris's Menstrual Pads

3 March 2016[7]

In response to a user's comment, "ty for adding all the necessary tags to make sure this picture isn't forgotten in the annals of Christory.

Also, I love the juxtaposition of the bag of pads and his 5 o'clock shadow.":

I like the deer-in-the-headlights look he's got.

Heh, also, Chris got these to control his pants shitting. See, the doctor suggested Chris get diapers, but he screeched "but dose are for baybeeees!! :c"

Now that he can use menstrual pads instead, that's A-OK for a beautiful young flower like Christine.

Perspective on Chris's social life

4 November 2016[8]

In response to a user's comment, "I keep seeing you mention him having friends and that but you never say who they are (from what I've seen). Are they actually friends or just people like you and @LoveYouLongTime who merely tolerate him and a fully aware of his internet fame?":

IRL, non-troll people who he met independently. People who talked to him enough to decide to spend time with him separately on multiple occasions. Not just awkward laughs, where they then try to sidle away from him. They found Chris nice and friendly enough to invite him to places. Or to their houses or whatever.

People here hyperanalyze Chris' bad traits and dramatically overestimate those bad traits' significance to your average normal, non-internet person when he's out in the field.

Chris can be an annoying, creepy weirdo. I'm not saying that he's not. But there's a difference between "can be" and "110% of the time, no exceptions period".

Edit: And the flip side of the coin is that Chris is boring as shit. He's also not super popular. My whole point is that:

  • Making friends is not hard, even Chris can do it
  • Make no assumptions about Chris' daily life unless you're getting daily updates on it. Since we haven't gotten daily updates on Chris' life, pretty much since Bob died, don't assume you know what Chris does based on golden age trolling info. Golden age trolling info was when we were actively seducing Chris away from venturing out into the world and half assedly pursuing other sources of socialization. When the trolls go away, Chris goes out into the world again. He's not great at it, but the world is a big place. He's talked to enough nerd/gay people in Charlottesville to the point where he struck upon some friends who nerds/gays in the same way that he does.


23 November 2016[9]

In a discussion about Sonichuizcool, and in response to a user's comment, "Did he act like a total asshole towards her just because he felt like it, or did someone convince him to do it?"

Someone told him she was a troll.

Barb's Hoarding

14 January 2017[10]

On the subject of Barbara's hoarding:

Her hoarding is diagnosable, not that she's actually been diagnosed.

Barb cluttered up 14BC with lots and lots of crap she refuses to throw away. She doesn't provide reasonable justifications for why she keeps it, other than a vague feeling that it's "valuable". She gets irrationally angry when people try to intervene and get rid of some of her stuff.

For example, in the past, she's threatened to kill herself when Bob and Chris tried to band together to get her to toss some of her stuff away.

The Dali painting was interesting, because she claimed it was stolen from her by firefighters because it was worth so much. In reality, it was a reproduction (almost certainly some kind of print) of a Dali painting that probably would've fetched $15 at a yard sale.

High School Gal-Pals

12 February 2017[11]

In response to a user's comment, "Since Chris posted about his former gal-pals recently, I'd like to know, did Bob really pay some girls to hang out with Chris back in his glorious high-school days ? I remember reading that their confession that they never liked him was a troll fabrication, but I don't think there was any mention of Bob. If it was a troll fabrication, did Chris ever find out about it ?"

Bob arranged for the lunchtime galpals (the ones who went to this birthday party) to hang out with Chris. The actual letter revealing it to Chris was indeed a troll fabrication, but Barb confirmed it to Chris anyway.

I don't think we have reason to believe that any actual money changed hands. It might've just been a favor requested by the principal and the girls were just doing a good deed. It's possible they got service learning hours.

Perspective on Chris's begging and how he was trolled

17 June 2017[12]

In response to a user's message:

Didn't someone actually just straight-up give him the details of a jobs for tards programme? I'm sure I recall one of his asspatters commenting with it on his Facebook. I mean, we've had the "could Chris get a job" debate here more times than I can remember, but it seems to me like people have done everything short of posing as him and applying for jobs in his name. A homeless person wants a house, but Chris doesn't want a job.
Oh absolutely. Chris doesn't want a job. And honestly, he doesn't need a job (right now).

A better analogy than the homeless person example is probably a Christian trying to persuade a homosexual to give up the gay life. They're condescendingly trying to sell someone on a lifestyle they don't want and don't need.

It's at this point that people will bring up that Chris begs. The begging (at the same time that Chris is publicly shitting on the idea of getting a job) is really obnoxious. No question about that. But I can't fault Chris for it, purely because it works. Chris has no shame and he thinks his haters are just bitter nerds, so he quite comfortably ignores them while raking in the weenbux. I can't fault Chris on that.

The people who should be embarrassed are the dumbasses getting conned by his shtick.

Marvin in the same message also responded to another user:

Idk who is more autistic; us for being members of a forum that dissects the misadventures of an overweight autistic manchild, or the ones who run back to him and rat to get in the good graces of an overweight autistic manchild, lol.
Everyone wants to be the next Clyde Cash. The problem is that the public image of Clyde Cash (and other trolls) is that we made it look so easy, because the cwcki doesn't document all the backroom dealings that enabled all the fun of the past. People think that all it takes to get Chris to chimp is to message him with something antagonizing. It was never that easy, we had to manipulate Chris into getting off his lazy ass and doing something.

So for example: Chris initially wanted to ignore Liquid. We had to tell him that if he didn't publicly refute Liquid, it could be used against him to steal the Sonichu copyright. Chris is lazy and, by default, ignores most trolling.

So the end result of this is that Chris has a stream of people trying to squeal on other trolls, in the hope that they'll have Chris' ear and be able to architect the next saga.

NightStar2891 Leaks DMs to Marvin

7 August 2017[13]

Heh, so, I messaged Night Star, the recent ween twitter account that communicates in a suspiciously familiar manner.

See, I was convinced that Night Star was secretly Christine, so I became determined to find proof of my theory. I messaged Night Star on twitter and presented my argument. I pointed out how their writing and Chris' were eerily similar, to the point where it's almost statistically impossible they're not the same person.

But the mystery wouldn't be that easy to solve. Christine, if she really is Night Star, is more wily than I could've predicted.

After some verbal sparring, they managed to persuade me that they're not actually Chris. Or if they are, I'll never be the one to unmask them.

Dejected, I gave up on my mission.

Fast forward to today, Night Star messages me again. Amazingly, they went to talk to Christine, and they got Christine's side of the story. Night Star shared screencaps of their convo with me.

(Like, all kidding aside, this is indeed what happened. These screencaps are from the Night Star twitter account. I don't know if they're legit, but here you go.)

[Marvin uploaded CWCSonichu-NightStar2891 DMs]

Marvin later edited the post to add:


@legendaryskittle established that the email being used is most likely Chris' old volcanoinsuranceidiot email address, thus confirming this is indeed Chris' account:

Marvin quoted legendaryskittle's post:

The volcanoinsuranceidiot email address is in use on twitter:


This proves there are at least 2 twitter accounts linked to Chris owned email addresses.

Too many coincidences at this point.

Marvin again later edited the post to add:

Double edit:

Here's the background to Night Star dropping these screencaps.

Marvin Leaks DMs with NightStar2891

8 August 2017[14]

So I didn't post this at first, but I might as well now. Here are the interesting parts of my conversation with Night Star that led to them leaking their conversation with Chris:

So first I started off trying to link them to something to get their IP. Most of the fake Chris socks are easy to spot, but Night Star was distinct and I wanted to investigate.

That plan went south, so I gave up. After a bit, Night Star PM'd me with this:

[Marvin posted excerpts of DMs between NightStar2891 and himself, along with his commentary. See Marvin DMs#NightStar2891 for the messages.]

And that was more or less the end of it.

Manipulation of Chris During Catherine Saga

26 November 2017[15]

In response to a user's comment, "So whenever he is trolled, let's say by Ivy, he learns to not trust a trollsona even if they talked to his parents on the phone beforehand. But that doesn't cover OKCupid for example (Catherine's initial 'in' was from there, IIRC), because he only learned how to prevent this particular permutation or this infiltration technique.":

Heh, so, when it comes to Catherine, we actually used extensive inside information to orchestrate that. It actually affected Chris mentally way more than we thought it would, because he kept citing that 98% compatibility rating persistently when Catherine tried to break up with him. We specifically matched every answer we made with every answer he made. It's not that it would be impossible to catfish him independently, but we have aggressively penetrating intelligence on his behavior and actions.

Like trolling Chris is a science, not an art. You don't persuade Chris to fall for your shtick, you pay people who can set you up ahead of time. We got Chris to drive three states over, not because Chris is dumb and we're master manipulators, but because we had an inside source.

Troll-Scripted Content

7 December 2017[16]

In response to a user's comment, "So what stuff was actually outright scripted?":

Most non-rant videos, like cakefarts.

The rant videos were more freeform, though they often had a framework or were in response to a specific request. ie "talk about topics X, Y and Z, and be sure to mention that you think he's weak! call him weak, like some sort of big disaster, like a bridge collapsing. ooh, or compare him to 9/11! that'll embarrass him!"

Marvin on Chris knowing that he was the Man in the Pickle Suit

26 January 2018[17]

I'm not in contact with Chris. (Other than the occasional tweet.)

When people troll Chris, they frequently come to me for advice. In the process, they share details about what's going on.

I don't know if Chris specifically knows I was the man in the pickle suit, but I think he'd probably forgive me, a la Adam Stackhouse and the other rehabilitated cwcville enemies. I think he knows my twitter handle is a troll, at least. And he forgave me at magfest for whatever he thinks I've done under my twitter handle.

Why Chris gets trolled

13 May 2018[18][19]

In response to a user's comment, "When you have a person like Chris who lays it out there for the world to see and gets trolled time and time again but keeps doing it, I find it hard to feel sympathy for them. I'll admit that making him do some of the things trolls have done in the past was pretty bad, but he set himself up for it.

Moving on, I don't understand why he has to be so public when he knows he's just going to get shit for it. I realize this is Chris we're talking about, but even animals have shown more common sense."

Chris is not smart enough to evade the trolls. He isn't naturally public, he gets duped into doing stuff publicly.

The user then replied, "You don't have to be a fucking rocket scientist to "evade" the trolls. And he isn't naturally public? HE is the one posting his videos online, begging for donations, or doing stupid lets plays and everything else."

I don't think you understand the level of control the trolls have over him. Imagine an old lady in a nursing home, and her carers get her to sign away her money to them.

Thetan Saga

24 June 2018[20]

In response to a user's comment, "Who was Thetan again? As in what did they do to troll Chris?":

She pretended to be Chris' friends from high school. She was before Catherine, after Bob's death during the long period of silence (or maybe right after the silence ended? maybe she ended it? don't remember).

The most notable thing I remember about her saga was that she made up that Borb hired Chris' high school friends. Chris got all sad and ran to Barb for comfort, to ask if it was true. And indeed, she confirmed it as true. (As far as we can trust stuff that Barb says, anyway.)

Marvin answers questions regarding OPERATION: Kingsnake

12 July 2018[21]

In response to a user's comment, "Devoting hours to managing Chris would be the solution that would work best, but nobody has that time. But getting Chris to check in about anything that sounds suspicious could help.":

It takes like 15 minutes a day, tops. Null has the passwords to the accounts. He checks shit, deletes shit. Chris doesn't act on any messages unless Null gives it the OK first. Otherwise it just sits in his inbox. Hell, it's actually an email null set up. Chris specifically has all his business messages go there.

In response to a user's comment, "Okay, so explain - this predated the existence of the filters?"

The filters were from years ago. Chris asked one e-girlfriend in one saga to watch his shit. He stopped trying to balance "troll vs not troll" on his own and just let the e-girlfriend do it. He doesn't read the message, he clicks "forward" or moves it to the "troll info" folder.

He also did it with Rob Bell, as I noted.

Then the next e-girlfriend came along and didn't pick back up on that. Hasn't been a thing since.

And that was back in like 2011? 2012? At the most recent.

Chris's facial blindness and beliefs

19 November 2018[22]

In response to a user's comment, "We are used to associating Autism with a literal and lateral train of thought locked into routine (like Nate Speed or Bryce Cherry with their unmovable bizarre obsessions) but Chris has this realm of magical thinking which is also totally unoriginal and requires prompting by trolls or gal-pals. He's a lot more interactive than a common or garden autist and the fascination he has generated may show that there is something different at work.

It's interesting to hear what you say about Chris requiring and accepting empirical evidence in the way that he will demonstrate an obvious developmental disorder with his gullibility but is also able to lucidly weave a reasonably interesting narrative with the right external stimulus. And he will accept that evidence, many smarter crazies than Chris won't if it conflicts with their internal dialogue.":

The way I see it, Chris, like all autists, has trouble with subtlety. Like with his face blindness. He can latch onto concrete points of interest, like noses, eyes, mouth, but he has trouble noticing if someone's nose is a little too wide, or someone's got bigger lips than average. That's subtle comparison and he's not good at that.

For this reason, I think Chris really doesn't notice how unfeminine he looks or whether or not he's ugly. He looks in the mirror and sees nose, eyes, mouth and he's like "oh, that's... attractive? I think? or maybe not? this is hard". It's also why he autistically focuses on tits and vagina, and completely ignores ass. The difference between a nice ass and a saggy gross ass is harder than the binary choice of vagina vs no vagina.

Honestly, I didn't personally believe his face blindness was that severe until I experienced it myself. I met Chris IRL on two occasions, pretty closely together, and Chris looked me dead in the face and didn't recognize me. Shit was weird.

As this applies to his goofy beliefs, Chris really respects hard, concrete "true or false" narratives. But since you can't really disprove supernatural stuff, it's not falsifiable, Chris gets to just wade around in his fantasies forever without anyone being capable of spoiling his fun.

Chris declaring that the dimensional merge will happen, by the end of 2018, obviously contradicts that. That's something that'll be falsifiable. I believe Chris has only done that out of desperation. Chris is having money troubles, Barb's always at death's door, and he really wants something to fix everything. I believe only desperation has forced Chris to bet everything on black, that the "true or false" narrative will come out in his favor.

If Chris had infinite money, I don't think we'd have a dimensional merge. I think Chris would be content to pretend to be seeing Sonichu around every corner for eternity.

Why Chris Continued Believing Idea Guys Influence

20 November 2018[23]

In response to a user's comment, "This is what I don't understand and maybe you can help me out with this @Marvin

When Chris was talking to Boyd and Wise, he didn't know it was them right? He thought that through discord he was really talking to Hyperdimensional Neptunia characters, Gwenpool, Jesus Christ, and his hedgehog partners. In his mind he didn't see another human being on the other end, so when The Captain told him he was being scammed by two dweebs - did Chris make the connection that all these characters he was talking to were actually two dudes roleplaying?

because he still sticks close to the scenarios they were roleplaying, he still thinks that Magi-Chan confessed his love for Chris. In his mind, that memory is very real and he still doesn't see or admit the reality that it was some autistic dude on the internet. This is different from all the fake girlfriends, for example; when Julie said to Chris "I'm actually a 12 year old boy you pedofork", Chris wasn't saying the next day "that dang Bluespike, but Julie is still very real and I love her!". But here he is doing exactly that! still believing all these characters were real and probably still believing all the conversations and sex he had with them was real too... What gives, does he not realise the reality of the situation?

So on that note, does Chris actually know why he's mad at Wise and Boyd? Because if he doesn't see the full extent of what they did to him, and he's still ignorant to their actions, then what does he perceive them as doing wrong? Is he just mad at them because you guys told him these two did something bad to him, and that was good enough for Chris?

If you were to ask him now who was blackmailing him into punching barb and admitting to pedophilia, would he outright say it was Wise and Boyd or would he say it was Gweenpool and Pitohui and somehow Wise and Boyd were involved..."

"Reality" is a malleable concept to Chris.

To Chris, that these losers were pretending to be imaginary characters doesn't mean they they didn't unwittingly connect with their counterparts in the other dimension or whatever. So yeah, he thinks Wise and Boyd were assholes who stumbled upon some magic or some shit.

Chris is mostly mad about money first and being made to embarrass himself second.

In regards to why he still maintains a lot of their canon, it's because Chris is too invested in his imaginary world to give up on it so easily. I think after Wise and Boyd were outed, he felt really uncomfortable about retconning most of their changes. Because if he retcons the past six months, then fuck, why can't he retcon all of it? That would make him feel really uneasy about the possible reality of his imaginary world.

That reality is most important to him.


25 November 2018[24]

In response to a user's comment, "I also still don't think Chris is on real HRT. That shit requires a pysch eval. I remember some where, some one mentioned the possibility he badgered a walk in clinic for some stuff his mother would take for menopause. But I digress; if a doctor approved him for actual HRT, they are fucking liable for all the health risks included, and who ever approved his pysch eval needs their licenses revoked. Chris is not intelligent enough to understand HRT can lead to early death.":

Not anymore, we've got informed consent nowadays. Basically if you say the right things to a therapist for a few months, they'll write you a recommendation for HRT and send you to an endocrinologist. Chris was referred to one at UVA. They gave him a script and made him sign away liability (the "informed consent" part).

I knew about informed consent awhile ago, but I thought it was just some west coast debauchery. But unfortunately, it has reached the east coast, and a lot faster than I thought it would. For example, another lolcow, ContraPoints, lives in Baltimore, and he managed to scam some titty skittles from a shrink by blabbering the right keywords in like 3 months. FYI, the clinic he went to also offers pediatric trans care, including puberty blockers.

The medical system has thrown its hands up and said "fuck it, do whatever you want, we don't give a fuck anymore".

Welfare Check on Barbara

8 December 2018[25]

In a thread speculating on what will happen when Barbara dies, and in response to a user's comment, "There's a reasonably good chance "we" will find out before the authorities.":

There's no chance of that happening. Chris will lose his shit and call 911 immediately. He's done it before.

Another user commented, "Ah, okay, my bad. I was not aware he'd done so before (I was out of the CWC loop a lot during the last year or two). That's good to hear, though!"

Marvin replied:

It's not a publicly documented story, but one time he was driving like two hours away because he's banned from all the gamestops in the area, and he called to check in on Barb. She was asleep and didn't hear the phone. He flipped out and called 911.

Leaking of Idea Guys Videos

25 December 2018

In a thread on the Teen Troon Squad, and in response to a user's comment, "Wait, people named Devil and Lukas? Are these the same people who bought Chris's porn art for $1000 earlier this year?":

Yes, and they also bought "she came for cwc".[26]

Another user commented, "I hope they're not norking with Wyse & Boyd.".

Marvin answered:

Nah, pretty sure they're independent.[27]

Another user asked, “Then who leaked the All Star and slapping videos on Chris' twitter? There's no way they should have access to those videos. Do you have an explanation?”[28]

Marvin answered:[29]

Why wouldn't they? They just say "oh wow, idea guy was so mean to you, let's see those awful videos they made you make".

The user asked, "Why would Chris keep them though? Nothing about it makes sense to me imo"

Marvin answered:

Hard drive space is cheap. I can't imagine he deletes anything unless he has to.

Subverted White Knights

28 December 2018[30]

In response to a user's comment, "My man, Chris has had at least 10 years of trolling but also 10 years of people white knighting him. People have felt bad for him. People have tried to help him in a number of ways. People have literally told him several times that he's being trolled: Don't talk to Julie it's a troll! Don't reply to Miyamoto it's a troll! Don't put up with Wise's extortion!. Everyone that try to help Chris have to kiss his ass to get anywhere close to him and when they warn him or try to help him Chris blocks them and continues to march into the fire.":

No he didn't. White knights were subverted. Their messages blocked, deleted before Chris could see them. If they got through, trolls would leak their conversations with Chris and accuse the helper of being the culprit. Trolls had a vise-like grip on Chris and that only loosened when they willingly gave up when Bob died.

Since then, other trolls moved in and took up the mantle.

But even if the conversation of who is or isn't a troll comes up with Chris, he's still not playing on level ground.

Someone accuses Julie of being a troll. Julie says she's not a troll. Who should Chris pick?

What if it's two people saying Julie's not a troll? Three? Four? Some of Chris' IRL friends saying she's not a troll? Almost every person in his life?

When people try to help Chris, he's not knowledgeably throwing that help away. He cannot identify help. There's a platter with 20 different options, and one of those options is help, the rest are people trying to fuck him over.

The numbers are not in Chris' favor.

Chris doesn't go to work. He doesn't go to school. He doesn't have peers to socialize with. Think about where your typical 36 year old is in life. No 36 year old is going to befriend Chris. The only people Chris talks to are internet weirdos, usually trying to fuck with him, or the occasional random good samaritan. He's only got a small group of people to socialize with, and most of that group has been filled up by trolls.

They've invaded his life IRL too, as we've seen. People will drive to his house to talk to him. At least two trolls have been inside Chris' house.


13 February 2019[31]

In a thread on the topic of Chris's CPU_CWCSonichu Twitter account. The thread content was a screenshot of a text in which Chris mentioned an ally helping him screen the account.[32] Users speculated on who the ally might be.

What? It's not the captain, it's me. Do you guys not remember this thread? Or this thread? I have access to his email and his social media.

Sometimes when I see screencaps of speds screeching at Chris, I block them.

Idea Guys' Blackmailing

21 April 2019[33]

In response to a user's comment, "The Idea Guy saga. They extorted 6K from him by threatening to blow up CWCville from a moon base witih a laser and he fell for it.":

Well, and they also extracted blackmail material from him, like making him "admit" to being a pedophile and and having him hit Barb and record it. (Like they were like "well, I mean, you thought your classmates were hot when you were in high school, right?? so you found a minor attractive! therefore you're a pedo! QED")

Marvin on lost content regarding the trolling of Chris

26 July 2019[34]

In response to a user's comment, "Yeah. But all that is archived on the forum. Or is that not on there?"

No, something like 90% of what got Chris to make the videos he did was never made public.

On Chris's internet activity

15 September 2023[35]

In response to a user's comment, "plus the restricted Internet activities. It would show a massive increase in self restraint without others instruction."

No, that's pretty ordinary Chris. Chris doesn't necessarily have this driving compulsion to sperg out online.

For example, back in the old days (ie liquid and around then), he really had to be pestered to go online and wasn't very enthused about it naturally. And after Bob died, everyone went hands off and left him alone, so without being pestered to post content, he just slid off and was offline for like three years.

Now certainly nowadays he sees why he can go online to beg for stuff, but I wouldn't describe Chris as super desperate for internet attention, in and of itself. He's desperate for his own weird desires, which sometimes can be acquired online, sometimes not.

On the formation of the CWCki

25 September 2023[36]

In response to a user's comment, "Is it fair to say the Cwcki was sort of an extension of the original Encyclopedia Dramatica page?"

It was more meant to be an alternative.

An issue with ED is that its content is a pretty consistent mixture of both actual embarassing facts and then just random jokes and accusations that are generally understood to be false. (Not that this needs to be a criticism of ED, that might be exactly what you're looking for.)

So there'd be some true facts about Chris, next to an accusation that he secretly indulges in, say, gay porn and spends all his time on grindr hunting for pickles. This was meant to fuck with him and it definitely worked, but it also made figuring out what's true or not difficult.

A decent chunk of people found Chris immensely interesting and they wanted to get the actual scoop on him. Those people were congregating on the ED article talk page and they were cluttering it up with gossip unrelated to maintaining the page. (which is supposed to be the purpose of a talk page)

After a bit, the ED admins got sick of people using the talk page as a forum, so a separate wiki, the cwcki, was made. It had a different thrust from the ED page and it was meant to reliably document what was going on with Chris from an "in-universe" perspective.

After awhile that become kind of untenable as most of the early troll plots had been debunked in Chris' eyes, so in the past few years, it's kinda settled down to just documenting Chris objectively.

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