August 2017

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Please remove your head gear; it's reminding us of Nazis.
According to Chris, the contents of a note he received from church staff on his unicorn cosplay.
Chris in August 2017

August is the eighth month of 2017.


  • 5 August - Doopie makes an account on the Kiwi Farms, where she leaks some of Chris' personal emails sent to her.
  • 7 August - Marvin releases screencaps of Night Star's supposed private conversations with Chris about Doopie.[1]
  • 10 August - Sonichu 12's pages 44-53 are released.
  • 11-13 August - Chris drives to Maryland and attends BronyCon.
  • 14 August - Chris makes a Captain's Log announcing a few new updates on Sonichu 13 and discussing the Bronycon.
  • 15 August - Chris admits that he created the Night Star account to get past Doopie's blocking of him.
  • 16-18 August - Chris uploads in-progress sketches of Sonichu 12 to Patreon. He also announces a two-week delay on sending printed comics to his supporters, as he had spent the money they gave him on BronyCon instead.
  • 20 August - Chris wears his unicorn cosplay from BronyCon to church. He is handed a note by his pastoral counselor asking him to remove it because, according to Chris, it reminded the congregation of Nazis.
  • 21 August - A partial solar eclipse occurs over Virginia. Chris uploads two videos commenting on it. Sorbet is seen, confirming that he is still alive but still suffering lingering issues from being injured months before.
  • 22 August - Chris creates a mini-Sonichu 0 issue for his Spike figure, in which the comic Chris is replaced by Night Star, and tweets photos to Spike's voice actress.
  • 24 August
  • 25 August - Chris uploads the revised cover for Sonichu 12-9, featuring MLP and his ponysona, Night Star, in the place of Planet Dolan. After being scolded by LadyOfTheCosmo for calling her "dear" on Twitter, Chris angrily doubles down on using it, then role plays how he imagines people should use "dear" and "darling" with his NightStar2891 sockpuppet account.
  • 27 August - MLP fandom contributor Nowacking, who gave Chris an autograph at BronyCon, blocks him after he replies to her tweets on relationships and a swarm of weens spam her Twitter with rants to block him. Nowacking doesn't mention her reason for the block. Chris blames the weens.
  • 27-30 August - Chris critiques various caricature drawings of him.
  • 28 August - Fed up with the ween swarm which harasses everyone he tweets to, Chris tries a hashtag campaign, #BlockTheTrolls, to encourage people to block the "many Internet trolls" instead of "heroes" like him. Later, he wistfully comments on how he misses the polite atmosphere from BronyCon.
  • 29 August - A BronyMate dating profile, possibly belonging to Chris, is uncovered by a troll. Chris posts a rant on his frustrations over being blocked and tags Doopie, et al, to read it. Grgak, a Planet Dolan contributor, joins Kiwi Farms to discuss DMs which Chris had sent him.
  • 30 August - Chris uploads A New, Fun Trick!, a video of him poorly rolling his Rs.