February 2010

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On 11 February 2010, Chris still wants to bang Meg Griffin.
On 14 February 2010, Chris handles death and heartbreak with class.
On 18 February 2010, Chris uploads a bunch of Rosechu art that he drew in 2008.
On 23 February 2010, Chris gives a speech.
On 25 February 2010, Chris murders Evan in a totally disgusting way.

At the start of February 2010, Chris was beginning to surrender to the forces of the Asperpedia. He entirely gave up on the hissy fits, and only made desperate, but halfhearted, apologies. After a few failed attempts to weasel his way around them, he eventually completely submitted to the demands of Alec Benson Leary and Evan, and he promised to kill off Simonla and at least show higher tolerance towards the Asperchu ads on the CWCipedia.

While he delivered on the first promise, the second quickly started to cause him stress, since Alec started to use the ad space for his new comic, Sonichu Revolution, which harshly criticized Chris's hypocrisy, sexism, intellectual property theft, and the other kinds of stupid behavior and beliefs he exhibited on a regularly basis. In a typical Chris-like fashion, this criticism went completely over his head, and his reasons for not liking Sonichu Revolution were the violence and its similarity to Sonichu.

The official Sonichu comic progressed very slowly because all the stress caused by following Alec's demands caused Chris to crash into slumber again. This also led to an almost complete neglect of the mailbag. When Chris finally came back to answer the letters, his responses were far from adequate. At the end of the month, Chris completed Sonichu 10, ending it off in the most violent of fashions, killing off Simonla Rosechu...then turning around and killing Alec, Evan, Mao, and Sean for making him do so. For his troubles, Jack Thaddeus resumed his ads.

Chris recovered just in time for his birthday, which kicked off with a shameless display of self-praise. He also began to write character bios on CWCipedia, in which he acknowledged some details trolls have known for ages, such as Sonichu's evilness.

Perhaps the biggest mystery of this month was the sudden appearance of another human male in Chris's room, a man who actually put up with Chris's bullshit. This would prove to be one of the more puzzling developments of Chris's life.

Events of February 2010

  • 1 February - The Sysop uploads Mailbag 52, Chris answers Mailbag 51.
  • 1 February - Chris uploads a new video addressing the "Royal Board of Certification" in London then uploads another video Curse-ye-ha-me-haing Mao for his Asperchu ads and then then apologizes to Alec and Evan, but not Mao or Sean.
  • 2 February - The Sysop uploads Mailbag 53. Chris uses his blog to tell his nonexistent personal army to email Mao about the new ads.
  • 3 February - The Sysop uploads Mailbag 54.
  • 4 February - The Sysop uploads Mailbag 55, in which Chris gets a conditional date offer from a deceased porn star.
  • 5 February - Chris changes his featured quote to reflect his current status of not being dead.
  • 5 February - Chris uploads a pair of videos in which he assures YouTube that he is alive, offers to kill off Simonla, and talks about rape and hamsters.
  • 6 February - The CWCipedia is locked to edits due to a cease and desist regarding Simonla Rosechu.
  • 6 February - Chris sends The Wallflower a brief email.
  • 8 February - The CWCipedia is wiped out, replaced by a link to Asperpedia. However, due to a bug, it redirects to an MMO game Dogs of the Seas.
  • 8 February - Chris writes to The Wallflower about "Ghost Hunters" and snow.
  • 9 February - Chris makes a video about how Alec, Evan, Mao and Sean have destroyed the undestroyable.
  • 9 February - Mao leaks seven phone conversations between Alec and Chris.
  • 10 February - Chris draws a portrait of The Wallflower.
  • 11 February - Chris once again makes a scene in Family Guy when Meg Griffin is a hot chick the featured video on his YouTube page, but is taken down due to a copyright claim from Twentieth Century Fox.
  • 13 February - Evan releases the Simonla death pages.
  • 14 February - CWCipedia is back to normal, but with ads to Sonichu Revolution up.
  • 14 February - A third page of Sonichu Revolution is added. Chris updates his blog.
  • 14 February - Chris promotes Sonichu using the "Got milk?" campaign, but as usual does not have permission to use the phrase from the party behind the copyrighted quote.
  • 14 February - Chris barely answers Mailbag 52, and amends his comment on gay soldiers.
  • 14 February - Chris posts a new Captains Log blog post, in which he claims to have found a "girl friend."
  • 15 February - The Wallflower declines Chris's offer of a date this week.
  • 16 February - Chris tries again to set up a date with The Wallflower.
  • 16 February - Chris adds a Character Bio page which still includes Simonla and BILLY MAYS. A fourth page of Sonichu Revolution is added.
  • 17 February - Chris answers Mailbag 53; the Sysop uploads Mailbag 57. A fifth page of Sonichu Revolution is added.
  • 18 February - Chris corresponds with The Wallflower and they discuss collaborating on a book about owls.
  • 18 February - Chris uploads Page 75, and a terribly formatted page for Rosechu. A sixth and seventh page of Sonichu Revolution is added.
  • 18 February - An eighth phone conversation between Alec and Chris is leaked.
  • 23 February - Chris post the video Christian Love Day only to prove how megalomaniacal he really is.
  • 24 February - Chris turns 28 years old. His parents drag him to some restaurant.
  • 24 February - Chris posts a new video where he transforms from his obese, ugly self into a skinny, handsome stranger.
  • 25 February - Chris uploads pages 78 to 98 of Sonichu 10, killing off Simonla Rosechu and Alec, Evan, Sean and Mao in his bloodiest comic yet.
  • 25 February - Chris writes to The Wallflower and tells her he's looking forward to coming to her house that evening.
  • 26 February - A ninth phone call between Chris and Alec is released, in which they discuss Sonichu 10 and Christian Love Day.
  • 27 February - The Wallflower tells Chris she isn't interested in a relationship. He says he'll back off.
  • 28 February - Chris asks The Wallflower if she'd like to go out for dinner and a movie later in the week.