August 2008

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On 12 August 2008, Chris announces an interview with Robert Simmons V.

August was the eight month of 2008, and arguably where it all began.

Chris made his second public video, where he declares war against ED again. When the site is down, he celebrates victory, only for it to be relinquished when it goes back up. For the rest of the month, he continues his search for a girlfriend and makes a few more videos. He develops a relationship with Blanca Weiss, getting her phone number in the process. He also catches up with Vivian Gee and draws more Sonichu episodes. Things were looking up for Chris.


  • 3 August - Chris's second message. He declares war against ED in a video, and blames his breakup with Megan on ED.[1]
  • 5 August - "Chris Chan" is the "Article of the Now" on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
  • 6 August
    • Chris shows his anger for Jason Kendrick Howell, creator of the ED page.[2]
    • Chris sends an e-mail to several news stations, hoping that they will air it to gather support for him.
  • 8 August - Chris declares victory over ED, as the site is offline. He is, however, mistaken.[3]
  • 9 August - On the PSN Blogs, Chris complains about not being able to import data to his PS3.
  • 10 August - Someone on MySpace named "jessi" thanks Chris for the add and wishes him luck in his "search for love."
  • 11 August - Another MySpace friend thanks Chris for the add.
  • 12 August
    • "Kino" wishes Chris luck in his "quest for a boyfriend free girlfriend" on MySpace.
    • Chris asks his pastor if she could screen the "girls" who contact him over the internet.
    • Chris promises to interview Robert Simmons V in his next Sonichu comic.
  • 13 August - Yet another MySpace compadre wishes Chris luck in his Sweetheart Search.
  • 14 August - A woman on MySpace thanks Chris for the add and says she'd like to chat.
  • '15 August
  • 16 August - Chris finally responds to Vivian Gee's e-mail she sent him in 2007.[5] She tells him that she could be interviewed in his comic.
  • 17 August
  • 18 August - Bob writes a letter to Chris about Sonichu.[6]
  • 19 August - First correspondence between Blanca and Chris.[7] Jiggliami is created.
  • 19 or 20 August - Lolisa Rosechu is created.
  • 20 August
    • Chris tells Blanca he's interested in a relationship with her.
    • Chris draws the first part of Sonichu #8.
  • 21 August
    • Chris tells Blanca that he has a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica, but that she shouldn't look at it.
    • A fan sends Chris a video on MySpace and salutes him for bringing down ED.
  • 22 August - Chris asks Blanca her opinions on porn.
  • 23 August - Chris tells Blanca he wants to see her on webcam or YouTube.
  • 25 August
    • Chris writes to Blanca that he'd like to know her full name.
    • Chris updates his CWC's Sonichu Site!, now at
  • 26 August
    • Chris tells Blanca about his site upgrade.
    • Chris draws a first sketch of Simonla Rosechu, based on an idea by Evan.
  • 27 August - Chris again tells Blanca he wants a relationship with her, and that she should get a webcam.
  • 28 August
    • In a new video, Chris talks about the Sonichu game.[8]
    • Chris tells Blanca he likes her, and rages against ED.
    • According to Lucas, Chris is permabanned from the Game Place by Michael for getting into a screaming fight with a small kid. (This is probably an erroneous date.)[9]
    • A MySpace fan praises Chris for the latest issue of Sonichu.
  • 29 August
    • Chris tells Blanca again that he wants to see her in a YouTube video.
    • Another fan on MySpace asks Chris if he could contribute idea for his comic.
  • 30 August
    • Blanca sends another photo of herself to Chris, and he gives her his phone number.
    • Two more fans posts brief notes of praise on Chris's MySpace page.
  • 31 August
    • Another MySpace fan posts a picture of Chris's "ponysona."
    • Chris describes the upcoming Episode 17 of his comic to Blanca.