March 2017

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Chris, in March.

March is the third month of 2017. In this month, Chris began pawning off his father's stamp collection for cash.

I say to Joel Doe, Suck It Up, kid. If a lack of a penis on someone bothers you, look at someone else who has one. After all, a penis is an outward-grown clitoris.
Chris, 24 March, suggesting how to combat transphobia.






  • 1 March - Chris offers parts of Bob's stamp collection for sale.
  • 2 March - Most of Chris's profit from selling stamps is wiped out after he spends over $50 on toys.
  • 3 March - Chris lists his personal stamp album for $1,000.
  • 7 March - Chris erases the remainder of his profit from sales of Bob's stamps by spending $30 on Lego Worlds for PS4 on its release date.
  • 7 March - On Twitter, Chris rants at TV writer Danny Zuker and voice actress Tara Strong about his half-brother Cole Smithey.
  • 7 March - Chris shills for meal service Blue Apron and posts a photo of his food.
  • 11 March - Chris shitposts on Twitter.
  • 17 March - For St. Patrick's Day, Chris draws a picture of Son-Chu.
  • 18 March - A video is uploaded of Chris singing lyrics from Sesame Street in the voice of a character from My Little Pony.
  • 19 March - Chris begs on Facebook for people to buy more stamps, saying "My mother and I can Really do with the money." At that point, he had made $85 in sales then quickly spent $90 on toys.
  • 21 March - Upon learning that a brony convention is offering free admission for volunteers, Chris asks them to pay his gas for him to drive there. The con is in California, meaning a $500 round trip cost.
  • 21 March - After reading this wiki's entry on Son-Chu, Chris comments on his inspiration for it.
  • 21 March - Chris is hypnotized by a gif of a furry and tweets about it.
  • 23 March - Chris hits on DoopieDoOver (an artist for the Planet Dolan YouTube channel), after tweeting random replies to her for two weeks.
  • 24 March - Chris offers some advice for people uncomfortable with sharing locker rooms with transgenders.
  • 27 March - A raffle is announced by Chris. Participants can enter by purchasing one of the stamps on his Ebay for a chance to win prizes such as a Son-Chu figure or Chris's Skylanders avatar.