March 2017

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Chris, in March.

March is the third month of 2017. In this month, Chris began pawning off his father's stamp collection for cash. He also began regularly tweeting to DoopieDoOver, setting the stage for the first major saga of the year.

I say to Joel Doe, Suck It Up, kid. If a lack of a penis on someone bothers you, look at someone else who has one. After all, a penis is an outward-grown clitoris.
Chris, 24 March, suggesting how to combat transphobia.






  • 1 March - Chris offers parts of Bob's stamp collection for sale.
  • 2 March - Most of Chris's profit from selling stamps is wiped out after he spends over $50 on toys.
  • 3 March - Chris lists his personal stamp album for $1,000.
  • 7 March - Chris erases the remainder of his profit from sales of Bob's stamps by spending $30 on Lego Worlds for PS4 on its release date.
  • 7 March - On Twitter, Chris rants at TV writer Danny Zuker and voice actress Tara Strong about his half-brother Cole Smithey.
  • 7 March - Chris shills for meal service Blue Apron and posts a photo of his food.
  • 11 March - Chris shitposts on Twitter.
  • 17 March - For St. Patrick's Day, Chris draws a picture of Son-Chu.
  • 18 March - A video is uploaded of Chris singing lyrics from Sesame Street in the voice of a character from My Little Pony.
  • 19 March - Chris begs on Facebook for people to buy more stamps, saying "My mother and I can Really do with the money." At that point, he had made $85 in sales then quickly spent $90 on toys.
  • 21 March - Upon learning that a brony convention is offering free admission for volunteers, Chris asks them to pay his gas for him to drive there. The con is in California, meaning a $500 round trip cost.
  • 21 March - After reading this wiki's entry on Son-Chu, Chris comments on his inspiration for it.
  • 21 March - Chris is hypnotized by a gif of a furry and tweets about it.
  • 23 March - Chris hits on DoopieDoOver (an artist for the Planet Dolan YouTube channel), after tweeting random replies to her for two weeks.
  • 24 March - Chris offers some advice for people uncomfortable with sharing locker rooms with transgenders.
  • 27 March - A raffle is announced by Chris. Participants can enter by purchasing one of the stamps on his Ebay for a chance to win prizes such as a Son-Chu figure or Chris's Skylanders avatar.