August 2016

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Chris in August

August was the eighth month of 2016. Chris continued to fret about money throughout this month, revealing that the mortgage on 14 Branchland Court is $115,000. His efforts to improve his cash flow consisted primarily of continuing to make videos for paying customers. Despite his bills, however, Chris saw no problem spending money on hormone vitamins and other frivolities. Chris spent the last weekend of the month at OmegaCon convention in Charlottesville.

Chris also notably admitted on Facebook that he had incestual dreams and thoughts about his mother, Barbara. In hindsight, this at the time weird one-off Facebook post is rather disturbing.

Posts from this month


Videos from this month


  • 1 August - Chris provides a Facebook link to the trailer for Project Sonic.
  • 5 August - Chris announces on Facebook that he's being doing a lot of housecleaning. He also requests money for more Oestrogel.
  • 6 August - Chris celebrates the closing of PayPal's Kiwi Farms account, and wonders if he can get compensation from PayPal for the trolling abuse he's suffered.
  • 8 August - Chris posts a photo of a Ruckersville dragon statue on Facebook.
  • 8 August - Chris uploads a paid video in which he sings a song, poorly.
  • 8 August - Chris films himself reading the second chapter of A Girl Who Brought Down the World.
  • 9 August - It's discovered that Barb is being sued by another bank and that Chris had to pay a hefty set of fines for failing to acquire licenses for his and Barb's dogs, Clover and Snoopy.
  • 9 August - Chris relists his Birthday Pikachu card on eBay for a ridiculous $500.
  • 9 August - On Facebook, Chris complains about stress and his erratic sleep schedule.
  • 9 August - Chris remembers an I Love Lucy episode on Facebook.
  • 9 August - Chris tells his Facebook friends that he liked an episode of the YouTube series "Dolan Life Mysteries."
  • 10 August - Chris buys female hormone vitamins, typically used for relieving menopause symptoms, from eBay.
  • 10 August - Chris defends incest on Facebook, but claims that while he's had sexual dreams about his mother, he has never acted on them.
  • 10 August - Anna McLerran posts a photo on Facebook of herself and Barbara in an unknown location with the caption "I'm ugly af but I just love this woman". This is the first time Anna has been seen interacting with any of the Chandlers in person since she moved to Utah in 2005.
  • 11 August - In a Facebook post, Chris demands that his half brother Cole apologize to him and his mother and give them money.
  • 12 August - Chris reiterates on Facebook that he does not like socializing online.
  • 13 August - Chris posts a photo of his cat Lucy on Facebook.
  • 13 August - Chris announces on Facebook that he's too tired to fulfill orders, and claims to have ADD.
  • 13 August - Chris posts a Facebook comment referring to God as "Goddess' Emmanuelle."
  • 13 August - Chris makes a short paid video giving a shout-out to fan Shelly.
  • 15 August - Chris rants against Facebook and online socializing.
  • 17 August - On Facebook, Chris expresses confusion about the slang term V-card.
  • 18 August - Chris posts another photo of cat Lucy on Facebook.
  • 18 August - Chris gives a negative review of Burger King's Whopperito, saying that it gave him diarrhea.
  • 18 August - Chris produces another short paid video for fan McKenna's birthday.
  • 20 August - Chris shares the news on Facebook that he has entered a LEGO contest.
  • 20 August - Chris comments on a marketing video for Pokemon's Team Rocket.
  • 21 August - Chris reminds everyone on Facebook that he is a "Lesbian TransWoman."
  • 23 August - Chris leaves a Facebook comment about transitioning issues and "soul."
  • 23 August - In Singing an ol' diddy, Chris sings his greatest hit, "So Need a Cute Girl," by paid request. He changes some of the lyrics.
  • 23 August - Chris reads two more chapters of A Girl Who Brought Down the World in a video. After this he loses interest.
  • 24 August - Chris tells his Facebook friends that he will be attending OmegaCon and hopes to see them there.
  • 24 August - Chris makes a video request for a 3D printer.
  • 25 August - Chris begins his weekend at OmegaCon. He posts a photo on Facebook of himself at the convention.
  • 26 August - Chris uploads uncolored drawings of Sonichu and Rosechu offering life advice.
  • 26 August - Chris discusses Pokemon possibilities at OmegaCon with other attendees on Facebook.
  • 26 August - Chris comments about a comic called "Rabbichoso" on Facebook.
  • 27 August - Chris discusses bringing his monitor to OmegaCon with other participants on Facebook.
  • 28 August - Chris tells Facebook that he is currently playing vidya at OmegaCon, with photographic evidence.
  • 30 August - Chris makes a paid birthday greeting for a fan named Ty.
  • 30 August - Chris posts a photo of a furry at OmegaCon dressed as a red fox, saying that it reminded him of Fred Sanford.
  • 31 August - Chris begs his Facebook friends to pay his mortgage of $115,000.