June 2010

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On 4 June 2010, Christian's vendetta against those who wronged him continued.
Chris on 18 June 2010, proving to us that he hasn't learned a damn thing.
On 22 June 2010, Chris takes plagiarism to a brand new low.
On 30 June 2010, Chris looks for love on Flipnote Hatena.

June was the sixth month of 2010. It started out uneventful, coming out of Chris making a fourth threat to leave the Internet. Knowing him, many fully expected that Chris would not keep to his word. The first signs of him not staying true to his word was the fact that he continued to log in to his YouTube account. However, some suspect that the real reason he was quiet for the start of the month was ModNation Racers.

The silence was then broken on 4 June. Chris traveled to The GAMe PLACe with the desire to take a picture of Michael Snyder so that he could print it out and put it on a dartboard. Long story short, Chris attempts vehicular homicide while drunk and he's let off scot-free by the police. Two days later, he makes a video addressing these events, and announces that he's leaving the Internet. Again. For the fifth time.

Chris then fell silent for twelve days. As usual, a few unbelievers jumped to the conclusion that the CWC saga was over. The faithful were then rewarded on 18 June, when a field agent spotted Chris at the Fridays After Five event in Charlottesville. He then took several pictures of Chris and uploaded them to the internet for the world to see. In a few of these pictures, he is wearing a sports bra which reads "WANT WOMAN", thus showing that ever since he was compelled to leave the internet by an outside force, he has gone back to the era of the attraction sign. This time around, it's not so much retarded as it is really creepy.

At the same time, trolls discovered where Chris had gone off to -- the Flipnote Hatena, a website created by Nintendo for the Nintendo DSi program Flipnote. Clearly, he has failed to take to heart the advice of whoever is trying to get him to keep off the internet. As well, he's taken his Love Quest to this place, attempting to win hearts only to be attacked by trolls and finding out those he's had interest in are not of his age. Chris would eventually make a full return to making YouTube videos in August.

Events of June 2010

  • 4 June - The Charlottesville Incident. Chris makes a drunken trip to The GAMe PLACe, one of the places he's banned from, takes a photograph of the manajerk Michael Snyder and is confronted by the Snyders and the police.
  • 6 June - On his YouTube account, Michael Snyder claims that Chris tried to take pictures of his daughter and tried to run him over.
  • 6 June - Chris uploads a video addressing Michael Snyder's accusation against him, along with dispelling the rumor that he sexually molests his cats.
  • 10 June - TV Tropes' article on Sonichu gets deleted and locked due to "negativity."
  • 17 June - TV Tropes' article gets partly restored, but is still locked (and as of 2024, remains locked) to prevent an edit war.
  • 18 June - Chris's half-brother Cole Smithey becomes an object of hate to the general public after he gives the first negative review to the otherwise critically-acclaimed Toy Story 3.
  • 18 June - Chris attends the Fridays After Five‎ event, dressed as a gay trucker and acting like a pedofork.
  • 19 June - Clyde Cash informs the CWCki of Chris's Flipnote Hatena account, giving trolls yet another way to monitor Chris's actions since he "left the internet."
  • 21 June - Chris uploads his second Flipnote creation: an oddly un-Chris-like animation of a stick figure going nowhere, with a high-pitched hum as the only sound. He describes the note as an "Ultimate Nightmare."
  • 22 June - Chris continues his Flipnote Hatena spree with a message about anti-bad mouthing.
  • 24 June - Chris adds in another Flipnote animation filled with failed random access humor.
  • 25 June - Chris posts two new Flipnote animations full of stolen random access humor.
  • 26 June - The CWCipedia, along with the entirety of the original CWCki and PVCC, is terminated from the 110mb server.
  • 27 June - In a new Flipnote, Chris claims he is not crazy. He also posts his shitty song about cow milk.
  • 28 June - Chris uploads Edit Me and solicits himself to the Flipnote community.
  • 29 June - Chris uploads An Ol' Classic Dream, practically breaking all Flipnote Hatena rules, and wanting attention just for an uncensored version. Then, it gets removed, but he reposts it again, but gets removed hours later. Then, the third got removed a minute after posting. Will he ever learn? He puts up a fourth Flipnote, which reuses the Sonichu and Rosechu from Edit Me and shouts out to all the wimmens. (SPOILER: He doesn't learn, ever.)
  • 30 June - Chris uploads CWC 3D Voice Check, this time showcasing his abilities in 3D and his good impressions, including Popeye, and Optimus Prime Not to mention ripping off Monty Python's Flying Circus again, as well as reminding us all of Flying Elephants. Soon after, this video was mysteriously removed.