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Chris tries to call out everyone and demands True and Honest Content

Edit Me is Chris's ninth animation posted to the Flipnote Hatena on 27 June 2010.

The Edit Me begins with an artist creating a relatively blank character template and tagging another user. The tagged person must draw characters onto the template left by the starter, converting it into a picture of their own, and then include a tag of another user, starting a chain of individual drawings based on the same template. Being Chris, he added in everyone's favorite Electric Hedgehog Pokémon and his wife, but in a creepy humanoid form resembling something more of a furry fetish, as a result of his bad drawing skill and the human-shaped template.

Chris then goes on to tag a long list of people, most of them obvious trolls, asking for HONEST responses only. He ends the animation with the phrase "I HAVE SPOKEN!"

Unsurprisingly, Chris isn't tagged in the chain; he added his characters in completely uninvited, once again proving he has to shove his fat ass into everything he sees. Somewhat more baffling is the fact that Chris has this note locked for editing, meaning that even if you did download the animation to a DSi, you would not be able to edit it. While this is consistent with Chris's feelings on people altering his work, it makes no sense at all in the context.


Edit Me
Stardate 27 June 2010
Subject Matter ComedyComedy Gibberish, FlipnoteFlipnote Flipnote
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Tagged Flipnote
An Ol' Classic Dream


As in Don'tGetTrolled!, the majority of content in this flipnote is not created by Chris. As such this transcript will only concern itself with the parts Chris added.

[At 0:26, a picture of Sonichu and Rosechu, drawn using the template appears. A very long message is displayed piece by piece in the margin.]

© 3/00 C.W.C. SonichuRosechu

Music: Fast Car - Wyclef Jean

*Bear W. me; Taggin' a lot...

Listed from Past Comments Received... And Those who Do Not HAVE TO PURCHASE A DSi... Register them on nintendo.com, download F.N. Studio and link with their Hatena Account.

TAG: EnterGodMode Dsm56 Beat HelloMeV3 Jimathan_T_Hill_101 Ghost_of_Bob_Chandler JonSaskawan PandasPoopIt CirclingVulture Shii YouBadger111 DJYellow22 Charlie Holdden_McLock Red_Skelton Eric CWCSonichu chinamaster Asperger_Syndrome My_Duck_Is_Bent Sonee-Rosey-BabyS3x And Sonychu (Hatena ID). HONEST RESPONSE ONLY...


I HAVE SPOKEN! Christian W. Chandler, © 3/00

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