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Chris's newest attraction photo
Now in color!

For Women ONLY is Chris's tenth addition to the Flipnote Hatena, posted on 30 June 2010.

When his three attempts to post his infamous water maze dream failed, Chris went for a more subtle approach, calling out every female member of the site that has ever put a message in his works. Once again, he attempts to get others to tag in — i.e., edit the note to add their own thoughts — but Chris, paragon of intelligence that he his, locked his creation to edits.

In typical Chris fashion, not only is he completely unable to keep his love quest offline like he promised, he falls into the "honesty" trap and announces there are "online derogatories" about him, thereby ensuring that any passing boyfriend-free girls are going to look them up.

Also, if you look at the responses from the female users of Flipnote Hatena, you'll notice that many of them say "What's going on?" or "You look old!" or "Flipnote is NOT a dating service!" Chris is already getting told off by da ladies, most of whom are in their tweens and early teens.

Not surprisingly, the video was taken off of Flipnote Hatena. But not before it got preserved for historical purposes!


For Women ONLY
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Stardate 30 June 2010
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An Ol' Classic Dream
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[The flipnote starts with a screen reading "For Women ONLY" covered in stars and hearts. The same song that played in Edit Me is playing again]]


The last F.N. I remixed where I tagged some users, it was out of rooting

them out as the Trolls they were. My apologies for any confusion.

This time, however, I am Tagging for sharing Pleasant and Good Tidings. [heart and smiley face]

No "Ten Facts" Required in response; only a smile and a happy thought. [smiley face]

[From 0:11 to 0:18, it's the picture of Sonichu and Rosechu from Edit Me.]

[Heart]Tags! Special [heart] to non-Hatena Luv2Jax and HADalley

Pinkster, SakuraBlossom, BrittanyPretty, Summers3594, Kanoko-cha

5ug@h, yumiko, AnimeAngel, Jessica, kutie101,

Nakomy, Raze, Elizabeth, SonBlue9[star], BlackRose, darkrose40,

And [heart]s to ALL of the True, Sweet, Kind and Honest women...

Around the world.

[From 0:30 to 0:38 is a grayscale picture of Chris in his gay trucker outfit, which is so blurry it could be a sonogram photo.]

Also, if you like me too, or at least think I'm cute/handsome, Add [star]s to this F.N. [heart, smiley face]

Ignore all derogatories online, please.

Have a Safe & Good Day. Love and Peace, Christian W. Chandler.

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