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CWC 3D Voice Check is Chris's eighth addition to the Flipnote Hatena which was uploaded on 30 June 2010.

Unlike his previous heavy handed attempts at popularity and ego, Chris falls back on impressions, imitating those such as Optimus Prime, Meatwad, Inspector Gadget, and Popeye. Each imitation is separated by a static screen, an idea he probably stole from Robot Chicken. He also plagiarizes Monty Python's running joke, "And now for something completely different"; after ripping off this line, he mentions Monty Python's Flying Elephants. While Chris's impersonations aren't quite as bad as one would at first assume based on his previous attempts, they still display a complete lack of skill and practice, and are not impressive in the least.

Interestingly, Chris tries his hand at 3-D, but it doesn't work. This was inspired by another 3-D flipnote Chris commented on which he called "geinus" [sic]. This, of course, meant that he would steal it.

The Flipnote was later taken down, most likely due to Flipnote Hatena's rules regarding copyright. If not, then because of his signature, as sharing one's name is another violation of the rules.

Along with most of his previous works, CWC 3D Voice Check was re-uploaded, unaltered, after his ban evasion on 24 July.

All of these impressions would return (almost verbatim) in a video made close to six years later.


CWC 3D Voice Check
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Stardate 30 June 2010
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[The flipnote is meant to be viewed as if it were an Anaglyph 3D film; there are overlapping red and blue versions of the drawing to give it a simple 3-D style]

IN 3-D!


Some "CWC" Voice Checks

[Four cartoon characters, some of whom Chris has used before, appear one after the other on the screen, with a drawing of TV-Set style "Static" in between. Each one is voiced by Chris, giving some stock lines from each character.]

Optimus Prime: "Autobots, transform and roll out!"
Meatwad: "I'm Meatwad, I'm a ball of meat..."
Inspector Gadget: "Stop in the name of the Law! Sorry about that, Chief!
Popeye: "A-g-g-g-g-g-g-gug! I eats me spinach every day!"

[Chris voices each screen after this in his terrible British accent.]

And now for something completely different...




Have a good and safe Day. Christian W. Chandler

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