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From 17 June 2010 to 1 July 2010, Chris discovered, abused, and lost a way to put videos on the web without reliance on YouTube. For two frantic weeks, Chris churned out animation after animation until he was temporarily banned. But regardless of where Chris uploads his videos, the TheCWCvilleLibrary will provide mirrors and our team of Christorians will provide transcripts and summaries.

A lot of his Flipnotes have been deleted from the Flipnote Hatena site, either due to pornographic content or, to Chris's chagrin, including your real name. On 31 May 2013, with Hatena shut down, all of his flipnotes are now gone.

Chris's Flipnotes

Chris's trembling first step into a bold new world of unwatchable garbage.
  • Unnamed Sonichu Drawing 17 June 2010
    An unmoving picture of Sonichu, proving once again that Chris's "original" creation will infect every host it is presented with for the rest of Chris's life. It has been taken down. Re-uploaded upon his ban evasion on 24 July and deleted on 26 July.
  • UltimateNightmare 21 June 2010
    A strange loop of a stick figure walking in place while a high-pitched tone plays in the background. According to Chris, the figure is walking at a rate of 1/8 of a millimeter per hour, when in reality it doesn't move anywhere.
  • Don'tGetTrolled! 22 June 2010
    A "parody" of another animation Chris commented on extensively. Chris adds very little to the original, scrawling in some laughable anti-troll messages, and, of course, inserting a picture of Sonichu. It was taken down, and uploaded again on July 24.
  • HippoOnYourHead 24 June 2010
    A bizarre short in which Chris makes a failed attempt at random-access humor by dropping a hippopotamus on a child's head, then defacing his shattered corpse.
  • RandomHumor1 25 June 2010
    A two-part animation, in which all the dialogue is stolen directly from Peanuts. The second part has been taken down. Both parts re-uploaded on July 24, with the second part deleted on July 26.
  • RandomSong1 27 June 2010
    A short animation of a farmer not understanding a cow. Contains yet another example of random-access humor, and is therefore infuriatingly unfunny.
  • Tagged Flipnote 27 June 2010
    Chris writes a load of nonsense about his one true love: himself. Taken down.
  • Edit Me 28 June 2010
    Chris demands a bunch of trolls prove their honesty by joining him in an edit meme. Tech-savvy as he is, he locked the file for editing. It was later taken down.
  • An Ol' Classic Dream 29 June 2010
    Chris breaks every rule Flipnote Hatena has by animating one of his sex dreams. Unsurprisingly, it was promptly taken down, and Chris tried several times to reupload it, including after evading his ban on July 24. A later version included hastily-drawn clothes in order to fit the animation within the site's rules.
  • For Women ONLY 30 June 2010
    After failing to reupload "An Ol' Classic Dream", Chris attempts to bait every female user who has commented on his previous Flipnotes by tagging them all. But once again, this Flipnote is counter-productively locked from editing. Later taken down.
  • CWC 3D Voice Check 30 June 2010
    Chris tries his hand at 3D, as well as doing some terrible impersonations of cartoon characters he likes. It was quickly taken down. Put back up on July 24 and taken down on July 26.
  • 3DS Flipnote 12 June 2011
    Almost a year after his last Flipnote, Chris returns with a new one demanding that Flipnote Studio be ported to the 3DS. For some reason the audio is at double speed and high-pitched, making it near impossible to understand without slowing it down. As with "Don'tGetTrolled!", the Flipnote is just a slightly modified version of someone else's.
  • Hippo Flipnote 19 June 2011
    Evidently having returned to Flipnote Hatena, Chris uploads a 3-second animation of a hippo pacing back and forth.