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Good grief!

Peanuts is a comic by Charles Schulz.

Mentions by Chris

  • Chris uploaded RandomHumor1 to his Flipnote Hatena account. Complete with horrendous drawings and obnoxious high-pitched voices, the animation plagiarizes the Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show episode "Sally at School" word for word.
  • He also mentioned Charlie Brown in Christian Weston Chandler's FUTURE MESSAGE, but only to distinguish what kind of peanuts he was talking about.
  • Kevin the Jew from Sonichu #11 is for some reason drawn like a Peanuts character.
  • Chris posted about loving the Peanuts movie in November 2015.
  • Chris made a drawing depicting his pony avatar talking to another pony avatar about a kite-eating tree.
  • Barbara's now-deceased dog is named Snoopy.
  • While incarcerated at Central Virginia Regional Jail, Chris created "The Schulz Collection," a collection of five pieces of jail art all dated 11/26/2022, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Charles Schulz. They depict Sonichus and Rosechus interacting with the Peanuts gang, with one including Mr. Schulz himself. Some depict events of the 1970s, but one shows a Team Rocket base in 2005. These were all sent to Praetor, who listed them for sale on Etsy for $175 each.