November 2015

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Chris in November.
The post in question.

November is the 11th month of 2015. It's the first full-month following the start of Chris's probation. This month also marks Chris's full transition back to his old self, as seen in the numerous videos he releases. However, this might have been contributed to Waterman's antics, who has just joined the Kiwi Farms and has been forcing Chris to look at certain stuff or post Facebook posts. Fortunately, Chris booted him off later this month.


  • 1 November - Chris uploads to YouTube one of the creepiest videos since the Tomgirl Saga began, "HelloLadyFans."
  • 2 November - Chris offers a three-piece set of Amiibo on Etsy: "Pre-2011 Christian Weston Chandler," "Post-2011 Christine Weston Chandler," and Chris-chan Sonichu.
  • 3 November - Chris provides a link to his new video on Facebook, and adds a photo request both there and on YouTube.
  • 10 November - A plea for Cole Smithey, David Alan Chandler, and Carol Chandler to "remember" his family, "Family Needs to appreciate Family", is uploaded to Youtube. He makes a request for them to contact Barb "before her time runs out".
  • 10 November - Chris makes three custom Jerkop amiibos that resemble the three family members above. They are uploaded to Facebook and are tagged with their names.
  • 11 November - Chris uploads "Sonichu and Rosechu figure collection toy battle!" to YouTube. He films himself playing with his Amiibos. He also provides a link on Facebook, advertising his Amiibos.
  • 11 November - A picture of 14 Branchland Court dating back to June found on Bing Maps is leaked onto the CWCki Forums.
  • 12 November - "Donation Options Reviewed." is uploaded to Youtube. This is one of his longest videos, where he explains the functions of his amiibos.
  • 15 November - Chris makes a tactful post on Facebook about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, comparing them to battles between heroes and villains in cartoons. The post in question is also a shining example of how no matter what happens, Chris simply can't resist putting Sonichu and Rosechu into everything he does.
  • 15 November - Chris states that Youtube's CwcvilleGuardian account is owned by him, despite no allegations to the contrary and the utter obviousness of this being the case.
  • 16 November - A timely post directed at Alec Benson Leary is placed on Facebook, stating that Sonichu is, was, and always will be in ownership of Chris.
  • 18 November - Chris attempts to dox somebody for the first time in ages. This time, the target is one "Francine", who is currently making a fangame about Chris much to his displeasure. Having sneered at her for being transgendered, it seems that his transformation back into his old self is almost complete... with one thing missing.
  • 24 November - Chris gets a new cat, Pollo.
  • 24 November - Chris rants about the trolls on Facebook.
  • 26 November - Thanksgiving Day.
  • 27 November - Black Friday, and the start of the Christmas retail season in America. Chris promised on the 15th that he would provide some deals on his products for this date.
  • 29 November - Chris releases three new videos concerning a Sonichu television jingle, the Sonichu amiibos, and a boycott on several large retail chains.
  • 30 November - A photo of a piece of paper lying on Chris's bed is uploaded to Facebook. Chris compares its resemblance to a stray cat as "a fun[ny] visual" and a "fun laugh".