December 2011

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December 2011 was the final month in what was arguably the darkest year in Chris' life, until 2014 came by.

Rocky makes a dumb mistake.


  • 7 December - Chris changes his voicemail greeting, informing listeners that he is apparently unwell.
  • 8 December - A troll calls Rocky Shoemaker and discovers (by pretending to be a court-appointed psychiatrist) that there is a severe bug infestation at Chris's home.
  • 9 December - Chris changes his voicemail greeting again, apparently feeling better.
  • 15 December - Chris and Barb appear in court over the 28 October 2011 incident. Their case is continued until 5 January 2012.
  • 25 December - Chris celebrates his first Christmas without his father.
  • 26 December - Chris changes his PSN status to "Go Socialize OFFLINE!", possibly attempting to make it "public" that he's sticking to the advice given to him.
  • 27 December - The Hook Cafe is announced to be shutting down.
  • 31 December - The Hook Cafe shuts down.