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While this article examines the coping mechanisms Chris has used over the course of his association with the Internet, it should not be taken as any form of diagnosis, and is based on amateur analysis.
Chris coped during the Idea Guys saga by mentally retreating to his fantasy world and hanging out with his imaginary friends.

Coping is the act of minimizing the impact of stress and problems in life. In order to intentionally avoid any and all unpleasant realities Chris takes coping to unhealthy levels. People cope using multiple different ways that help reduce stress and increase performance whereas Chris uses coping mechanisms such as escapism and nostalgia which are known to be maladaptive and gets absolutely nothing done. Chris can easily be considered the king of escapism, as he does anything he can to avoid dealing with the harsh realities of his life.


Most people cope with stress using a variety of methods, including but not limited to meditating, talking with friends, sleeping, eating or playing video games. Chris follows these but has also developed some maladaptive coping mechanisms such as escapism and nostalgia. These tools in moderation can relieve stress but Chris takes them to unhealthy levels. Coping is used to only temporarily relieve stress, so a person can gather themselves and go finish the stressful task. But Chris uses coping mechanisms for months on end and gets nothing done.

For someone who effectively does nothing, Chris leads a very stressful life, and takes escapism very seriously. The most notable example of escapism includes CWCville, a fictional city that Chris believes to be real along with his imaginary friends… and no, that is not roleplaying: Chris truly believes that CWCville and his characters are real (in both C-197 and 1218).

Chris also shows signs of avoidance behaviours (the act of avoiding stressful situations or feelings), he claims his fictional concept of Dimensional Merge will fix all his problems and pay all his loans once it is complete.

Chris has also pushed nostalgia as far as possible: decades after leaving high school, his mind is still fixated on the positive events that occurred at the time. Recently, Chris bought a school desk, probably to help relive the gal-pal filled days.

Chris 'dusting himself off'

In the years and months prior to September 2011, Chris displayed some degree of being able to move on and away from traumatic events in his life - he'd simply try to throw the events in question to one side before becoming engrossed in whichever new Sweetheart or Troll crossed his field of vision. Following the death of his father, Chris has lost this coping mechanism - after a protracted period of grieving, Chris instead began using maladaptive coping methods (excluding Flouncing and Death threats) that gradually evolved into their current state over the ensuing 8-9 years, among which are Escapism (Astral projection, the Dimensional Merge), Rationalisation ("I can't go to BABScon because of COVID-19, so it must be a part of the merge!"), Dissociation and Safety behaviors (Spirit possession), and Sensitization (i.e. flipping out over blocks on Twitter, resulting in the Soft Exile).


Main article: Chris and nostalgia

Like many people, Chris has a strong sense of nostalgia for past events. Unlike many people, Chris has used nostalgia as a crutch, and prefers to retreat into his rose-tinted view of the past instead of confronting issues facing him in the present day.

Death threats

Main article: Death threats

One of Chris's most vociferous coping mechanisms, and one alongside Flouncing which predates the newer examples, Chris genuinely believes that wishing death on people is a valid coping mechanism and response to stressful situations; recipients of these death threats include Trolls of the Classic Era such as Clyde Cash, Vivian Gee, Liquid Chris, Jack Thaddeus and Alec Benson Leary, President of the United States of America, Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, former friend Megan Schroeder, and even every employee at Sega, to name just a small number of them.


Damn trolls. Your bullying is not appreciated, even locally. So you can just take your bullyings, and bully yourselves. If you want to do- if you want- if you're bored, go work around the house. Go take a walk. 'Cause you don't need the internet. You don't need to stay cooped up inside, you just need to go outside, and enjoy life, and the sun, and the days you have to live.
Chris, suggesting alternatives to the Internet that in reality he refused to do, YouTube Finale

The first of Chris's maladaptive coping mechanisms, Chris's habit of flouncing, or ragequitting the internet, is something Chris has attempted several times. This behaviour bears the most resemblance to the maladaptive coping strategy of Avoidance, but Chris's flouncing behaviour bears several differences. In these cases, Chris only intended to make the internet think he had quit, and hoped that by lying low, the Trolls would disappear. However, trolls would quickly manipulate Chris back online by using an undercover troll posing as his real life friends to convince him that another sweetheart had been confirmed to be legitimate, and the sweetheart would in turn convince Chris to make more videos. In the case of the first instance of Chris flouncing, he returned after a mere 36 hours to ramble about a Family Guy spinoff.


Chris has long used escapism as a maladaptive coping mechanism against reality.

Even in his younger adult years, Chris took escapism to unhealthy levels, such as believing to have imaginary friends and magic powers, especially in moments of stress, as during Mary Lee Walsh's confrontation over his Attraction Signs. Chris's habit of escapism greatly ramped up in the years following his father's 2011 death. By 2017, he was invested further in trying to learn psychic powers and believed that imaginary friend Magi-Chan was tangible and dancing with him at the 2017 BronyCon.

In late 2017, the Idea Guys exploited Chris's habit of escapism to brainwash their beliefs over his fantasy world, followed by a parade of copycats. As a result of their manipulation - and even with the attempts by the Guard Dogs to repair some of the damage the Idea Guys had dealt to Chris's psyche - Chris opted to retreat further into the wreckage of his imagination and the fantasies associated with it, now believing in concepts such as polyamorous marriage, the Dimensional Merge and CPU goddesses.


Main article: Spirit possession
Roleplaying as Possessed by Magi-chan

Chris has a history of roleplaying. He roleplayed in front of Mary Lee Walsh as Sonichu and read out a speech for her. In a phonesex conversation, Chris roleplayed as Sonichu, for sexual pleasure. In the 2010s and beyond, he roleplayed to escape reality. His first escapist roleplay was of Uzume Tennouboshi at the beginning of the Idea Guys saga. He also uses his sock puppet account MagiChan111448 for roleplaying as Magi-chan, how Magi-chan types without a body is something only Emmanuelle would know. He started to role play as Sonichu from 15 April 2020 (he claimed to be possessed since 31 March 2020) as a coping mechanism for the cancellation of BABScon. On 19 April 2020 Chris appeared on a livestream where he asked the host to refer to him as "Sonichu in Chris's body".

Roleplayed as From/On To Reason
Sonichu ?? ?? 2004 None To give a speech TO THE EXTREME
Chris-chan Sonichu 13 February 2009 None Sexy time with a 13 year old boy 19 year old girl
Uzume 8 November 2017 13 November 2017 Part of lore brainwashed into Chris by an Idea Guy.
Chris Chan Sonichu 30 March 2018 30 March 2018 Chris repeatedly signed his name as "Chris Chan Sonichu" on court documents relating to his March 2018 trespass charge, despite it not being his legal name, though no action was taken by court staff on the matter.[1]
Magi-chan 14 August 2019 14 September 2019 Meet Jacob Sockness in fantasy world to avoid doing so in real life.
Sonichu 15 April 2020 Ongoing To attend BABScon in C-197
Mewtwo 14 May 2020 None White knighting himself on twitter

Power Fantasies

A power fantasy is a form of wish fulfillment that involves someone who feels powerless making themselves seem more significant. A popular example of this kind of behavior is when an author makes themselves a major component of their story, and gives themselves unlimited power over an unfavorable situation they’d encounter. Such Characters are often referred to as “Mary Sues” or “Marty Stus”.

One of the best examples of this is Chris coping with stressful situations through escapism by replicating them in his comics. Chris’s comics have served as an outlet to form a narrative centered around a stressful event, instead making everything work out as he would have wanted. Often times the people who gave him a hard time would be depicted as villains, while Chris or his lackeys would prove to be powerful enough to defeat them with ease.

Chris originally centered these comics around his lovechild, Sonichu, where he would showcase his many adventures, and overcome various bad guys. However even this wouldn’t stop Chris from making the comics go full power fantasy at as early as the very first issue. From Issue 2 and onwards, Chris would then turn his comics into a power fantasy series, where he would be in direct control over all of the people who wronged him, and get all of the things he wants.

This type of behavior from Chris isn’t strictly limited to his comics.

New Age methods

Main article: Meditation

Chris has also been utilizing several New Age concepts and beliefs in order to avoid reality.

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