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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".
9/11 was less of a tragedy than this show right now.
A caller trying to contact Noah.

On 19 April 2020, Noah, confirmed ween and operator of the YouTube channel leftovermedia, did a live interview with Chris and Charlottesville-based musician Max Mandu. Despite social distancing orders in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the interview was done in person, which the host even acknowledges at 39:15.


The interview is set up with Noah, Chris and Max sitting on a couch. At 14:35, the host Noah introduces Max Mandu normally, but then introduces Chris as "Sonichu in the body of Christine Weston Chandler" and refers to Chris as "Sonichu" for the entirety of the interview. After introducing the two, Noah then lets Max perform a song called Malachi with his harmonica and guitar. While Max performs the song, Chris is seen next to Max playing an imaginary guitar.

Max then finishes the song and begins introducing himself, but is interrupted by a caller who asks Chris about the due-date of the Dimensional Merge. The stream very soon turns into people spam-calling over Skype to ask Chris about Sonichu, the Merge, the Chaotic Combo and various other things. In a subtly revealing moment, one of the calls involves Megan Schroeder, which causes Chris to seemingly have an emotional breakdown. This could be interpreted as a moment of his fantasy world being shattered, and the reality of his past mistakes coming back to hit him. However, this moment is brief, and he goes right back to roleplaying as Sonichu.

Chris then asks Noah to mute the calls and Max goes back to introducing himself, but is once again interrupted by more calls coming in. For the rest of the interview, Chris larped about his delusions, the Loyal Fanbase including a few enablers and weens called in, Chris left his mic on while he went to the bathroom, and Max suffered on the inside until he finally decided to leave at the 1:02:00 mark.

Despite recent circumstances, Chris reveals that instead of thoroughly washing his hands, he prefers to coat his fingers and fingerless gloves in hand sanitizer.

Over time, it became increasingly clear that the interview was set up by Noah to harass Chris (primarily through refusing to block other weens attempting to spam the phone, which some viewers suspect was set to automatically answer any incoming calls) and show up Max, a move that was met with significant amounts of criticism by viewers both on YouTube and elsewhere.

Noah's Response

Ween Noah later gave his input on the live stream.

i see a lot of people saying i was trying to use chris or something. however, i've been irl friends with chris for like a year and a half now and this was always set up to be a show with both of us since we first started talking about it.

to address the comment about putting a woman on the phone: even the caller and his fiance knew it was a joke. what is this 1930? of course it's a joke to ask to put a woman on the phone. unwedge your panties.

also, i have no interest in owning chris. the main joke of the stream was that max and chris would be in the same room, and max was under the assumption this was a local variety show. it was supposed to be a trainwrek and it was. only real technical issue was forgetting to set up skype correctly, but calls were an afterthought.

i produced a trainwrek for the internet to enjoy and i am being told i was just trying to get clicks on "my show"... lol...

glad at least some people enjoyed it, chris being one of them.

ps, max got paid for the appearance.[1]

Max's Response

Max Mandu gave his official response to the stream on his YouTube channel stating he was left in the dark about the nature of the interview.

Hi folks. As newcomers to my channel may be aware, I was recently involved in a video that turned out to be the work of a troll and con artist. It's clear it was an attempt to humiliate me. I would like the record to show that I had no knowledge of the show's format or the other guest before I went on. I did speak to the host beforehand to confirm details, but he purposefully misled me. I wholly condemn this and regret my involvement.

My alarm bells were going off the whole time I was there. I wish I had left sooner - I only didn't because in such an unexpected scenario, I didn't know how to react.

I'm immensely thankful for all the kind messages of support I have received as a result. It goes to show that the good in the world will always outweigh the bad. This has not discouraged me from pursuing music; rather, I am all the more determined to continue practicing my art and putting positive content out into the world.

If you would like to hear more of my studio recordings and support me directly, you can stream or purchase my music on Bandcamp:

Thanks for your support! - Max[2]


Chris Chan & Max Mandu LIVE
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Transcript of "Chris Chan & Max Mandu LIVE / Leftovers Tonight"

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0:00:00 - [A piano cover of the Green Hill Zone theme from Sonic the Hedgehog loops while the stream waits to start.]

0:14:34 - [Fade in to Noah sitting on a couch. A disturbing drawing of Chris as a bodybuilder hangs behind him. Chris's arm is visible at the edge of the frame.]

Noah: Hello everybody, and welcome to Leftovers Tonight. Today I have assembled some of Augusta County's most talented people to discuss their art and their careers. Starting today is musician Max Mandu, who is a local talent out of Charlottesville. He's going to be playing a little ditty for us, and then we'll speak with Sonichu, in the body of Christine Weston Chandler. All of this coming up shortly after a musical, uh, song by Max Mandu. Alright Max.

00:15:12 - Max: Alright, thank you. [Max begins playing guitar/harmonica. Chris begins moving his lower leg in rhythm with the song.] This song is called Malachi.

[A Skype call can faintly be heard coming in. Max continues unfazed. Chris does air guitar.]

00:19:19 - [Max finishes the song.]

Noah: Wow, that was really good.

Max: Thanks a lot!

Noah: Thank you very much for that. That was really good. (to Chris Sonichu) What did you think of that?

Chris Sonichu: Loved it! Very tuneful.

Max: Thank you very much!

Noah: It was very tuneful. That's very--that's true. So, uh, Max, tell me a little bit about, you know... You can put your guitar away and all that.

Max: Sure.

Noah: Tell me a little bit about your career.

Max: Alright, for sure. So, I am Max Mandu. I'm from northern Virginia. I live here in Charlottesville now.

Noah: [Points at camera.] You can look at...

Max: Oh, this one. Alright.

0:19:50 - [A Skype call comes in.]

Noah: Oh, we have a caller!

Chris Sonichu: Call on line one!

Noah: Hello, caller, can you hear me?

Caller 1: [The speaker is a distance from the microphone, impacting the audibility of the call.] Yes, I can hear you, how are you?

Noah: I'm great. How are you?

Caller 1: I'm good. Um, I understand that you have, uh, Christine Weston Chandler on the show right now?

Noah: Uh, no, we actually have Sonichu in the body of Christine Weston Chandler on the show right now.

Chris Sonichu: 'Ello, 'ello!

Caller 1: Alright, um, yeah. I just have a question. So, um, what is... Do you have a new date for the Dimensional Merge at this time?

[Sonichu raises Chris's hands in defeat and sighs.]

Noah: So, I don't know if the audience could hear that but they asked if you have a due date for the original Merge.

Chris Sonichu: Yeah, not an exact due date but-- [another Skype call starts to come in] it's in progress and incoming... We can't take too many incoming calls!

Noah: I'm just gonna merge 'em all. Everyone can speak at the same time.

Chris Sonichu: Oh, boy. And now this talk show really gets crazy 'cause I PUT THIS LINK UP ON MY TWI-- on the Twi-- on Momma's Twitter account.

Noah: Yeah, you put it on the Twitter, so now everyone's joining.

Chris Sonichu: (laughs) This'll go for more than an hour!

Noah: Well, is the caller still there?

0:21:02 - Caller 1: Now, with that being said, [call connects to the stream's audio and becomes more audible] um, what is, where is Christine at this time, uh, Sonichu? [Max looks slightly annoyed.]

Chris Sonichu: Okay, so...

Noah: We're at, uh, a studio location.

Chris Sonichu: Yeah, we're at a studio location in Virginia right now.

Caller 1: No! No! No! Like, like--

Chris Sonichu: I got the question--

Caller 1: I, whenever--

Chris Sonichu: Momma is in C-197 in a future version of this body. And, in my body is a future version of myself, and eventually [another call starts coming in]

1:08:47-Caller: Hey, can I speak to Megan Schroader?

[Chris exhibits visual distress at the mention of the name]

Chris Sonichu: [stumbles over words] She is somewhere else! [emotional sigh and an appearance of almost being on the brink of tears]


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