April 2020

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Chris in April 2020

April was the fourth month of 2020. This month began in the midst of COVID-19 being declared a national emergency. This caused Chris to claim that he has swapped bodies with Sonichu, leading Chris to a new form of escapism that still continues as of November 2020.


  • 6 April - Chris shares a video from ILoveKimPossibleaLot. The rest of his Twitter posts during the week are generated tweets showing off his "biggest fans".
  • 10 April - Chris posts an update after 4 days of inactivity, and states he will stream live reactions for every episode of TF2 Analysis Anarchy. The first of these was streamed later that day.
Image from Chris's pony calendar, showing a homage to Revolutionary Girl Utena.
  • 15 April - Chris announces that he had body-swapped with Sonichu – an elaborate maladaptive coping method for missing out on the BABScon convention which had been cancelled due to COVID-19.
  • 19 April - "Sonichu" is interviewed live by Leftovermedia.
  • 20 April - "Sonichu" posts about his birthday, confirming the Idea Guy retcons.
  • 25 April - "Sonichu" makes a lengthy Twitter thread about Nowacking.
  • 29 April - "Sonichu" raises the prices of the magazines, due to a rise in Lulu fees.
  • 30 April - "Sonichu" comments on a video of lightning and a rainbow, apparently viewing it as a Dimensional Portal of some kind.