June 2019

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Chris in June 2019.

June was the sixth month of 2019. Chris's Ebay account was restricted this month, and Chris went to another debt hearing. Chris uploaded a video stating that PewDiePie did not live at 14 Branchland Court, and an update video on the Dimensional Merge. Chris also bizarrely claimed to have had a heart attack, and uploaded colored pages of Sonichu #15 this month.


  • 1 June - A Reddit user visits the Sonichu Headquarters, meeting up and taking a photo with Chris and Barb.[1] He would post about his experience two months later.[2]
  • 12 June - Chris tries to justify being unemployed by claiming he has a God-given job overseeing the Dimensional Merge.[3] He also makes a new post on Patreon, for the first time in over 10 months, saying he was too distracted with the dimensional merge to deal with sending out books or producing content.[citation needed]
  • 13 June - In a rant on Twitter[4] and in the video Believe in the OCs and Deities!, Chris proclaims that Christ himself is an OC of equal level to the CPU goddesses, and is reaching out to churches and PokéStops to complete the Merge. He encourages followers to send kind thoughts to fictional characters in other dimensions. In between these retreats to his fantasyland, he begs for ebay sales.[5] Also, Chris records Pewdiepie Does Not Live Here; He Lives In Sweden!, in which he doxxes himself yet again, complaining about getting mail labelled for PewDiePie.
  • 16 June
  • 19 June - Chris goes to court for another debt hearing. An eyewitness account is posted on Kiwi Farms, mentioning that Chris spent much of his time there acting like a child and making goofy noises, while Barb tried in vain to control him.[8] The court rules in favor of the creditor, so Chris owes $2,681.70 to Portfolio Recovery Associates.
  • 25 June - Chris removes his Twitter account from protected mode, opening it again for public view and thus ending the Soft Exile.
  • 24 June - Chris is under the impression he has had a heart attack;[9] by week's end his doctor advises it was a gastro problem.[10]
  • 26 June - Chris claims he had a heart attack two days prior.[9] He breaks his 148-day artistic hiatus by uploading seven new Sonichu pages, all of them about the Merge. In those pages, he says he actually had "three heart attacks in one minute".
  • 27 June
  • 28 June
    • Chris goes to his doctor for a follow-up from his 24 June visit; the doctor tells him it was a gastro-related problem and suggests taking Tums. Chris also shows off his PsychicPowers to the doctor and interprets the doctor's reaction as being impressed.[10]
    • Chris uploads three new uncolored pages of Sonichu #15 to his Patreon,[11] with two being patron-only, accompanied by a rambling Patreon update attempting to explain the plagiarism of Rosechu's Story and a reorganization of the Sonichu comic numbering.




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