October 2013

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Chris in a October 2013 video (a few weeks later, he would post this on YouTube).
Chris defeats Megan, in the only way that matters.

October was the tenth month of 2013. Chris spends most of his time playing with Legos and ranting about Megan and other trolls. The end of the month sees his shocking realization that his former gal pals had been friendly with him only out of pity.

Events of October 2013

  • 1 October - Barb's 72nd birthday.
  • 2 October - Chris makes a series of random-access humor posts on Facebook.
  • 3 October - Chris posts an angry Facebook rant directed at Megan.
  • 3 October - Rebeckah, a friend of Chris's, tells him that he needs to stop obsessing over Megan.
  • 4 October - Chris blames Megan for the trolling and the CWCki and demands that she apologize.
  • 5 October - Chris receives an email from someone purporting to be Megan. He uploads a series of photos to Facebook depicting a Lego battle between himself and Megan.
  • 6 October - Chris posts that he is fundraising for children's hospitals.
  • 7 October - Chris states that he is playing video games to raise money for children's hospitals, and that he has already raised $37.
  • 7 October - Chris accuses his friend William of trying to look like him.
  • 8 October - Chris makes a private Facebook post that he might have found a new place to play Pokémon.
  • 11 October - Chris makes an update about his fundraising, saying that he's now up to $142.
  • 11 October - Chris posts a Facebook status debunking an impostor's claim that Chris was mugged during a short trip to the Philippines.
  • 13 October - Chris announces that he has surpassed his $200 fundraising goal and thanks his donors.
  • 14 October - Chris tells his Facebook friends that he is having jaw problems, that his mother has scabies, and that he's planning to go online again in his sweetheart search.
  • 14 October - Chris's friend Rebeckah tells Chris to see a doctor about scabies.
  • 15 October - Rebeckah again tells Chris to tell his doctor about the scabies.
  • 15 October - Chris reviews McDonald's chicken wings.
  • 16 October - Chris tells Rebeckah that his life is miserable.
  • 17 October - Chris claims on Facebook that he has received a Lego gift, but Kim accuses him of buying it himself.
  • 18 October - Chris makes another claim that he has received a present, and again Kim says that he actually bought it for himself.
  • 18 October - Chris tells Rebeckah that he has no contact with his half-brother Cole.
  • 25 October - Chris films CWC Lego Manchester High School Oct 18 2013.
  • 28 October - Chris makes a Facebook post telling people to leave him alone.
  • 30 October - Chris reveals in a Facebook post that he has finally realized, after corresponding with them, that his high school gal-pals didn't really like him and were just playing Pity the Autistic.
  • 31 October - Halloween. Chris says that he feels like an emotional zombie. He asks his former gal-pals to come to 14 Branchland Court and apologize.