May 2010

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On 8 May 2010, Chris embraces a conspiracy theory.
On 16 May 2010, the Autism Awareness E-Mails are leaked.
On May 26 2010, Chris begs for ModNation Racers bonuses.
On 31 May 2010, Chris defends his copyright.

May was the fifth month of 2010. It seemed to start off with a whimper, as Chris's radio silence apparently continued even after the uploading of the FALSE and DISHONEST versions of Sonichu #11. However, many were proven wrong when Chris finally reappeared, boasting proudly that he had been able to disconnect the Wi-Fi antenna from his PS3, under the belief it was a bugging device and not realizing the damage he had done.

On the 8th, Chris won four tickets to an extreme sports rally and called up Rocky to see if anyone in the young adult social group would want to go with him, but no one ever called back. Seeing as no one was going to go with him, Chris scalped three of the tickets and sat alone in the stadium next to a "lovey-dovey" couple while watching people with a far greater amount of success than him perform feats of acrobatics on motorcycles. After watching the events, Chris returned home lonely and upset, and made a video, wherein he is closer than ever to realizing how big of a fuck-up he really is, but, unsurprisingly enough, he blamed all of his current troubles on a conspiracy he believes the Greene County School Board have staged against him. A week later, he put up another video where he used another tragedy to garner sympathy.

On May 13, DariaCamacho, a "fan-manager" for Chris, was given access to the CWCipedia and began making massive and seriously needed updates to the website. Chris reverted them and when Daria questioned why he did so, he once again blamed his autism, and went back to completely ignore the CWCipedia despite DariaCamacho's continued editing. On May 26, DariaCamacho was revealed to be Mao 'Bamboo' Ling, who, in a repeat of the event in March, reopened the CWCipedia for the public, causing a second wave of massive vandalism. Chris attempted to revert the mass vandalism before flat out giving up due to the stress of it all, and announced that he would abandon the CWCipedia. The website was promptly given by Mao to the gal pal Vivian Gee, who now shares copyrights to the entire Sonichu franchise with Alec. On May 30, Vivian's Sonichu Season 2 began. At the end of the month, Chris uploaded a video in which he stated that he was leaving the internet. Again.

Events of May 2010

  • 1 May - The Sysop finally removes the Twitter feed from the CWCipedia page. Also, due to getting Jackie confused with another girl, Chris accidentally uncovers a troll. Chris, however, would claim he received the information directly from the troll forums.
  • 3 May - Chris receives an email from PandaHalo with information on how he can prevent the trolls from hacking into his PS3.
  • 5 May - As JenkinsJinkies, Chris edits the CWCki to say that the bug on his PS3 was just an antenna.
  • 5 May - Chris uploads a new video, in which he reveals he removed the Wi-Fi Antenna from his PS3, then shows off his "pimped out" PS3 Keyboard.
  • 8 May - Chris makes minor edits on the CWCki regarding his video games and his duck.
  • 8 May - Chris goes alone to John Paul Jones arena in Charlottesville to see the EXTREME ACTION SPORTS with one of four tickets he won on the radio. He gets very depressed.
  • 8 May - In utter misery, Chris uploads a new video in which he discusses how the Greene County School Board has ruined his life.
  • 9 May - Clyde Cash leaks a zip file of revisions to Chris's current OkCupid profile directly to the CWCki.
  • 12 May - A challenger appears. During the short-lived Jackie saga, a noble woman by the name of Sydney, most likely under the direction of Clyde Cash, attempts a trolling of Chris, but unfortunately comes up short. Chris's heart level remains intact, and the unsuccessful woman was most likely executed by Clyde.
  • 13 May - A mysterious individual going by the name DariaCamacho is given sysop power on the CWCipedia. Declaring herself a "Fan-Manager", she writes short articles for some of Sonichu's Minor Characters, and updates the main page. None of these changes are especially insulting or threatening.
  • 14 May - Chris reverts DariaCamacho's changes without comment.
  • 14 May - "DariaCamacho" makes several changes to the front page of the CWCipedia, moving templates and adding a new greeting to Sonichu fans from herself. Again, none of these changes are threatening.
  • 14 May - Chris reverts DariaCamacho's changes to the front page, again without comment. DariaCamacho sends Chris a discussion message, politely asking why he undid her edits and stating she only wanted to make the front page more presentable, while making it easier to find the most up to date information on Chris and the Sonichu Universe. She also states the massive cwciwiki logo is far too big, and makes some cosmetic changes to character bios page.
  • 15 May - Chris posts a new video where he uses the death of a UVA student in an attempt to garner pity. He also states he's now paranoid of girls.
  • 15 May - DariaCamacho attempts to make changes to the CWCipedia Main Page, which Chris later reverts. Meanwhile, the garish site background returns.
  • 16 May - A leaked series of e-mails from an alleged autism awareness volunteer chronicles her doomed attempts to talk some sense into Chris.
  • 16 May - Another series of e-mails is leaked, in which Chris hits on an innocent woman just trying to buy his Guitar Hero guitars off eBay. Note: these emails take place in late September/early October 2009, right around the time Snorlax was battling AIDS.
  • 16 May - Chris reverts Dariacamacho's changes again to the CWCipedia, and responds angrily to her question on her discussion page, and as always blaming his autism for acting like a manchild.
  • 17 May - DariaCamacho makes more changes to the CWCipedia, this time adding one line of text to blank pages for some of Chris's high school crushes.
  • 18 May - DariaCamacho adds in more to Sarah Hammer's entry, then starts entries to the PS3, Metal Sonichu and Bionic.
  • 20 May - Chris talks about his favorite comedians for an excruciating ten minutes, but mentions that Bob is still alive.
  • 20 May - DariaCamacho adds a bio page for Clawdorf.
  • 21 May - DariaCamacho proposes that Chris explain his regular daily schedule for his fans, breaking down how much time he spends sleeping and playing PS3.
  • 26 May - Chris begs for ModNation Racers mods.
  • 26 May - The CWCipedia gets hacked and vandalized once again.
  • 27 May - Chris uploads a new video and announces he's abandoning the CWCipedia.
  • 29 May - The vandalism comes to a halt as parodic commentary is added to the Sonichu comics.
  • 30 May - Hamsty the Hamster takes over CWCipedia from Mao; Sonichu Season 2 begins.
  • 31 May - Chris uploads another new video, four days after claiming he was leaving the internet for the third time.