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100_2188.MOV is a video uploaded on 27 May 2010. Chris complains about the trolls vandalizing the CWCipedia and then tries to defend himself, saying that he is active in his community and that the trolls are losers who sit at their computers all day. He gets very preachy about not being glued to the internet, the need to go outside and socialize with real people, but then again, we've heard this before. Chris announces that he does not need to repeat himself, then goes on to repeat himself (for the millionth time): he is STRAIGHT.

Chris claims that hacking someone else's "crap and stuff" is something he would never do, either forgetting or ignoring the fact that he invaded Liquid Chris's e-mail account in his pursuit of Kacey and Samantha Thaddeus's e-mail account in order to converse with Jack. He levels all manner of rage at computers and the internet, but apparently, telephones are exempt, probably because they are an older medium and Chris is on a knee-jerk rant about how he doesn't want to associate with anyone who isn't in his life already. Truly, Chris is the perfect hybrid of both racist redneck and immature manchild.

His outfit in this video is a variation on the "Trucker" costume from Some Favored Comedians and his The HooK Café profile pictures, this time featuring a dark blue t-shirt, a black vest, and a hat to hide his baldness.


In the afternoon hours of 27 May 2010, Chris posted this message onto this video:

As of today, May 27, 2010, I, Christian Weston Chandler, relinquish what was the Cwcipedia. I am keeping ownership of what it was before yesterday, as well as my Sonichu, Rosechu, Cwcville and all therein.

I stand by my own past statements, and I ignore and heavily disagree with, detest and abolish all that are stated Against me on the internet.

I never meant to become famous, and I wish to go back to when there was little against me.


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Stardate 27 May 2010
Subject Matter WebsiteWebsite CWCipedia, HomosHomos Homos
Performance Style RageRage Rage, ReasonReason Reason
Shirt Blue with LogoBluelogoshirt.png Blue with Logo, Denim JacketTruckerSprite.png The Trucker
Some Favored Comedians
100 2189

I am not so much a manchild as I was before.


[Chris opens the video with a sigh. The fan is still.]

May 27, 2010. Look. All you people who dare- who are- all you people who mock me and torment me, you trolls. I'm sick and tired of having to deal with you. You do not need to be gettin'- hacking into my crap and stuff, you do not need to be doing that. And you should never do that! I would never even do that!

I am trying to improve myself. I am working on myself in real life. I am not lazy! I am no- I am not so much a manchild as I was before! And I am act- and I am active within my community looking for n- looking for new friends to talk- to hang out with and talk to.

Especially the women. I do not need to repeat myself! [dramatically removes his glasses] I am STRAIGHT. I love women!

[After a long pause, Chris puts his glasses on.]

And I am not going to be on the internet much because I have been turned off of the internet, because of what- because of them damn tr-, because of you damn trolls. Give me so many bad experiences of the internet. Real life is so much better than the internet, you know, you glue yourselves to your computers... [the glasses come back off] every last one of you! And y'all are becoming autistic-like! Stuck within your computers! Nobody- not- not too many people are socializing in real life anymore, they're just glued to their computers. That is not a world that we do not need to live in. Technology is suppo- is supposedly- supposed to improve our lives, make things easier for us. I'll tell you one thing that it is not making easier. Being sociable in real life. You need to glue- you need to get yourselves away from your computers. And your sheltered lives. And go out and socialize in real life. Talk to people! Go find yoursel- go find your own sweethearts, or if you already found 'em, go t- go talk to them and h- and, and hang out with them, and... everything.

I do not need to have to update myself on the internet. My good name is my own good name. And nothing on the internet will change that for fact. Everything on the internet may as well be considered false.

If you really want to know the truth, you have to s- seem- you have to talk to me in person! In real life. [long pause] Because I am not going to be pushed around anymore by anybody on the internet. Anybody outside of this state, outside of my own com- outside of my own world. On the, on the internet, through the computer. The only ones that I will... associate with and possibly... entrust... are those closest to me in real life. Computer-heads, go get your own life! Away from the computer!

People meeting people on the internet supposedly is an improvement in relationships, but you know what? [shakes his head vigorously] I disagree! Heavily!

[After another long pause, the glasses go back on.]

Improvement on what, socially? Nothing! We're best socializing in real life, talking on the telephone! We do not need the internet and e-mails! We've become- y- y'all have become slaves to your own damn thing. Think about it!

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