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Anti Troll Movement Video1 is a video Chris uploaded on 26 September 2010. He "sings" the same song about trolls featured in his heavily plagiarized Flipnote animation Don'tGetTrolled!, apparently in hopes of promoting an "Anti-Troll Cyber Bully Movement". Surprisingly, Chris was able to recite the lyrics with a good deal of accuracy, even though he completely missed the original point of the song – the point of which is advice that Chris could particularly use.

After he sings the song, Chris pads out the video for a minute to, completely contrary to the alleged topic of the video and having nothing to do with anti-trolling, lists the "sponsors" of his video, including ModNation Racers, and a bar of Olay soap. Considering he is wearing the same T-shirt he wore the day before, his promotion of personal hygiene products is rather ironic.


Original song from FlipNote Hatena user 8-BIT.


Anti Troll Movement Video1
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Stardate 26 September 2010
Subject Matter TrollsTrolls Trolls, RumorsRumors Rumors
Performance Style SmugSmug Smug, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Shirt BrickFest 2000Brickfestshirt.png BrickFest 2000
Lars' Ship has Sunk.MOV
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Oil of Olay brand bar soap... Softer, smoother skin in a week or so! And, not only that, it gets you clean, and it makes you smell good.
Chris on the benefits of washing


[Chris turns on the camera and steps a pace back.]

[theatrically] And now, a very, encouraging, song.

[Another step back with a head twitch, and begins singing "You've Been Trolled" to the tune of "Be Our Guest" from Disney's Beauty and the Beast]

Youuuu've beeeen trolled
You've been trolled
You have PROB-ly been told
Don't reply...

[He turns away and reaches for a crudely-drawn picture of a troll, which he holds up through the song and after.] this guy
He is just getting a rise
Out of you
Yes, it's true
You respond and that's his cue
You start trouble on the double
While he strokes his manly stubble

You've been trolled
You've been trolled
You should probably just fold
When the only winning move is not to plaaaay

Then you keep on trying
Endlessly replying
You've been trolled
You've been trolled

[Song ends.]

This video, portraying and projecting the Anti-Troll Cyber Bully Movement...

[He puts down the troll picture.]

...has been brought to you by ModNation Racers and...

[He holds up a box of soap.]

...Oil of Olay brand bar soap, and other things. Softer, smoother skin in a week or so! And, not only that, it gets you clean, and it makes you smell good...

[Chris drops the soap.]

I just used it to wash my hands! And I use it in the shower! To wash myself vigorously! I certainly do not use any animals, my own jizz, or anything else other than Oil of Olay brand bars of soap. And Axe body wash. And shampoo, and conditioner. Available in anti-dandruff form! But anyway, Oil of Olay. Softer, smoother skin in a week, and makes you very clean. Have a nice day!

[Chris throws up a Nazi salute and turns off the camera.]


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