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LukasMedallion.jpeg Troll disclosure: Some events in this article take place from October through December 2018, when the Teen Troon Squad had access to Chris's CWCSonichu Twitter account and posted several tweets without his knowledge or consent. Tweets covered on this page may or may not be written by Chris.

For more information, see 2018 Twitter account compromise.

Tour of Chris's House III, or as titled by Chris, IMG_7150.MOV, is a video the Idea Guys had Chris record privately and save to his Google Drive on 9 March 2018.

Compared to previous house tours trolls had Chris record in 2009 and 2013, the house is slightly less cluttered than it used to be, however, Chris has taken on hoarding habits learned from Barbara. Following the events of the 2014 house fire, the parts of Barbara's hoard that weren't completely destroyed are still packed away into boxes set throughout the house; while the hoard still dominates the kitchen and upstairs living room, the oven and sink are actually accessible this time. Chris, on the other hand, has massively expanded his toy hoard, using the downstairs family room as a dumping ground for it, complete with narrow walkways to access parts of the room. On a lighter note, Chris also appears to have salvaged the 'Dreaming Studio' sign from the toolshed outside and brought it into his room, which is relatively less cluttered than the rest of the house.

On 11 December 2018, the Teen Troon Squad leaked a portion of the video onto Chris's Twitter, marking it as the second Idea Guys video to be leaked in such a way. The Twitter post with the video included a troll-written description stating that for $500 the full video could be unlocked, which was then deleted by Chris.

The full video was leaked by a Watchman on 11 August 2020.


Tour of Chris's House III
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 9 March 2018 (Fully leaked August 2020)
Subject Matter 14 Branchland Court
Saga Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guys
Shirt The Manchild MeltdownManchildmeltdownicon.png The Manchild Meltdown
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked
Damaged original art for sale
Selling Vintage Comic Books (Cole Smithey’s Comic Books)


Intro (00:00-00:20)

[Video begins with a close up of Chris's face, revealing it is shot on a phone]

[Gives us a quick flash of the house before returning to face shot]

Hello, on the internet, this is Christine Chandler, coming to you live from home once again, and today... givin' y'all an update nyauh- gonna take a tour of, the house... as it currently... is!

Chris's work room (00:20-05:09)

Um, ok? So, esc- es- start it... hm... pretty much from what is the family room is now my...

[Turns the camera to show the room, which is unfocused] ...kind of... living space- why is it blurry? The hell? [Camera focuses, revealing a very cluttered room, but less clutter than before] Oh, there is is. Just needed to focus, FOCUS! Anyway so that's... one half, um- that side but also, cats like to... hop on the couch, we don't let 'em, come in guests... but anyway, um...

[Walks up to some boxes] Um, boxes of... um... the VHS tapes, from Mr. Cs collection, and some of mine...

[Pans around to show some monitors and piles of paper and toys] and uh, there's the... PlayStation monitor and look! I've found the... C64 monitor today! Yep, right there with the old keyboard, 'n... there's the floppy disc drive, which needs some... hm, t-keyboard n' the disc drive need some TLC, anyway.

[Quickly pans away to move on to the Lego collection] Um, [sigh] um, I'll give you, kind of an expansive view, of my nowd- my... old Lego kinda kits and whatnot, I'll go round the other side...

[Walks around the central table in order to access the second half of the Lego table] But anyway, I spend... most of my... time, on THAT side of the room [Indicates towards the side he was just on] neh- just-

[Shows us various Lego buildings on this second half of the Lego table] Yep, there's my... Lego high school, there's my little house, srs... another house, there's the Simpson's house, there is... spooky house, aneren... other... Legos... I've kind of lost track along the way, an... yada yada yada, um...

[Pans down to show his desk] There's m' desk!

[Pans to his OC's amiibos] There's, all my... Sonichu and Rosechu figure- phototype figures, um along with Sonic and Mewtwo there, just... because, for now.

[Hold's Chris-Chan Sonichu and Magi-chan amiibo figures up for the camera] Um, there's magi-chan and f- and I... yep! Why not?

[Pans down to show his custom playmat] And this is a lovely, custom, playmat I had, uh, printed... from uh... Custom... Ink, uh, it's got my, skylander... counterpart on it.

[Holds camera down to plug the Xbox controller back in] Excuse me this, chord unsti- unplug it's off, d- whynee- t'do dat? Stay in! Stay in. Hm, stay.

[Pans up to show another monitor and then pans around the room] Um, there's my monitor! Um, there things... it's that...

[Shows Equestria Girls figures below monitor]Um, uh, equestria girls... figures, and sympoa- hm... ther's my figure! And... there's Nightstar with... Kunt Nyuget! Yep! Anenereyouare!

[Moves around and shows a printer covered in clutter] Heh, ok um, there's, uh-I, clear it off when I'm printing or copying... me-uh, uh-don- uh.

[Pans over to a box, but refers to a suspicious looking container on his desk just off to the left of the screen] And that's... not what you think it is! It's just a little container of candy, ok? See? A container of, candy, and, s-musuruh, s- lu- toy! It's... candy, alright?

[sighs, and shows the "That's Life" Snoopy book] and, found this in the workshop, that's life, Snoopy, yep! That's life! It's crazy! Aaargh!

[Walks over to and shows a stack of printed Sonichu comic books with some re-boxed custom painted amiibos on top] Hm, there's... my... copies of my printed books so far, with uh... just a couple of things in the top...

[Pans up to show gaming laptop] There's my laptop, and...

[Pans right to show binders of current Sonichu projects] here are my current... binders of, projects, uh when I sit down in front of it I have a...

[Walks over to and shows a cushioned folding chair] I use this! Folding chair right here... uaah.

[Pans down to some briefcases] Then, that's my... pillowcase, it's got my medicine in it, like... I take daily, and...

[Pans up to an easel and canvas with a lot of drawings on it.] I stand- t-tuh- to draw nowadays, there's my- back up a bit- there's my, easel and canvas, uh, just see some things up there, I... draw on the board- on the clipboard on the top!

[Walks over to and shows some games] And, there's just, some other things, there's... some games I have- but something... fell.

[Picks something up] Gravity, it... happens.

[Shows some art supplies and toys] Euugh, other things I... just put stuff around here, for my... [sigh]... something I FORGET THE WORD, THERE!

[Pans around in a circle to show the whole room] What's the word? What's the word? Surroundings... from my surroundings, just... it's all I'm used to. And I've been used to, cluttered, type things, uh, pfff, life is. Um...

The hallway (05:09-05:35)

[Pans to show the hallway] Here's the hallway, and...

[Shows the Poster of SLGBTQ pride cover] That's... poster, with uh, Sarah, Christine and Roberta... Rosechus and Sonichu, uh... but other than this and that... um...

[Pans over to the family photo drawing] There's the family photo!

[Walks down the hallway to show more art on the walls] And, a little bit of, old art, here and there... in this hallway.

The laundry room (05:35-06:05)

[Shows the laundry room, which despite the name has little to no room at all] Um, laundry room, with... it's... I'll say blocked. Can't... already get to the back door but, we'll eventually clear it out.

[Shows some filing cabinets and utilities] There's... filing cabinets, and... a washer and dryer. Right there.

[Walks back down hallway, and shows a calendar which is set to March 2018] Um, there's my calendar, uh, with uh, moistures calendar above it, s- because I like, that artist Norman Roxwell, so did Mr. C and... a couple pictures of, me in my Sonichu form.

Chris's room (06:05-07:53)

[Pans to look into his room in which the light is off] Here's... my dru- lemme turn on the light

[Turns on the light, Revealing a wooden bed with a pink duvet and a lot of clutter] A'right there's my... bedroom, just...

[Walks over to the bed] And there's the bed. Ok? Um, and...

[Shows dumbbells on the floor] Dumbbells, because I do fifty reps a day, eh, I got my...

[Shows some wrist weights and ankle weights that are on top of a cabinet] Ankle and... wrist weights up there along with my, waist sucher that sweats it out... m'belly.

[Shows a night shirt] There's my night shirt!

[Pans around to show an unorganised messy storage of clothes] And, my other assortment of... clothes, I just... washed my tracksuit and cap today, and...

[Pans around to show a dream catcher on the wall] With this and that- I've just made that dream catcher, uh, ch- chandler, it opens the heart, 'n, th- hearts-

[Shows very old sign from Bob's family] and look what I found in the workshop today, huh? Uh, you can seeing this mis- Mr. C? My old man, you seeing that? Huh? Found it! Found it. And, it's hanging right here, now. Hehehe, uh

[Pans left to show some precariously placed vinyl records, with Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell at the front] There's a, few records over there, just, hanging about.

[Walks across the room to show more toys and some pictures and posters on the walls] Uh, du- du- du- dududu, uh, other things, there's bear- uh- Bearstein, there's uh... photograph of, something my fan made me, and, picture of, uh, those things that I like from, uh, that's on my 3DS. Front and back of my 3DS, there. And, Milo and TV, with Daniel Ingram's autograph, and, Bronycon 2017 poster there, there's my, desk lamp. And... clock.

[Pans past full sized trangender pride flag and lesbian pride flag] Um, there's... lesbian pride- there's my, lesbi- there's my transgender flag, here's my... lesbian pride flag,

[Walks over to and shows an iPhone] I... this is my alarm clock, this... wakes me up about 6AM... It was my previous phone... um... um...

Barb's room (07:53-08:34)

[Walks to the bottom of the stairs] Oh and upstairs I don't wanna talk much, because my mother is up there, I don't want her to get suspicious, but... that's pretty much where my mother is... uh, and our dogs... sometimes our cats. Aaand, she's got mostly boxes of her clothes up there. [Sigh]

[Starts walking up the stairs] So I'll just go with that, and I'll just- have a look.

[Reaches the top of the stairs, and pans right to see Barb sleeping on a mattress on the floor. She is surrounded by high piles of boxes of her own clothes that could easily fall and suffocate her, or block firefighters. There is a laptop playing soothing music in there with her. Chris then walks into the kitchen and turns on the light and starts panning the camera around af the various objects] A long else, ok.

The kitchen (08:34-09:48)

Uh, this- this is our kitchen, um, we don't have much room, because, we got s- stuff that's cluttered in here, ever since we moved back in, buut we get by, um, we have our... counter top, we have our... big old refrigerator, with, Batman poster and my mom likes batman, nanananananana... uh, microwave...

[Shows a large amount of washing up that needs doing] Uh, there's the sink! We have a... water filter system, so that's good. Um, I cooked chicken earlier tonight... um weus- um, washer... dishwasher, doesn't work for some reason, I forget why. It was discussed after, when we were moving back in, um

[Walks over to toolbox] ahh, du- du- daa da- just- we- just see, there's tools in that toolbox, hum, mm, and out there we fee- we feed our outside cats there. Um, ok what else? What else, what else?

[Wanders over to a cabinet full of canned food] Um, uch we store, canned goods... there.

[Pans down to an ironing board] Owell oxcheny opfeny anchony ironing board here. Hm.

The bathroom (09:48-10:26)

[Walks into the bathroom] This is our bathroom, our upstairs... bathroom, it could... do with a little TLC, whe-yip, um, whigonisiscome, ey- ir- uh- ihr- irhis- few more boxes.

[Pans to a small built in cabinet] Uh, that, and then... grandma's cabinet, uh, belonging to... my mother's mother. She wanted it, so, after Aunt Corrina died, so, she has that and we've got some things in out new, closet area there, there's- a door behind that that goes to... well, that would be the guest room there...

The guest room (10:26-11:17)

[Walks to another door and opens it, revealing a very dark room] And in here... is, turn on the light...

[Turns on the light to reveal an extremely large number of dangerous stacked boxes.] Um, this would have been the guest room, if it didn't... just store a bunch of our stuff in here. Um, it was our... craft room, there's a hutch-

[Shows the other side of that door from before] there's the door... which you just saw from the other side.

[Pans down to show an interesting painting in the middle of a clutter pile] There's a... picture there... and other things..

[Shows a nice framed greyscale photograph of a young Barb which is on top of one of the box piles] There's, a photograph of my mother, from many, many years ago, and other things...

[Shows a disassembled light table stored among the box piles] Over there is our, light table, it's disassembled, that needs to be- to put it's legs back on, ahh, de- de- doo, ah, what you see is, what you get with... everything, inside the boxes, possiposisos.

[Leaves the room into the hallway] Where's that light switch? I need to turn off the light.

Chris's old room (11:17-12:43)

[Turns off the light, walks over to the door of his old room, and opens it] Pretty much, last, and... kinda last, what was... bedroom, and, all that's lef- and glory, is now... more boxes.

[The room is now filled with boxes and is very dark] Just, over the boxes, um...

[Turns to show a closet, but it is so dark that you can't see it] New closet right here, and there's... boxes in there, uh, I don't know why this- ch- this phone's giving me- dim lighting on that, but, hm, anyway, uh, half this room is occupied by... my mother's boxes...

[Zooms in onto various boxes Labelled as his mother's clothes] Look! Clothes! Clothes... cloth, cloth, cloth, oh, muchos ropas, ropas ropaas! [Ropas is Spanish for clothes] Hey einsme, and, all the way over here, is some... lots of cloth, some other things, the only boxes that are mine are pretty much, um, fffff- EEEUUUH...

[Indicates to some boxes that he apparently owns] Along there, there... there, there... there, uh, it pretty much ends... right. there, that's the corner, zoop, eeh, just- just seems,

[Walks around and shows all the other various boxes and objects scattered around] ye- uh, other things, uh, what was this for? MORE CLUTTER, things, I'd like to be able to uah- sort it out, but my mo- urgh just, wants me to- uh, so much clutter! AH, CLUTTER! Eugh, eh, so pretty much, um...

Outro (12:43-13:03)

[Chris turns the camera back onto himself to end the video] Ending it... what was... my bedroom, uh, that's pretty much it for the, inside the house tour, as it is today, so, [sigh] y-yup! Thank you very much, and, have a good day! Where is that button?

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