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Tour of Chris's House III is the second Idea Guys video to be leaked on Chris's Twitter by the Teen Troon Squad. The video was uploaded on 11 December 2018, with a troll-written description stating that for $500 the full video could be unlocked, and was then deleted by Chris. This tour was leaked five years after the previous tour video. The house is less horrendously overcrowded than it used to be - while the hoard still dominates the kitchen and living room, the oven and sink are actually accessible this time. Chris also appears to have salvaged the 'Dreaming Studio' sign from the toolshed outside and brought it into his room.

A calendar in the hallway shows the video to have been made in March 2018. This is confirmed by the presence of the lesbian pride flag which Chris sold in April.

Tour of Chris's House III
Stardate March 2018 / Leaked 11 December 2018
Subject Matter 14 Branchland Court
Saga Teen Troon Squad SagaTeen Troon Squad Saga Teen Troon Squad Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guy
Shirt Not visible
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked
Supportive Message for Gracie
Barb confirms she isn't dead


[Video starts midsentence] Nice shirt.

[Points camera to a pile of clothes lying on the ground] And... My other- so- many clothes, I just washed my track suit and cap today.

[Shifts camera to the wall above the headboard] And... Littlethisandthats. I just made that dream catcher, uhm... "Ship Chandler" [unintelligable] Look what I found in the workshop today, huh! Ahh, if you could see this mr- Mr C, my old man. You see that? Huh? Found it! Found it! And it's hanging right here now. Hehe!

[Shift camera right, then left] And there's a few records over there. Just hanging about.

[Walks to the right side of the bed] Uhm... Other things... There's a bear. Another Bearstein. There's a photograph of some of my family and me, and... A picture those things I like from... That's on my 3Ds. Front and back of my 3Ds, there. And, Vinyl and Tavi. With Daniel Ingram's autograph, and BronyCon 2017 poster. There is my desk lamp. And... Clock!

[Films the flags hanging on the wall] Uhm... There's... Lesbian Pr- there's my Lesbian... There's my Transgender Flag! Here's my Lesbian Pride flag.

[Taps on a phone sitting on a humidifier] I... This is my other clock. This wakes me up about 6 AM. It was my previous phone.

[Exits the room] Uhm. Uhm... Going upstairs! I don't wanna talk much cause my mother's up there. I don't want her to get suspicious, but... There's pretty much where my mother is, and our dogs. Sometimes our cats. And she's got mostly boxes of her clothes up there. [Sighs and starts walking up the stairs] So let's go with that and I'll just... Have a look.

[Films the livingroom in silence.]

[Enters the kitchen and mumbles as he turn on the lights.] Uhhh... This... This is our kitchen! Uhm... We don't have much room, because we gotsss... Stuff that's cluttered in here. [video cuts abruptly]

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