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Happy Sonichu Day is a video uploaded on 17 March 2010, in which Chris announces the 10th anniversary of the creation of Sonichu, complains about emotional traumas, promises updates for the CWCipedia, and demands respect as an artist. Despite this marking the 10th anniversary of Sonichu, Chris is noticeably trying to keep himself from crying during the video. With all the recent nonsense Chris has caused for himself lately, he has effectively nullified the importance of one of the few significant dates in his uneventful life. Also note the reappearance of the Sonichu Medallion, and the conspicuous display of the Amnyfest Ring to open.

Not to be confused with Chris's earlier video "A Sonichu Day".


Happy Sonichu Day
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Stardate 17 March 2010
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I mean, yeah, give me respect. I am an artist and inspiration does not stay constant like that.


Hey yo everyone, it's uh, Sonichu day, and I'm wishing you all a happy one. [Tries to keep himself from crying] You know, Tenth year- tenth anniversary of Sonichu since his creation. 10 years ago today. I would've made a big update like I said, [speech noticeably slows down] but I've been preoccupied with the em-emotional traumas I've been dealing with the past week. [Removes glasses] I'd like to keep that separate from this video at this moment. Because I don't want to spoil it. But, s- I'm still working on the com- on the pages. And uh, you know, as soon as possible, [gestures] I-I'll have em uploaded and uh, I'll make an update on the CWCipedia soon enough.

I mean, yeah, give me respect. I am an- I am an artist and, [pauses and gestures again] inspiration does not stay constant like that.

[Scratches back of head, voice becomes very soft] And plus I've been having to deal with those emotional issues and such. [Perks back up, puts glasses back on] But, everybody, yeah! Yeah. Happy Sonichu Day, happy St. Patrick's Day. So- s-It's all good there. So, thank you for your support and I- and- you can look forward to more comic pages in the future. Alright. Bye-bye.

"Damian Antaria", PLEASE, Don't Leave Me - I NEED YOU!!! Chris's videos Chris Drops the N-Bomb

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