March 2010

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On 9 March 2010, Chris uploads a new LittleBigPlanet level that inadvertently reveals the identity of The Wallflower.
On 14 March 2010, Chris wears a kilt and shows us his underwear.
On 17 March 2010, Sonichu turned 10, but Chris was too busy getting pissed at Tito to pay much attention.
On 19 March 2010, Kine kicked off the CWCipedia's total destruction with this small change.
Also on 19 March 2010, this image, among many others, is uploaded in a flurry of massive vandalism.
On 25 March 2010, Chris complains about costumes in Little Big Planet.

Chris inadvertently revealed the identity of his latest gal-pal through a Little Big Planet level. Dedicated trolls discovered her identity and, while many were content with trying to keep it on the down low and letting her discover for herself what kind of monster she was dealing with, one faggot ruined it for everyone. The gal-pal apparently left Chris, and as a result of their falling-out, Chris discovered the existence of the CWCki. He immediately demanded that all the pages involving him, his family and friends be removed or there would be trouble...

Chris was also, for a good part of the month, trolled by Surfshack Tito, whom Chris blamed for the loss of the gal-pal and the china he was sure would follow. The resulting angst drove the man-child to hilarious new lows, such as threatening trolls with a pocket knife, dressing up in a kilt, and using the dreaded N-word on camera, despite being unsure of Tito's ethnicity.

As if in retaliation to Chris dropping the N-bomb, control of the CWCipedia was relinquished to Mao, who opened registration to the masses. In no time flat, the website was greatly enhanced by those masses.

Holding true to his manifesto from the end of the previous month, which basically told his fans to fuck off and stop asking him for Sonichu comic pages, Chris completely neglected answering his Mailbag and publishing comics. While he had promised to at least begin earnest work on Sonichu 11 in time for the 10-year anniversary of the strip, the stress of his woman troubles instead drove him to more angry fits of railing against his fans. He even compared them to the trolls that constantly torment him, which is probably the closest Chris has ever been to realizing the truth about his "TRUE and LOYAL fanbase." As if a final slap in the face to his fans, he told everyone that he was leaving the internet forever and that the only way new comics would show up was when they appeared on comic shelves. If that were really the case, he'd have a schedule that would rival that of LIEFEEEEEEEEEEEEELD! Thankfully for all, Chris came back 36 hours later.

Events of March 2010

  • 1 March - Chris informs us that Bob Chandler is hospitalized due to congestive heart failure, that he's under lots of stress and that he will begin releasing issue 11 in time for Sonichu's tenth anniversary. (He later breaks this promise.)
  • 1 March - Chris sends an email to Jack Thaddeus asking him politely to keep the offensive ads off the CWCipedia.
  • 2 March - Chris posts two new videos.
  • 2 March - The Wallflower tells Chris she'd like to talk to him online about their owl book collaboration.
  • 3 March - The Wallflower writes to Chris about a fanfiction website she's made.
  • 3 March - Evan releases an email from Chris regarding his murder.
  • 4 March - Evan releases a second email discussing his brutal killing.
  • 4 March - Chris tells The Wallflower he's setting up online chat, and pressures her for a date on Saturday.
  • 7 March - Chris sends The Wallflower two emails about power cables and his VCR.
  • 9 March - Chris releases a "Foretaste version" of a book on Twitter. According to him, it's being co-written by a "lady friend." He also releases a new LittleBigPlanet level to go along with it.
  • 9 March - Using the credits in Chris's most recent LBP level, /cwc/ trolls manage to dox Chris's new lady friend. Immediately, her online actions and profiles are revealed, including a large collection of slash fanfiction. She is also contacted by trolls.
  • 10 March - The Wallflower finds out about the CWCki and breaks her friendship with Chris. He tells her, "I Love You." She replies, "I hate you."
  • 10 March - Furious, Chris releases A message to the Trolls, regarding trolls contacting his newest Gal-Pal.
  • 10 March - Chris adds a message to the CWCipedia discussing his discovery of CWCki and threatens to cause trouble if the pages on his family and "friends" is not removed before 12 March at midnight.
  • 10 March - Chris adds in a second message telling trolls to watch their backs.
  • 11 March - Clyde Cash emails Chris to say that PandaHalo is still alive. Chris lashes out at him for raping her.
  • 13 March - Chris tells Clyde that he wants to hear from Panda and give her control of his PSN account.
  • 13 March - Chris emails The Wallflower to warn her about Tito and tell her he still cares about her. She tells him she has a boyfriend.
  • 14 March - Chris assumes The Wallflower is dating Tito and sends her an email begging her not to leave him. She tells him to leave her alone.
  • 14 March - Chris uploads a video of him threatening Surfshack Tito whilst wearing a kilt. Later, he pleads with The Wallflower to be his girlfriend, and reasons that she should sleep with him include the fact that his life is pathetic and hookers cost money.
  • 14 March - Chris extends his deadline for the CWCki to 31 March, citing the changes made for the Wallflower page, and demands that similar changes be applied to the pages of people he's met IRL and his former sweethearts.
  • 14 March - Last of the Vivian Gee E-mails 2 is sent.
  • 15 March - The Wallflower sends Chris an email demanding that he stop calling her.
  • 16 March - Chris continues to hector The Wallflower over email. She again tells him not to contact her ever again.
  • 17 March - PandaHalo contacts Chris to say that she hates him. Chris replies that she still has a place in his heart.
  • 17 March - The 10th anniversary of Sonichu's creation. Trolls everywhere raise a glass in honor, and then weep bitterly. Chris does nothing.
  • 17 March - Chris utterly loses it at Tito, with a fit of rage not seen for quite some time.
  • 18 March - E-mails between Chris and Surfshack Tito are released on /cwc/, where Chris repeatedly calls Tito a "nigger" despite not knowing if Tito is black or not.
  • 18 March - CWCipedia is taken down, with a redirect to Mao's own CWCipedia.
  • 19 March - The CWCipedia returns once again. Mao is made into a site admin, and someone called "Kine" does some subtle vandalism in the Rosechu article. Hours later, the Asperpedia Four trash the everliving hell out the CWCipedia, greatly enhancing it. Eventually the wiki is open for public editing, causing a legion of trolls to descend on the website like a committee of circling vultures, and a round of massive semi-organized vandalism commences.
  • 20 March - Mao locks the Main Page and its templates, ruining the fun.
  • 20 March - Chris emails The Wallflower about a party, and she says she's asexual and that he has a "small dick." This ends their correspondence.
  • 21 March - Chris returns to CWCipedia, sees the mess, and tries in vain to revert the massive vandalism. He quickly gives up, and releases a video about him leaving the Internet (again).
  • 21 March- Sysop steps in at around 11:00 p.m., restoring the CWCipedia to a state before Mao became an admin.
  • 22 March- 36 hours after declaring he was leaving the Internet, Chris proves us wrong again by posting another video, this time complaining about a voice actress on The Cleveland Show.
  • 25 March - Chris posts on LittleBigWorkshop to complain about Sonic LittleBigPlanet DLC.
  • 26 March - On the CWCipedia, Chris adds a main page condemnation of bootleg Sonichu merchandise as ads surface for a "Mao approved" Sonichu 0
  • 28 March - Continuing on the same spirit as the previous video, Chris now rants against abstinence, another reason for him being a virgin with rage.
  • 29 March - Chris begins to revert the edits made to the CWCipedia.
  • 30 March - Chris continues to revert the edits made to the CWCipedia. Hours later, the CWCipedia breaks due to 110mb being shit as usual.