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November was the eleventh month of 2009. Chris opened the month with a bang, uploading a staggeringly tone-deaf parody of the September 11 terrorist attacks to YouTube as part of his abortive campaign to blackmail Clyde Cash. This outrage was soon overshadowed by the total collapse of his relationship with Kacey, as chronicled in a pair of leaked phone calls that showed Chris at his desperate, dishonest, sniveling worst. However, he recovered from these setbacks with aplomb - after acquiring what he believes is an official government seal of approval for Sonichu's copyright, Chris once again embarked on his quest to turn the Electric Hedgehog Pokemon into a multimedia empire. Toward the end of the month, Chris began to update the comic on an almost daily basis and answering the Mailbag on CWCipedia.

Events of November 2009

On 3 November 2009, Chris shows off his new haircut.
On 6 November 2009, Chris breaks out in tears.
On 19 November 2009, Chris breaks his word.
On 20 November 2009 Chris called this "retarded," but on 26 November he claims it's "constructive criticism."
On 23 November 2009 Chris notices these on his website.
  • 1 November - Chris uploads a video where he flexes like a retard. He also got a haircut.
  • 1 November - Chris uploads a video insulting the victims of 9/11 in an attempt to get back to Clyde.
  • 1 November - Chris uploads a video threatening Clyde with a never-ending string of blackmail attempts. (Spoiler alert: he failed.)
  • 2 November - Chris apologizes for the 9/11 joke he made the day before, and at the same time doubles down by turning the Twin Towers into cake candles.
  • 2 November - Chris uploads some more pages from Sonichu #9 to CWCipedia, introducing Chloe Rosechu and Blazebob Sonichu.
  • 3 November - The Virginia gubernatorial election. Chris had misgivings about both Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell, the respective Democratic and Republican candidates. Chris talked about either writing in Snoopy as a form of protest or voting for Deeds as the lesser evil.[1] It is not known how he eventually voted.
  • 3 November - Chris uploads a new video in which he talks about rescuing Kacey from Liquid. He also uploads a video in which he plays an LittleBigPlanet level dedicated to rescuing her.
  • 4 November - Chris has a discussion with Kacey's father over the phone, about his future and his potential worthiness as a son-in-law. It didn't go well.
  • 5 November - Chris uploads a video with him lifting 12-packs of soda cans to show his strength.
  • 5 November - In a new video, Chris finally reveals the picture he was trying to blackmail Clyde with.
  • 6 November - In a new video, Chris begs for china.
  • 8 November - In a YouTube video, CChanSonichuCWC leaks Sonichu Special 4, in which he gets shot by Chris.
  • between 8 and 10 November - Kacey calls Chris, distraught over the new comic pages where Chris shoots her boyfriend, and is also angry at him for breaking his promises towards her and not being a good person. A wild Liquid appears, and the shit hits the fan.
  • 10 November - Kacey reads Chris the riot act over the phone, announces her marriage to Liquid, and breaks all formal ties with Chris.
  • 10 November - Chris uploads a video in which he cries and sobs over Liquid's and Kacey's marriage.
  • 10 November - An audio recording of the conversation between Chris and Kacey's dad is released to /cwc/ by Bryan Bash
  • 11 November - In the moments before their wedding, Bryan Bash leaks the Kacey and Liquid Call.
  • 12 November - Chris does a complete 180° from his previous video and happily shows off the certificate of Sonichu's registration to the trolls.
  • 14 November - Chris uploads a video denying offering anything on Craigslist. He also promises daily Sonichu pages.
  • 14 November - Vivian leaks an e-mail Chris sent her, in which he apologizes and demands money.
  • 14 November - Beginning his promised "daily updates," Chris uploads one new page of Sonichu 9.
  • 15 November - Chris manages to continue to keep his promise, with a ripoff of Timmy1984's second Sonichu Fan Promo.
  • 16 November - So far, he's three for three. Chris puts up a new page reviving the famous cry of "OW! MY AXELS!"
  • 17 November - Chris demonstrates that he's still obsessed with Liquid Chris by drawing him as a brown sonichu in one of his daily updates.
  • 18 November - Christian uploads a new page, with an incredibly lame fight scene.
  • 19 November - Chris makes his first known post on GameFAQs, asking if the PSP version of LittleBigPlanet would be able to communicate with the PS3 version.
  • 19 November - Chris breaks his promise, like we knew he would, and writes an odd Captain's Log Blog entry in which he claims Vivian Gee is going to help him advertise Sonichu.
  • 19 November - Chris begins answering fan mail.
  • 20 November - In an answer to a fan's letter, Chris describes a future comic storyline where his blood will become the key to developing a cure for the homos.
  • 20 November - Chris writes a new Captain's Log Blog entry, in which he admits to fucking up the Sonichu plotline.
  • 20 November - Chris posts page 81.
  • 21 November - Chris answers some of the letters from Mailbag 2. Chris also puts up a Rejected Mailbag and a new Mailbag page.
  • 21 November - Chris posts page 82.
  • 22 November - A psychiatric evaluation from 2004 is leaked on CWCki and Krapple simultaneously.
  • 22 November - Page 83 is uploaded.
  • 22 November - Vivian is fed up with Chris not keeping his promise, and calls him lazy.
  • 23 November - Chris uploads two videos in which he tries to sell his comic to "business people."
  • 23 November - Chris whines to his sysop about recent ads on his site.
  • 23 November - Chris writes a new Captain's Log Blog entry, in which he talks about his presentation and the offensive ads.
  • 24 November - In an email, Chris asks Jack Thaddeus to remove the gay ads from the CWCipedia.
  • 24 November - Chris uploads a video version of his PowerPoint presentation, The Sonichu Chronicles.
  • 24 November - Chris uploads two new pages, featuring the return of Darkbind and Bionic.
  • 25 November - Chris responds to about half the messages in Mailbag 3, claiming he'll get to the rest of them tomorrow. His sysop also creates pages for Mailbag 4, and Mailbag 5.
  • 25 November - Chris updates his blog, primarily to talk about Sonichu merchandise.
  • 25 November - Chris adds yet another page to Sonichu 9.
  • 25 November - Chris asks Vivian for more time to keep his promises to her, which she keeps him a week. The two then discuss the Sonichu pages Chris is currently drawing.
  • 26 November - Chris uploads four brand new pages.
  • 26 November - Chris finishes answering/censoring Mailbag 3, and claims that he will finish the remaining mailbags over the next two days.
  • 27 November - Chris manages to keep his promise and answers/deletes all the letters in Mailbag 4.
  • 27 November - Chris uploads yet another page.
  • 28 November - Chris manages to answer all the letters in Mailbag 5 without deleting any of them, and answers Mailbag 6.
  • 29 November - Chris uploads an almost unreadable page, and updates his blog.
  • 29 November - Chris lights the first of the Christmas advent-candles at his church, and read from the Bible.
  • 30 November - Chris uploads page 93. No former sweethearts are slaughtered on this page.