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51 50 (full name 11042009 51 50) is a video uploaded by Chris on 5 November 2009, in which he claims to perform 51 biceps curls, using two 50-pound (23 kg) boxes of lemonade. But, of course, that is incorrect – the 12-pack of lemonade actually weighed about 10 lb (4.5 kg).[1] Note that the average man can lift about 35 lb (16 kg) in a 1-arm biceps curl,[2] meaning that Chris is less than a third of a man. Regardless, curling a TRUE and HONEST 50-pound weight for 50 reps without stopping would mean Chris's one rep max lift for the exercise is 133lbs, a feat, while physically possible, only achieved by bodybuilders and powerlifters with years of training and/or intensive usage of performance-enhancing drugs.

Once more, Chris uses improvised "dumbbells" to display his strength. Any intelligent person could buy a decent set of weights for $20 or less at their local Target (which might not be such a good idea for Chris, since he'd probably injure himself actually trying to lift 50 pounds – especially if he turns his spine while lifting them like he does here). Of course, Chris isn't about to waste his monthly tugboat on something that could actually improve his life or health in any real way. It should be noted that his technique is horrible and lacking a full range of muscle movement, taking away most of the strain from the arms and rendering the exercise useless – and yet, around halfway into the video, Chris's profuse sweating still manages to make a return in a big way, and in typical CWC fashion, one of the 12-packs break and spill its contents on the floor.

Incidentally, "5150" also refers to an involuntary psychiatric hold in California. Chris also notably uploaded and talked about this video at the start of the Father Call.

Chris later attempted another set of biceps curls nearly a decade later. Despite using actual dumbbells this time around, his skills didn't improve.


11042009 51 50
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Stardate 5 November 2009
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What a workout!


[Video seems to start in mid-sentence, Chris is holding a 12-pack of Minute Maid lemonade cans on his knee] 12-pack. [knocks carton twice] All the cans are in there. [turns the carton so he can read the content information] 4.26 liters total. Estimated weight [hefts box with his right hand, needing his left hand to support it as he does so] unngh, I'd say over 50 pounds a thing.

[fumbles with the carton as he switches it to his left hand and holds it to his side, then uses his right hand to grab a second 12-pack of lemonade] So now, watch this, aight? [begins doing curls with the two 12-packs, counting reps for each arm aloud.]

Reps 1 through 3: Chris's posture is slouched forward as he lifts the cartons to shoulder height. He sways a bit from side to side with each rep.

Reps 4 through 6: Chris is already having difficulty lifting the cartons. He starts straining his eyes and his head rocks from side to side more.

Reps 7 and 8: Chris suddenly winces and arches backward as he lifts rep 7, his terrible posture forcing obvious pain upon him. He grimaces through these reps.

Reps 9 through 11: He relaxes here, but he starts rocking his torso back and forth with the reps, as his arms alone are not able to pull the weight unassisted.

Reps 12 and 13: His swaying torso is no longer enough for these massive weights, so he starts kicking his legs a bit to help out.

Reps 14 through 17: Chris stops kicking his legs, but continues to rock back and forth.

Rep 18: Miscounts number 18 for his right arm as 19, but catches his mistake by counting his left arm as 19 twice.

Reps 20 through 31: Still rocking side to side and back and forth as he lifts, occasionally using his legs for assistance.

Reps 31 through 35: Chris's torso movement is now much more pronounced, flopping in all directions. Though his voice remains steady, his contorted face says he really hopes this will end soon.

Rep 36: He twists the carton in his right hand as he brings it up instead of keeping it straight, compromising the carton's structural integrity.

Rep 37: The inevitable happens. Chris twists the right side carton again as he lifts it and this time the carton rips and falls to his lap. He turns the box around and grips it by the other side of the hole he had been gripping it by.

Reps 38 through 44: Rep 38 goes smoother as he had a chance to rest while fumbling with the broken carton, but starting with rep 39, Chris is absolutely straining to bring the right side carton up to his shoulder. He twists his neck to his left each time he does so and scrunches his face tightly. On 40, two cans fall out of the damaged box. He puts them back in and then starts on 41 for his right arm forgetting to do rep 40 for his left.

Reps 45 through 49: On 45, Chris twists his entire body to the left to bring the right-side carton up. This flies in the face of pretty much anyone's estimate of which of his arms would be stronger. His following reps are a bit more relaxed, but he's still struggling mightily, especially with the right-side carton.

Rep 49: Another can falls out of the damaged box. Chris catches it on his lap and puts it back in the box.

And that's not me. I am unstoppable.

Rep 50: Chris resumes where he left off, reaching 50, which he pronounces to be "The Big Five-Oh".

And to get around in the business sense, [lifts his right box high over his head] 51! [repeats action with his left] And 50...1! [sticks tongue out obscenely] Whaaaa! [places boxes on the ground] What a workout!

[Chris's face is completely drenched with sweat; he flashes a double thumbs-up, then flexes] I'm strong NNNNGH! [approaches camera] So ther--[video ends mid-word.]

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  1. Based on Chris's description of it as containing 4.26 L of juice, plus a little more for the packaging.
  2. [1]
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