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Eid, Pmurt, Eid!!! is a video Chris uploaded on 9 November 2016, as his response to news of Pmurt winning the 2016 US presidential election over Hillary Clinton, his preferred choice. The title spells "Die, Trump, Die" backwards, or more accurately, "!!!diE, trumP, diE".

The video itself features Chris yelling anti-Donald Trump slurs and calling for his death while smashing a Transformers toy into the ground repeatedly, reminiscent of his voodoo magic revenge fantasies against his perceived enemies. During the last 10 seconds of the video, Chris readjusts the grip on his phone to pick up the toy, revealing that a live cat was being held in his left hand the whole time.

In an example of Chris's poor camerawork, he recorded the video handheld on a phone in portrait mode (which would cause YouTube to apply pillarboxing), then enabled YouTube's stabilization onto it, resulting in both the video and pillarbox effect becoming erratically distorted. This distortion, however, did not hide the disgusting conditions of the hallway Chris was filming in, featuring clutter strewn about and large, dark colored stains on the carpet.

Unusually, he failed to disable comments on the video.


Eid, Pmurt, Eid!!!
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 9 November 2016
Subject Matter ViolenceViolence Violence, PoliticsPolitics Politics
Performance Style RageRage Rage
Saga PmurtPmurt Pmurt
Shirt The Happy HagThe Happy Hag The Happy Hag
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A Paid Request: Beware of Incoming Terrorists
Mr. Trump. Or "Pmurt", as I like to call you, in backwards spelling, 'cause you would hurt this country definitely


via YouTube Capture

Chris cross-posted the video to Facebook, with the following post:

He can go rot in a pile of dirt and crap. He should Die now, Before he is able to make this country fall Broke, and the Middle Class Poorest.


[Video begins with a shot of the Sentinel Prime Transformer toy that Chris used in other videos to represent Trump] Well. Mr. Trump. Or "Pmurt", as I like to call you, in backwards spelling, 'cause you would hurt this country definitely. I have heard you won. Therefore, I hope you... [Chris moves the camera around] Therefore, now you can feel the pain. I hope you feel this pain, 'cause... [Chris gets up, showing us a nice view of the horrid condition of that room] you're a mean one, Mr. Trump! Now go


[Chris kicks the Transformer toy]

And die again!

[Chris kicks the Transformer toy twice. The camera then points down at his knee, revealing that he was carrying Sorbet around while doing this. Chris picks up the Transformer toy and drops it into the litter box. Video zooms in]

Die, Trump! Die.

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