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Feelings of the election results is a video Chris uploaded on 12 November 2016. Following with his threats against the President-elect of the United States, Chris hopes that Donald Trump will die before his inauguration in January 2017. This time, Chris naively attempts to protect himself by pleading the First and Fifth Amendments. However, the First Amendment does not sanction death threats and pleading the Fifth is to decline the offering of self-incriminating evidence. It allows a person the right to remain silent in the face of questioning that could implicate him in a crime. Chris actually does the opposite of this—freely offering evidence which implicates him in threatening the President-elect of the United States.

This video actually has several outtakes, with Chris practicing lines, fucking up, and trying again. Unfortunately, Chris forgot to cut out the first few takes, leaving them intact. Inexplicably, he remembered to edit other parts of the video—likely removing several outtakes of himself failing to successfully hang effigy Donald Trump with his LEGOs.

Chris also displays several toys. The Lego White House costs $50[1], the wrecked Pmurt/Transformers figure is $25[2] and the Skylanders storage box on his desk is $22[3].

He also neglected to disable the comments/ratings of this video—not being the first time this has happened—and was consequently hit with over 1700 dislikes. There's an ongoing theory that Chris may be doing this purposively in order to increase his viewership—thereby increasing his revenue on YouTube[4]. But this is probably giving Chris too much credit.


Feelings of the election results
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Stardate 12 November 2016
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Everybody- we must PRAY for Trump's death to happen before January 2017
Were this to happen, Chris would dance on Trump's grave


**Warning: This video is rated "M" for its controversial content, so don't let the under 18s watch, and download and repost this video, the one or two, out of the billions of people inthe world, who can do and do it anyway, you damn internet trolls, haters, 4chans, and what-the-hell immature and bored people, despite your own consequences, lack of true social life, and s***. I know y'all do it, anyway. Yeah.


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[Chris holds a Lego American flag and minifigure] I'm record this video in stating that I am not obligated to accept the current situations, nor to accept Mr. Trump at all. I have absolutely no respect for Donald Trump. And, I uphold the first amendment, pleading the first amendment, and I plead the fifth amendment as well in the following statements and video. Personal thoughts, responses, and everything. Thank you.

["PLAYER 1 START' transition]

[Mumbles to himself and points at his table] Hello people on the internet! This is Christine Chandler comin' to you live from home once again, and... yeah. Trump... Has been elected. But there's a chance that he will not- that he will not make it to office- cuz of his age at the very least... Hey, males die before women. Gimme a break. [sigh] [Shakes head, muttering "No."]

[Counting on fingers]

Hello everybody on the internet! Right... Trump has been elected. Hopefully, he will not- be make it- be able to make it for the inauguration. Because of his age. Males die early, so they. Anyway, [sigh] obviously being great- the great Hillary supporter, both my mother and I have- voted for Hillary. Atatleast our goats counted, cuz she won the Virginia vote...

Anywho, uh, s-, anywho, aside from that, so, yes, I have responded- to... the election results quite verily, or... distraughtly. [Transformer clunks on table] Right... Sentinel Prime, which, orange-face... Being pretty much representative of Trump himself... Cuz he is orange-faced... Right. So... Everybody- we must PRAY for Trump's death to happen before January 2017, and then afterwards, when he's been encased, we can pile a tombstone- a mock tombstone- And, we can pretend... [breaks minifigure] And we can pretend that we can have fun dancing on his grave. [sings incoherently and jams minifigure against table] Of course that'll be regardless of if he is buried underground or shelved in a mausoleum.

Anyway, yeah, still being patriotic, I do not burn the flag like the other people did in that other state among the two states that did riot... Which, I would have participated in rioting... But right.

There is one other thing I'd like to do which is considered controversial, but I still consider it quite patriotic... to the United States flag. Either by illness- or... [grabs Lego Donald Trump in gallows] by the hand of his own... Mike Pence... Die, Trump, die. [Chris pulls gallows and uncomfortably stares at it for several seconds] Yup... And then, Pence [Marge Simpson voice] 'PENCE, YOU'RE UNDER ARREST.' [cut] 'YOU'RE UNDER ARREST. SO SAYS THIS JANEKOP.' [Grabs Lego prison cell] 'YOU'RE GOING TO THE JAIL, BELONGING TO THE JERKOPS AND JANEKOPS.' [incoherent babbling]

[Puts jail cell in front of camera] 'So, they got you too, eh?' 'Uh, they got me for being a jerkop among all the other jerkops that abused their badges like crackers. Anyway, don't sit on the toilet.' The end.


Chris holds a piece of paper written backwards. It reads:

"(Before January 2017)
Die, Trump, die,
or by illness,
by Mike Pence's hand."

Yup. I feel the same way even when it's spelled backwards. Good night.


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