Alpha Trion/"Young" warrior challenge explained

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Alpha Trion/"Young" warrior challenge explained
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Stardate 2 December 2016
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The Alpha Trion/"Young Warrior" Challenge
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You say "Young Warrior," and you go long on the "O"
Chris explains the challenge


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[Pre-rendered ShareFactory intro]

Guhlo everybody, this is Christine Chandler, coming to you live from home once again. In this video, I'm gonna clarify a few details about the challenge I recently decided to start: The Alpha Trion [childish, prolonged shout] Young Warrior Challenge. As inspired by Emgo316, and his running gag of, of the - his running gag of Alpha Trion. Anyway, so, essentially, as, apparently, it did not get fully understood during the last video, 'cause I found a comment that asked "How's this work?" So I'll break it down, slow as I can in speech, okay?

Alright, so, anyway, optionally, with the Alpha Trion figure, or optionally with his face that you can find on the internet to draw if you like, or take a box there if you have it, or whatever. Anyway, you don't need the figure. But really, the, uh challenge is, starting the video, starting off with - and you wanna do this live from your own voice. Live, recording. You don't wanna, you don't - do not do a previous recording that just goes on and on and on and on and on, and no video edits. That's part of the chawenge. But anyway, the joke was, as Emgo put it, he said [even more prolonged shout] "Young Warrior!" So you wuh, so, starting off, the first thing you do, you say "Young Warrior," and you go long on the "O", as long as you're- are able to in one breath. And after that, you s- you'd s- uh, you'd face the camera, some sound advice of which you might have thought of yourself or heard from your parents, or your grandparents, or other relatives, or friends, yadda yadda yadda.

Like definitely, as I ended the last video, [childish acting voice] "Donald Trump! You really should advocate the office and allow Hillary to come in - and take Pence with you. You're not young!" [chuckles] That was a good joke. Alright, so, start the video, you tell everybody you're doing the challenge, and you want, much like previous challenge videos you challenge him, her, who, he, she, them, whatever. And then you go [prolonged shout] "Young Warrior!" [childish] Bear with me now and understand me tomorrow. When the ger - when the gerbil retreats into the bunghole, the moon shall fall into a vat of tapioca. You know what's wierd? Megatron got that joke. [Patrick Star voice] He would. [Witch voice] What's that supposed to mean? Did someone leave the front door open? Should I come? I feel like I should come. [Childish voice] Jimmy, come back! [Normal] But anyways, say- uh, I just did that for fun. But essentially, you do the young warrior, and then announce your piece of advice. And that is the Alpha-Trion Young Warrior Challenge.

In om- and res, and respect of, to help, but make awareness of and help me out, through my Patreon [shows sheet of paper with Patreon logo printed on the wrong side] or directly through Paypal, but Patreon is where it's at now. 'Cause at the very least, you get, you can make monthly don- you can do it monthly, and you get charged next month, yadda yadda yadda, the following month, whatever. Anyway, so, that is that, and now for the similiar detail and on a more serious note, me, Hillary Clinton. That's wise. Trump and Pence. [Humming] Seriously, though, Trump, Pence, Donald Trump and Pence, advocate the office and let Hillary get the ticket, or else a lot of Americans, including myself, are still gonna pray for your deaths to happen before January. So you bet- so you'll- so ya'll will def- so America and you will definitely be a lot better off having Hillary for President. So advocate the office, Trump! Advocate the position. And then maybe I'll take you down off of that noose. [unintelliglbe Trump imitation] You can take the spin for a while, but unlike yourselves, or actual people a good thing in [unintelligible]. [Normal] Yeah, well, in the meantime you're gonna go back to hanging off from the Simpson's chimney house. Because I couldn't get you to do it- to hang off the Hyde house. Anyway, Trump: Not my President! Hillary: our President, yay! Wonder Woman! Thank you and have a good day. And look forward to another video of fun and hilarity in ef- in a few weeks or less.


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