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Plus, Trump is just too damn rich And immature. And "Trump" spelled backwards is "Pmurt", which rhymes with "Hurt", and he would badly "Pmurt" this country in office.
Donald Trump
Name Donald John Trump
Also known as Pmurt
A Mean One
Number 45
Darn Ol' Tramp
Date of Birth 14 June 1946 (age 73)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Race White
Occupation Real estate developer
Television host
President, United States (2017-present)
Preceded by Barack Obama

Pmurt is a CWC-ism for billionaire and current President of the United States Donald Trump (born 14 June 1946). He initially pronounced it "murt", based on his opinion that the P is silent when the name is said backwards;[1] however, in Eid, Pmurt, Eid!!!, he pronounced the P.

Starting in the latter half of 2016, Chris started to become vocal about his intense dislike of Pmurt on Facebook. In spite of how passionate he feels about Pmurt, Chris's understanding of contemporary politics continues to be exceptionally poor. On 8 November 2016, Chris participated in the US presidential election and voted for Hillary Clinton.[2] Following news that Trump had won the election, Chris reacted by making multiple death threats against him and Vice President Mike Pence, which is actually against the law.

Meaning of the name

Well, at least MY face ain't fuckin' orange!
Chris, several separate occasions before 2016

This CWC-ism comes from a Facebook comment from 25 September (partially quoted above), in which Chris says that "Trump spelled backwards is "Pmurt", which rhymes with hurt, and that Trump would badly "Pmurt" the US if elected".

This is what Chris probably believes.

Reversing Trump’s name has twofold meanings. Firstly, names are particularly sacred to Chris;[3][4][5] in his eyes, mocking someone's name will severely degrade them—this article will establish that Chris has enormous disdain for Donald Trump. Secondly, Chris has historically assumed that saying something backwards induces subliminal stimuli[6]—which he believes are enormously influential on the psyche and the physical body.[7] Therefore, Chris may believe reversing Trump's name, in a negative context, might effectively alter his audience's perception of him. Beyond the random-access humor, Chris probably thinks his rendition of Trump’s name is a serious presidential objection that everyone needs to consider.

Chris continued using this backwards name in subsequent Facebook posts and videos.

Opposition to Trump

The changed banner on the CWCki front page just after Pmurt's election.
You have Got to be kidding! Trump is most Immature, Uncouth, and Not Valid to be president. Trump will ONLY make the Country go BROKE, as Groening predicted, and ALL the money will ONLY go to his own debtors and the Fat Cat Rich People, and Hardly ANY for us in the middle class and below. Not to mention he is Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Immigrants, he puts down Women VERY BAD, and he is an all-around Bad Person.

Hillary will Tax the Fat Cats and fill the middle class and lower and get the country less in debt. And She is PRO-LGBTQ and Immigrants, AND She is more beneficial for EVERYONE in General. AND, this country is long Overdue for a Woman's touch.

You should Watch ALL Three Debates On YouTube. I'll send you the links in chronological Order.


Chris has historically never had any real interest in politics. Combined with his general indifference towards anything intellectual in favor of nobler pursuits, it's perplexing that Trump's involvement in politics would concern Chris as much as it does. Speculation has suggested a more personal root to Chris's animosity. As Chris’s view of politics effectively begins and ends with himself, the true root of his anger lies somewhere in the bramble bush of his confused psyche.

For one thing, Chris is highly impressionable. As discussed later on this page, the LGBT blogs and groups he follows on Facebook have a negative opinion of Trump. Going off of the minimal amount of information he's absorbed from said blogs, Chris has said that he is afraid of what a Trump presidency could mean for him and his lesbian soul. This is in addition to the general trend among popular culture and major-media outlets, which has also been severely critical of Trump. Considering how Chris takes things he sees in media at face value, it makes sense that he would readily and eagerly accept these sentiments without a second thought.

Chris has shown that he picks his candidates based on who he can identify with more. On account of his gender confusion and dislike of men, Hillary Clinton was far more attractive to him simply because she was a woman. The evidence for this is overwhelming, especially considering that he once compared her with Sarah Palin.[9] This is also consistent with Chris’s fondness of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, both of whom he voted for because he liked them personally.

Especially salient to this discussion is the mentality behind Chris’s brand loyalty. Once Chris picks a side on something, he will defend that side no matter what due to a misplaced sense of rigid devotion. This time the side he picked has down and out lost. Chris has been legally able to vote since February 24th, 2000. He's never mentioned voting for a losing candidate in a presidential election before. It's possible that his explosive anger is based partially in the fact that his favored candidate didn't come out on top this time.

Chris has provided the following reasons for why he dislikes Trump. It’s unclear how many of these are his actual opinions and not just things he’s parroting from what he’s heard on the internet. As the astute of you will quickly notice, many of the negative qualities he accuses Trump of having are ones that he himself possesses.

On character

  • He is a male. In February 2016, Chris said, "I feel like American [sic] needs a woman's touch finally after all these years"[15] as a reason for why he wanted Hillary Clinton to become president. On 20 November, he stated Trump "is of SOO Many Typical Offensive MALE Stereotypes, he probably was born with Two damned "Y" Chromosomes instead of the usual "XY" pair".[16]

Interestingly, both Trump and Chris have been accused of sexual harassment. While there's some ambiguity in Trump's case, Chris has had the claims regarding him confirmed.

On the issues

  • He has "ideals of cutting finances from all of the more important resources the country needs in communities and feeding the industries from the National Debt. And he acted against the immigrants in that topic as well; they have to work too, you know".[19]

On issues relevant to Chris


Chris is especially paranoid in his belief that Trump and Pence "hate" the LGBTQ.[21]

Chris has said he does "not just despise Trump and Pence, but as a Leabian Transwoman, and high-functioning autistic person, I fear, too, what would happen with those two God-damned jerks in the White House". In addition, he said, "I fear the loss of my own rights alongside our other LGBTQ community people's as well".[22]

However, he has been vague in explaining why any policies they might implement would affect him. Chris does not face discrimination in the workforce, or in society (at least not from being transgender).

Although he's released conflicting statements on the matter, Trump has expressed some progressive ideas regarding transgender issues. Chris is aware of this, but still refuses to give Trump credit, saying he is "most offensive to us in the LGBTQ communities, regardless of his Transgender bathroom choice statement".[23]

Chris also criticized Pence, saying that "Pence is just as much Anti LGBTQ and everything else that Trump is, so my feelings are the same with that rat bastard as well, very much".[24]

Trump has been critical of welfare in the past and throughout his campaign.[25] Should he find Congress agreeable, one of his aims may be to pass legislation limiting welfare’s funding and availability. Chris is dimly cognizant of this and fears that he may end up finding his tugboat reduced or even completely taken away.

On 14 November, he stated:[26]

they would drain money from SSI, making my mother and I closer to broke.

In truth, what makes Chris and Barb closer to broke is themselves. Given the rapid decline in their finances, he was hoping Hillary Clinton's policies would increase his tugboat revenue, if not bail the Chandlers out entirely. This is stupid, considering her past support for her husband Bill’s restrictions on welfare, but Chris believed it anyway.

Chris has adamantly refused to budge on his anti-Trump positions. On 20 November, after radio silence following Lizzy the Lezzy readers and his Facebook friends criticizing him for his repeated death wishes, he said, "there is Nothing, nor any amount of time or whatever else, that would make it the cold day in the earth's core to Ever make me have even a remote inkling of a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma of any change of feeling or heart of mine about Trump ever".[27]

Chris's news sources

On Facebook, Chris routinely browses pages on LGBTQ culture, such as Lizzy the Lezzy. In the wake of the 2016 election, many of those pages became inundated with articles written with a clear anti-Trump angle. Chris forms and reinforces his opinions on Trump based on those articles, rating many of them "Angry". Examples of the pages Chris reacted to can be seen here and here.

It's likely that Chris simply skims headlines or opening paragraphs without taking the time to read the articles. The second example was taken one hour after Chris posted to a Lizzy the Lezzy comments section;[28] given that he was also busy with responding to its readers, it is impossible for him to have thoroughly read the articles. That Chris can't be bothered to learn more about the issues he apparently feels so seized with emotion over is emblematic of his arrogance, stupidity, and laziness. Chris refuses to even try to understand the issues at hand and so his understanding of Trump and American politics is consequently abysmal.

Chris has also cited an episode of The Simpsons as one of his major sources for being anti-Trump,[29] which is appropriate considering one of the ways he wastes his time in lieu of acting like a functional adult.

Anti-Trump petitions

Chris has signed several online petitions in an effort to prevent Trump from assuming the presidency.

On January 20, Donald Trump and Mike Pence are going to enter the White House.

They campaigned on a platform of hatred, bigotry, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia...

...[The Russell Amendment] would reverse existing nondiscrimination protections for 28 million people in the federal contracting workforce. That means employers could fire someone or refuse to give them a job because they have a same sex partner, use birth control, are a single mother, are transgender or even simply don’t practice the same religion as their employer.

Of course, Chris supported this petition—probably because it disparages Trump and references the transgender community. It's unlikely he actually read or understood its contents.

Chris also signed this petition, in the hopes that on 19 December 2016, the Electoral College would "ignore" the results of the 2016 Presidential election—since Clinton won the popular vote—and abolish the democratic process of the United States. This did not happen.

Death threats

Chris, wishing for Donald Trump's death.

Chris's hatred of Trump is so great that he made four videos of himself role-playing acts of violence on him with Transformers, My Little Pony and Lego toys, with two of those occurring before the election,[30][31] including one where he destroyed a Transformers toy, further showing his lack of financial sense.

Trump and Pence depicted being murdered in Lego form by Chris, part of a line of his perceived enemies who have been the subject of his voodoo-magic revenge fantasies.


On 9 November 2016, Chris began making several enraged death threats against the then President-elect. He continued his tirade in the following days, adding Vice President Mike Pence to his death prayers on 10 November, in spite of the possibility that it could land him in serious legal trouble. According to United States code, a threat against the President is punishable by a fine and/or a maximum of five years in prison.

Chris has gotten himself into legal trouble multiple times in the past, to the point that he has six misdemeanors on his record, with four of those stemming from assault crimes. He is also having financial trouble. Only time will tell how far Chris pushes his luck with his repeated calls for Trump and Pence to die.


9 November

  • 3:28 am - Chris posts on Facebook that he wants someone to assassinate Trump with a sniper rifle. Chris's Twitter account automatically tweets the post. Throughout the day, many high-profile Twitter users retweet the post. Several Twitter users say that they reported him to the FBI and Secret Service.[32]
  • 3:39 am - Chris uploads a YouTube video depicting him smashing a Transformers toy in effigy of Trump, while screaming "die!"
  • 3:40 am - Chris posts on Facebook again. He links to the YouTube video and says Trump "should Die now" before taking office. The post is also tweeted by his Twitter account.
  • 5:15 am - The "sniper rifle" death threat disappears from Facebook.[33]
  • 8:30 am - An article, featuring Chris's death threat in tweet form, is published.
  • 11 pm - The same threat disappears from Twitter.[34]

10 November

  • 4:07 am - Chris tweets the Infowars article.
  • 4:23 am - Chris tweets that he wants his audience to join him in wishing death to the then President-elect Trump before January 2017.
  • 6:53 pm - Chris again tweets to pray for Trump's death. He also prays for then Vice President-elect Mike Pence's death. He then links to a petition from Credo Action, concerning the "anti-LGBTQ Russell Amendment".

13 November

  • 2:06 am - Chris uploads a YouTube video in which he uses Legos to role-play Mike Pence murdering Trump and getting arrested. He then holds up a sheet of paper, with the handwritten words (backwards and facing himself):
(Before January 2017) Die, Trump, die, or by illness, by Mike Pence's hand.
  • 5:06 am - Chris posts on Facebook, linking to the Infowars article. He then tries to justify his behavior by saying, "I'm not the only one who wants him dead".
  • 9:17 pm - Chris posts to the Lizzy the Lezzy comment section, asking the readers to pray for Trump and Pence's deaths "before Thanksgiving". Many people respond, trying to talk sense into him, to no avail.

14 November

  • 12:53 pm - Chris posts a picture to Facebook depicting Lego versions of Trump and Pence being executed by hanging, while handcuffed. The text on the photo reads:
Die, Trump, Die. Die, Pence, Die.

We do not want either of you in office; jail for you both is unlikely; We, the LGBTQ community, do not want to lose our protection and rights

  • 1:16 pm - Chris follows up by commenting that, since prison is "unlikely" and impeachment is "difficult" then "Death upon those two before January, 2017, at this time and point is a necessary evil".
  • 7:30 pm - The execution-by-hanging post, and the associated comments, disappears from Facebook.[35]

15 November

  • 10:44 pm - Chris announces Facebook had temporarily banned him from posting for a week.

20 November

  • 5:00 am - Chris, in a 22-tweet long rant, makes several childish insults and says he had given his "issues and feelings of Trump some thought". He claims that they are "justified". He ends his rant by complaining about Twitter's 140-character limit.

2 December

Playing God.
So advocate the office, Trump! Advocate the position. And then maybe I'll take you down off of that noose.

29 December

  • 1:43 am - Chris posts a puzzler for Trump. He asks Trump to consider a scenario wherein there is an alternate reality where everyone is gender-flipped and an "Anti-Straight Law" is proposed. He asks if Trump would support a law that is against the "Donald Trump(ette)" of that world.
    He ends by threatening Trump again: "#DonaldTrump, Advocate the Office and let Hillary Clinton run this country, For the Love of Religion, and for any shred of Self-Love you have for yourself. Or die from yours or someone else's hand."

Chris later proofread both posts, editing advocate to abdicate. However, he did not tone down the death threats.


4 January

  • 8:34 am - Chris tweets the link for his puzzler to Trump's Twitter account, with the death threat still intact.
  • 6:03 pm - For the second time, Chris tweets his puzzler to Trump.

20 January

  • 10:54 pm - Chris reacts to news on the inauguration of President Trump on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. He insists that the USA has no President or Vice President, taking the "#NotMyPresident" hashtag a step further by stating that he will see "an empty chair with no audible speech whatsoever". To cap it off, he says his mind will not be changed until either Trump and Pence leave voluntarily or they "are both deceased".

Chris on his death threats

Chris has attempted to rationalize his constant calls for Trump and Pence's deaths and to reconcile his violent attitude with him being "bothered" that he has to "resort to death wishing on Anyone".[36]

After Chris suggested to the readers of Lizzy the Lezzy (a LGBTQ Facebook page) to wish death on Trump and Pence, they instead criticized him for saying such "stupid" things.

One person said, "wishing death on people you don't like doesn't exactly make you look like a better person in comparison". Chris replied by saying that, with Trump and Pence in office, it would then be difficult to "impeach them and get Hillary in".[37]

Chris has shifted on how he wants Trump to die. Upon learning of the election results, he wanted someone to kill Trump with "a sniper rifle".[38] The next day, he asked God to do it.[39] Days later, he wanted Mike Pence to murder him.[40] He also believed it was possible that Trump will die from old age before inauguration day,[41] and that Clinton would not, since "Men die earlier than women".[42] Inexplicably, Chris also wants "science" to kill Trump.[43]

Chris has considered the notion of Trump and Pence going to prison, but has concluded that "Prison is unlikely for them, how difficult impeachment is, what other option is there?" He believes Trump should be jailed "for all of his sexual assaults and rape on women".[44]

He would prefer for Trump and Pence to simply hand over their democratically-elected positions, saying to "give the role of President, with most civil grace to Hillary Clinton. And since that is most bloody unlikely of Trump, ever, I am still most pained to continue having to pray for Trump's and Pence's Deaths to happen Before January, 2017, by someone else's hands or illness".[45] Chris further demonstrated his lack of political understanding in a post on 4 December, in which he said that Trump should "advocate the position, and take Pence with him, and let Hillary be President, as it should Very Well Be".[46] Chris likely has the word advocate confused with abdicate, which is a term he might have heard in British TV shows - it's a term typically used in reference to a monarchy.

Due to his stubbornness, Chris has refused to budge from his anti-Pmurt positions, even after Lizzy the Lezzy's readers and his Facebook friends criticized him for his repeated death threats. On 20 November, he stated, "I have given my issues and feelings of Trump some thought. They are justified", followed by saying, "As much as I would like to choose to be rednecked and stubborn enough to plead complete ignorance and utter denial of him and Pence not only on the verge of taking office, there is still too many damn visuals about the bastards that plain further frustrate and upset me".[47]

Unfortunately for Chris, he simply forms his opinions via skimming clickbait articles whose authors are inclined to disagree with Trump. Due to his untreated autism, he hasn't attempted to do any research of his own on what Trump and Pence have said. Instead, he opts to live on in willful ignorance, putting no effort into enriching himself with knowledge and getting fanatically emotional about matters he barely understands. It's to the point that he believed "Death upon [Trump and Pence] before January, 2017, at this time and point [was] a necessary evil".[48]

See also


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